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In a Bad Mood…Took Along a Fighting Knife, a Youth Stabbed a Man Who Was Heading Home Late in the Evenings

Raging hormones AND a foul mood are N-E-V-E-R a good “mix” here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In four hours, the teen was captured, and he’d said, “the whole world is out to get me”, stabbed someone in the back…the wound was fifteen centimeters long, and into the liver and lungs, two years ago, there had been similar incidences, and the judge mandated that the teen get taken into custody.

There had been an incidence of stabbing that happened abruptly and for no reasons at all!  The sixteen-year-old youth, Chou followed Lee who was on his way home early yesterday morning in the hours of midnight, with a thirty centimeter long fighting knife, and stabbed and attempted to kill Lee, then, ran off in a hurry, four hours later, the youth was caught at his own home by police ambush.  He seemed to have psychological difficulties, he’d told the police, that he thought the man was out to get him; Lee was seriously injured, and is in the ICU, and closely monitored.

The police took the adolescent in on attempted murder charges.  The judge reviewed the teenager’s “misbehavior record”, and found, that in the year of 2012, he’d taken a knife and hurt someone, and, the court mandated him get taken into protective custody, and the protective custody is still ongoing; and when Chou was caught by the police yesterday, he had a knife as he walked down the streets, and made the pose of attacking the police, and, taken into consideration that he is more than likely to repeatedly offend, and that his parents had NO way of control, and so, the judge mandated him to remain in juvenile detention hall.

“This is outrageous!”, Lee’s father said painfully, that his son didn’t even know the teenager, he couldn’t understand why the teenager was so cruel to his son; back then, he was asleep, he’d heard the police downstairs and quickly answered, saw his son, lying on the ground, covered in blood, “What’s happened to this world?”

Lee (age 21) who is a currently student of the night school part-timed, yesterday, he’d gotten off work at a little past midnight, rode his motorcycle back to his place, as he’d turned the keys to his apartment, he was ambushed by someone from behind; Lee felt a pain on his right side, and fell forward onto the ground, and turned around, and asked the attacker, “What do you want?”, the attacker didn’t say a word, and just ran off, Lee called the police for assistance.

There was a knife used by soldiers sticking out of Lee’s right back side, the fifteen centimeter depth wound got into his body, it’d nearly killed him; as the police and fire department arrived on scene, his blood was overflowing really quickly, he’d become semi-conscious, and was lifted to the hospital, with the knife still on his back.  The knife had cut into his lung and liver, but gladly, it’d missed the heart, and, after the emergency resuscitation, the bleeding finally stopped and he was taken to the I.C.U., and is still in critical condition.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and went to interview the residents nearby, and targeted that it was Chou, the adolescent who lived nearby, and went to his house. The youth’s mother was at home, stated that her son went out to buy some midnight snacks, the police set up an ambush outside, and the youth returned home at four in the morning, and was confronted by the police, at which time, he’d taken out the knife to defend himself; the police showed their guns, and subdued him to the ground, and very shortly, the youth admitted, “I did it!”

The youth stated that he carried a knife to protect himself, that it was NOT used for premeditated murder, because “the world is out to get me”, and the reason why he’d resisted arrest was also because the “police was out to get me as well!”.  He said, he’d gone to the super convenience shops to get some midnight snacks, as he’d gotten out, he saw Lee walking up front, back then, he was in a foul mood, and he believed that Lee was going to harm him.

As the police interrogated him, the youth reacted very slowly, with an empty gaze, and, had long pauses between his answers, and had a lack of facial expression.  He needed the police to remind him to answer the questions, with NO emotional up and down, and he seemed to feel numb.  The police suspected that the youth was paranoid schizophrenic, but he didn’t have a handicap manual or record of him seeing a psychiatrist at the hospital either.

The youth’s father worked at a construction site, the mother is a housewife.  The mother rushed to the police precinct yesterday and told that after her son graduated middle school, he’d hung out at home, he wasn’t studious at all, without many friends either, and would play on his cell phone whenever he’s at home; the son had NO record of visiting a psychiatrist, and had never shown signs of violence either, and would tell her where he’s going whenever he’d headed out, she was surprised at her son’s behaviors, “I really don’t know why he acted like that!”

And so, based off of what’s given here, which was still NOT that much, I’m thinking, that this teen is suffering from an early onset of schizophrenia, because he had delusions of persecution, and yet, because there was NO medical records, there’s NO way to be sure, and that still just shows you how easily those N-U-T-S can C-R-A-C-K, and, these are all, time bombs, waiting to EXPLODE, and you just don’t know W-H-E-N they’re going to go KA-BOOM!!!

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