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Murdered by Her Boyfriend After Their Fight Got Physical

In cases such as this one, you have to wonder: Whatever happened to USE YOUR WORDS???  Copyrighted by the Associated Press, written by: D. Stamm, and D. Chang, found on NBCPhiladelphia.com…

The boyfriend of a Millersville University student who was found dead in her dormitory is accused of beating and strangling her.

Nineteen-year-old Gregorio Orrostieta was charged with homicide Monday after an investigation revealed his girlfriend, Karlie Hall, died by strangulation and other traumatic injuries, police said.

Hall died in her Bard Hall dorm room early Sunday.

Police initially charged Orrostieta, of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, with aggravated assault after he told them he and Hall, an 18-year-old Millersville freshman, got into a fight — first at a party and then once the couple was alone inside her dorm room.  The charges were upgraded Monday afternoon.

“As a result of Orrostieta’s assault, Hall suffered serious bodily injury,” reads the criminal complaint from university police.

Police said Orrostieta had blood smeared on his face, blood on his hands and clothes, dried cuts on his forehead and scratches on his chest when officers interviewed him outside of Hall’s dorm room around 5 a.m. Sunday. In his booking photo, blood is visible on Orrostieta’s face.

Orrostieta was kneeling over Hall, trying to administer CPR when officers entered the room and took over, said police. Medics pronounced Hall dead a short time later. Orrostieta initially told police Hall had gone into cardiac arrest and he had to perform CPR on her. Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman doesn’t believe that’s true however.

“The CPR I believe was completely fake,” Stedman said. “She had been dead for hours probably before that.”

Prosecutors said the teen beat and strangled Hall, whose twin sister Kristen also attends Millersville.

Orrostieta, who does not attend Millersville, told investigators Hall struck him during a verbal altercation at the party.  Orrostieta said he and Hall made up and returned to her dorm room around 1:30 a.m. Sunday following the argument, the criminal complaint said.

Back in the room, the fight reignited. Other students told police they heard the sound of the two fighting around 2:30 a.m., around the time when police believe Hall died.

“Orrostieta admitted to shoving Hall hard enough to knock her onto the ground where she struck her head on a chair,” read the affidavit. Orrostieta told investigators that his girlfriend became unresponsive after he gave her a “back hand” to her face.

Police booked Orrostieta and a judge sent him to Lancaster County Prison on $1.5 million bail.

University counseling staff and campus ministries will be available on campus to talk to students who need assistance. Millersville also announced a vigil in Hall’s honor.

University president John Anderson expressed his sadness and condolences over the “unfathomable loss” of Hall.

“I ask that you join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to Karlie’s family and friends,” Anderson wrote on the university’s website. “If you personally knew Karlie, please accept my heartfelt condolences at this most difficult time.”

Hundreds of students attended an outdoor vigil for Hall Monday night at Millersville, an 8,000-student state-owned university. Standing in the rain and holding candles, many of them wept as they sang two hymns and campus minister Dwayne Netzler prayed.

Friends said Hall was a finance major who always appeared happy and often spent her free time going to the gym or feeding ducks at a campus pond.

“I knew that the relationship wasn’t that great,” said Hall’s friend, Trisha Faust, 19, of Emmaus. “It was on-again, off-again.”

Molly Gaetano, 19, of Pittsburgh, who lived two doors down from Hall on the second floor of the three-story dormitory, said she last spoke to her Friday.

“She never talked bad about anyone. She was always smiling and cheerful,” Gaetano said.

A memorial with flowers and cards was set up at Hall’s dorm room.

Hall and her twin sister, Kristin, graduated from Unionville High School last June and went to Millersville together, Principal Paula Massanari said. The girls also have an older sister.

Hall was a member of the school rugby club and gay-straight alliance, and she volunteered at an animal shelter, Massanari said. She was described in a college recommendation letter as a “hard-working” student, who was working a part-time job to help offset the cost of college.

“This has certainly hit our school community very hard,” Massanari said. “We are devastated by the loss.”

There are, several issues at “play” here, there were, other students in the dorms when the fight got started, and, I’m guessing that someone MUST’VE heard the loud arguments, but, because they’d “fallen prey” to the diffusion of responsibility and the bystander effect (remember THOSE???), and so, this one, JUST like in the Kitty Genovese Case, nobody came out of their rooms, to help this young woman, and, because of the incriminating evidence on this guy, blood on his face, etc., etc., etc., and, people from all around, outside of this woman’s dorm rooms heard arguments, that, was why, the incriminating evidence got stacked up against this guy, and, just like ALL fights, as emotions ran wild and all over the places, things are done, in the heat of the moment, because, let’s face it, NOBODY CAN and WILL stay CALM and COLLECTED during a GOD DAMN FIGHT!!!  And, who knows, maybe this man DID love this woman, that, was why he’d used such brutal force on her, after all, strong HATRED comes from STRONG love, you DO realize that, don’t you???

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A Son Who Did Nothing All Day Long for 26 Years, His Father Finally Couldn’t Stand it Anymore, Hacked at His Drug-Addicted Son

Finally the father’s had ENOUGH!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man named Kuo had been abusing drugs long-term, and does nothing to make his own living, his seventy-two year old father blamed himself for not teaching his son the right kinds of values, yesterday, he’d left a note, saying that they are going to die together, used a knife, hacked up his own son, but, his daughter came home in time, called the police, after the police interrogated the elderly man, they’d booked him for attempted murder.

“There’s nothing more that I can do, just take him away, before he hurts anybody else.”, Kuo’s father blamed himself, for spoiling his own son rotten, and was angry at how his son won’t listen to him to stop using, he’s elderly, with high blood pressure, diabetes, and, the past couple of days, he’d gotten really annoyed at how his son got very loud, causing him to be unable to sleep for four days continuously, early yesterday morn, he’d written out a note, planned to murder his son first, then, commit suicide by jumping off the building.

The police said, that after the father and son had a serious argument, the father hacked the son with the knife, but in the end, he just couldn’t kill him, seeing how his son was bleeding in the head, he’d stopped hacking, but, it’d waken up his daughter and his grandson who live with him.

Kuo who was hurt refused to get treated, the officers had to tie him down to get him on the ambulance, but he’d jumped off, screamed, “I was the one cutting myself up, it has nothing to do with my father!”, after a very long time, the paramedics finally got him to Shinko Hospital for treatment, the four knife wounds from the top of his head caused his skull to fracture, but after the surgery, he’s in stable conditions.

Kuo’s father, when being interrogated, pointed out that at age seventeen, his son had started using drugs, and from his technical high school graduation to now he’s forty-three, he still doesn’t have a stable job, does nothing all day, and he’d been jailed for drug abuse multiple times and still hadn’t changed a bit.  He’d camped out on his couch for the last twenty years, fearing that his son would go out and create trouble in the middle of the night.

And so, the father had finally had it, huh?  Because this son just won’t get cleaned, and that, is just how finally the parents cracked, after putting up with a drug-addicted son for so very long.

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