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Found online, translated…

Find a reason, to continue the sweet smiles

Find a reason, that might move the masses’ hearts

Find a reason, but we’d still remembered the events that happened

Find a reason, what’s so wonderful that can be accomplished

Find a reason, something that can be easily left behind, in the dust

Find a thought, why not just act on it right away

Find a thought, like you’d just won the jackpot

Find a way, to lift your moods right now

Find a thought, it’s not that hard at all

Find a thought, to fill up the spaces of boredom left by time

And so, what is achieved at the end is absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G, because you’re still trapped, in those unnecessary feats of your own measly (no offense) lives, because you can only see Y-O-U, so, that, is how small your worlds are.








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