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The Nightmares Don’t End

The nightmares don’t end, oh no, they’d been given an “extension” into your days, and so, you’re NOT JUST losing sleep in the nighttimes, you’d also become totally W-I-P-E-D out during the day, and, you know where that leads already, don’t you???  Your work performances goes D-O-W-N, you might even have to take a much-needed “nappy” at the office, while you are CLOCKED IN, and, the WORST case scenario for that would be that you get CAUGHT by the boss, and the boss FIRES you!!!

The nightmares of your childhood don’t end, because you’d become an adult, especially when you hadn’t given those childhood nightmares the ALLOTED time that they needed, and so, you’re now, being plagued, by those childhood nightmares, and, they recur, and recur, and recur…

The nightmares don’t end, as it goes BEYOND Elms Street (Like the horror film, and no, I ain’t never seen that either!!!).  The nightmares don’t end, because the dreamer wants it to, and, the dreamers always wanted the nightmares to end, but, they don’t, and now, all those dreamers are still, DEEP inside their slumbers, screaming their silent screams, with NO way out, and, their voices still came out “muffled”…

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