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“The Possibility of Being Reformed”, a Killer Escapes the Death Penalty

So, showing those signs of remorse is still the KEYS between life AND death, isn’t it???  And, how do you know, that it’s not just faked???  Exactly.  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man Chen who’d murdered a pair of young girls, after he was released, he’d scammed a young married woman, Lin to apply for a position, then, clubbed her to death, and, he’d claimed that he was controlled by a monster, deep within, the first and second trials both found him guilty and gave him death penalties, but, on the first appeal courts, the judge believed, that because there’s no specialist who are trained to handle Chen’s conditions, or a mental institution to place him into, that he’d been given the death sentence, he’d been given a life sentence, and stripped off his government post for life.

The verdict stated, that based off of the psychiatric evaluation from the NTU Hospitals, Chen was diagnosed with thought and cognitive disorders, along with other conditions, but, there’s a possibility that he may be reformed; the courts should not send him to die, because there’s this lack of equipment for diagnosing him, and believed that he could not be reformed, the Collectivist Courts decided that he is off the death sentence.  The case can still be appealed.

The criminal laws mandated, that when a convict is given the life sentence, s/he can file for parole after serving over twenty-five years in prison.  The Collective Courts stated in the verdict, that the courts hoped that the correctional facilities can quickly build a mental treatment facility, and, before the correctional facilities decide whether or not Chen is able to be returned to the world, there’s a need for him to be incarcerated for life.

The husband of the victim, after learning the verdict, sighed and said, that his wife died in such horrid ways, that after the killer gets released from prison, he will surely, kill again; he hoped that the D.A. can appeal the case to the highest courts, to allow there to be a chance to turn the verdicts over, and to give Chen the death penalty.

Eleven years ago, Chen murdered two young children, went to prison, but was released after his sentence was reduced, on the papers he’d posted an ad, asking for ladies to sit in his betel nut stand to sell, asked, the young married woman, Lin to interview, as Lin arrived to Chen’s rental home, she saw that Chen was unclear of the terms of the employment, she’d busted his lies, he got angered, used a club, and clubbed Lin to death, and forced pills down her throat, then, beaten her to death.

And, this man can still BE “reformed”???  Are you FUCKING kidding me here?  We’re talking about a man who’d murdered children AND a woman here, and yet, because of this judge’s view of the case, that, was how this mass murderer got off of the DEATH penalty!  And, what about the family members of the deceased?  How will they EVER find peace?


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How Could Ten Years Be Enough for Rape?

This, is NOT only degrading, but very demeaning too, and, it SURELY took the J-U-R-Y, LONG enough, to “arrive” at their decisions that’s for certain, from MSNNEWS.com…

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A Montana teacher was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison in a notorious student rape case that dragged on for years and led to the censure of a judge who partially blamed the victim.

Stacey Dean Rambold, 55, was resentenced by a new judge exactly a year after he completed an initial one-month prison term for the crime.

Rambold appeared to grimace as Friday’s sentence was read by Judge Randal Spaulding. He was then handcuffed and led away by deputies, pausing briefly to exchange words with family as he exited the courtroom.

Rambold pleaded guilty last year to a single count of sexual intercourse without consent in the 2007 rape of 14-year-old Cherice Moralez, a freshman in his Billings Senior High School business class. She committed suicide in 2010.

Rambold’s attorney had argued for a two-year sentence, pointing out that the defendant had no prior criminal record, underwent sex offender treatment and was considered by the state as a low risk to re-offend.

Spaulding indicated that the nature of the crime outweighed those factors.

“I considered your abuse and exploitation of your position of trust as a teacher, and specifically Cherice’s teacher,” Spaulding told the defendant.

The state Supreme Court in April overturned Rambold’s initial sentence, citing in part comments from Judge G. Todd Baugh, who suggested the victim shared responsibility.

Baugh was censured and suspended for 31 days. He’s stepping down when his terms ends in January.

Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito said he was pleased with the new sentence, which included five additional years of prison time that were suspended.

“The criminal justice system worked today,” he said.

John Moralez, the father of the victim, said he had hoped for a longer sentence, but added that 10 years was better than the one-month Rambold previously served.

During the hearing, Twito asked Judge Spaulding to reject attempts by Rambold’s attorney to make the victim’s conduct with her teacher a factor in the sentencing.

That included references by the defendant’s attorney to video-taped interviews of the victim recorded by law enforcement prior to her death. Those recordings, which have never been made public, had been cited by Baugh during his sentencing.

Under state law, children under 16 cannot consent to sexual intercourse.

“The last thing we want to do is sit here in the criminal justice system and say, ‘What is the age?’ It doesn’t matter. Fourteen is way too young,” Twito said. “There has to be punishment. … Punishment means prison.”

Rambold’s attorney, Jay Lansing, responded that there was no statute preventing the court from considering Moralez’s conduct. He pointed out that prosecutors had not objected to comments about the videotaped interview during Rambold’s first sentencing hearing.

Lansing requested for his client a two-year sentence in the custody of the Department of Corrections, with another 13 years suspended. That would have allowed Rambold to serve his time in a community setting rather than prison.

Rambold broke down crying during a brief statement to the court. He said he was sorry for his actions and had worked hard to make himself a better person. In a recent letter to the court, he lamented the international publicity the case attracted.

“No one can really appreciate and understand what it feels like to have so many people actually hate you and be disgusted by you,” Rambold wrote. “I do not mention this for the sake of sympathy, but it has been hard.”

It was uncertain if the new sentence would be appealed, Lansing said.

After the death of Moralez, the prosecution’s primary witness, Twito’s office in 2010 struck a deal with Rambold that initially allowed him to avoid prison altogether.

Rambold, however, violated that agreement by having unauthorized visits with relatives’ children and entering into a relationship with an adult woman without telling his counselor. As a result, the case was revived and Rambold pleaded guilty.

Two additional counts sexual intercourse without consent were dropped under the deal with prosecutors.

During last year’s sentencing, Baugh suggested Moralez had as much control over her rape as the defendant and said she “appeared older than her chronological age.” He gave Rambold a 15-year term with all but one month suspended.

That triggered an appeal from the office of Attorney General Tim Fox, and ultimately resulted in the case being reassigned to Spaulding.

How, can this be JUST?  I mean, LIVES had been LOST here, and, how is JUST TEN years BE enough, to make up for the girl who took HER life after this LOSER instructor raped her?  So, as you can see, in these cases, punishment will NEVER fit the crimes!  And parents, would YOU feel safe, is a M***ER F***ING son-of-a-BITCH (b/c that, is what this is!) works in your child’s schools?  Yeah…

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