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Nobody Cared About the Ones Left Behind

This, unfortunately, IS the cold, HARD T-R-U-T-H!!!

Nobody cared about the ones left behind, because we spent so much time, on the ones who were already lost, not realizing, that we needed to focus more, on the ones left behind, to pay attention to them, so they don’t get lost too.

Nobody cares about the ones left behind, we simply don’t have the time here.  Nobody cares about the ones left behind, that, is the cold, hard truth, nobody gives a DAMN, because, it’s NOT in MY backyard, and, even IF it got into my backyard, so long as it don’t come in the house, we’re all all right, aren’t we?

 Nobody cares about the ones left behind, we ruminated on those who had been taken, we’d focused all of our attentions on the ones who were lost, instead of paying MORE attention on those who still have a fighting chance, until, they don’t even have that anymore.

Nobody cares about the ones left behind, because the world moves on, and, everything eventually becomes, yesterday’s news, and, we all know how quickly all of that gets, don’t we?  Nobody cares about the ones left behind, because we are way too trapped, in our separate lives, to even give a FUCKING (oopsy!!!) D-A-M-N!


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When Getting Your Hair Done is More Important than Your Children

Apparently, getting HER hair done IS higher on your priorities list THAN your offspring’s lives, and that makes you an UNFIT parent!!!  From NBCNEWS.com…

A 21-year-old mother was charged with negligent homicide late Tuesday after her two young children died in a house fire while she was out getting her hair done, officials said. Ciarria Johnson left her 4-year-old daughter, Ta’shae Thompson Johnson, and 3-year-old son, Clifton Thompson Johnson, home alone without supervision, according to a statement from the state fire marshal. Johnson also left two gas space heaters turned on in the wood-framed home in Bastrop, Louisiana. She returned tofind the house “completely engulfed in flames.”

“While investigators of the state fire marshal’s office are still piecing together their findings in the tragic fire that occurred on Pruett Street, one thing is certain: Ciarria Johnson … left her children unattended for hours as she was having her hair styled,” the statement said.

A control valve on a gas heater in the living room, where the fire is believed to have started, was found in the “on” position, the statement said. It added the fire likely started because of flammable materials being too close to the heater.

For starters, what the F*** is wrong with you???  And, isn’t there laws to prevent parents from leaving children under a certain age (say, 10-ish???) home alone, unattended?  So, what the F*** happened?  Is your hair really MESSED up bad, that you need to leave your kid home alone?  Yeah, that’s just messed UP all right!!!

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A Brithday that Almost Made It

On priorities, putting one’s family of oneself, because you’re a mother, translated…

I was born in the sign of Capricorn (between December 22 and January 19), every year, I’d made the wish of having a big celebration for my birthday, but, this simple wish is really hard to come true, and because my birthday comes right around the New Year’s holidays, I’d always become hectic during my own birthday.

The American School my kids attend is off from mid-December to the start of January.  I’d taken the advantage of their time off, and started finding things that they should’ve done, but couldn’t find the time during the regular school times, for them to finish up.

Other than taking my kids in and out of the house, running errands everywhere, I’d also had to wreck my brains, to think of things for my kids to do, so they don’t get too bored, so they don’t spend all their time off online.  The originally plain days, became busier, because of the season.

December is also a good time, to review the events of the past year, I’d utilized the opportunities, to write out thank you cards to my husband’s business partners, my kids’ school teachers, along with friends and families all around me.  And still, do I make the gifts myself, or, should I go shopping for them?  During which time if we gathered with friends and families, do I invite them over to my house, or, should I go over to theirs?  Once more, my ordinary days got interrupted, with the busyness of the season.

And this cycle just kept repeating over and over again, when every single dust finally settled, I’d recalled how many wishes I’d made for myself in the past had come true, and, I was shocked, to realize, that it was, already mid-January.

Then, once more, I’d found, that I’d missed my birthday again, and, I’d added that on to my New Year’s Resolution: I must celebrate my own birthday well next year!

And so, you get stuck, in this vicious cycle, and, you’re still losing to time, because you don’t take time for yourselves, you failed to put yourselves at the TOP of your priorities, I get that you have children and husband and families and friends to entertain, to look out for, to take care of, but, if you don’t take good care of yourselves, how will you have the extra strength for all of them?

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Giving Up His Career as a Doctor and Becoming a Teacher

A man with a purpose here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CEO of the Cheng-Chih Education Foundation has the halo of graduating from the medical school of NTU, but gave up his high-end job, with high salaries, and, went into providing education for the children in distant regions, he’d made over thousands of videos teaching, and, there are over millions of viewers already.  Lu said, he never regretted giving up medical school to become a teacher, he hoped, that the kids from the distant regions can one day, test into NTU medical school, and after they graduate, they can head back to their hometowns, and benefit the people.

Lu wrote his experiences from being the looked upon “Dr. Lu” to “Mr. Lu” in his book, “A Man Who Dreams During the Daytime”, and shared his experiences of “ability to dream, ability to turn dreams into reality”.

Started in his second year in high school, he’d worked as a tutor, and, in his sophomore year in college, he’d set up the Dream Schoolyard, to help teach the children in elementary schools, but he’d quickly found, that the program he’d started can only help those kids how can pay for the services, that, it couldn’t help the children who are from poorer backgrounds.

As he’d interned in his fifth year in university, he was inspired by the founder of the Khan Academy, and started filming teaching courses in high school and shared it online for free, and, there were over millions of viewers, and after he got out of the armed services, he’d poured his heart and soul into using the internet as a platform to teach.

Lu was the best intern for the dermatology department from NTU hospital, he’d also gotten his practicing license, but instead, he’d chosen an alternative path.  He said, his wages are only half to a-fifth of what his classmates who became doctors made, but, an educator treat the mind, and that by going into education, Lu feels he’s giving more to the world.

And here, we have a guy, who went against the norm, found something that mattered to him, worked toward it, and, achieved greatness, in that he’d made a difference, to the children, whose lives he’d touched through teaching them, and that still just shows, how personal satisfaction weighed more than the amount of money you are able to earn here.

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The Choice Between “Bread” & Love

As you can already guess, this is still, a story on marriage, translated…

My coworker is a admired-by-everybody beauty, as she part-timed through her schooling career, she’d met her boyfriend, they’d dated for ten years, and, right when they were discussing the matter of marriage, she’d found that his family has a serious debt problem, and even her boyfriend’s mother was taking out a loan from her, so, do they keep going in love?  Or, do they split up?

A lot of friends consoled her, to think it over again, after all, “bread”, is still very important, but, after careful contemplation on the matter, it was hard, for her to bid farewell to the love she’d felt for this long a time, she’d decided to marry him in the end.

After the marriage, they lived with his mother, and, his salaries are used to pay up the family debts, and hers, went into the rent, the utilities, along with their regular living expenses.  In order to make more money, she could only put in her overtimes at the office, she’d worked very hard, and still, without a word of complaint.  They would often fight over the monetary matters, sometimes, when the husband ran out of money, he would ask her to provide for him.

After marriage, she’d felt, that her husband turned so cold, it’d made her heart cold too.  And she now realized, that she’s now, in charge of keeping her husband’s household up and running, and the enormous economic stresses this placed on her, it became such a burden, making her suffocate.  She’d also come to her senses that love and marriage, is NOT like the fairytales, where the prince and the princess will live happily ever after, instead, it’s the beginnings of the trials in their lives.

Seeing how thin she’s slowly getting by the day, and how tired she’d become, I couldn’t help but sigh: love is not a true or false question, without right OR wrong, just the choices; and still, which one is more important, love or “bread”?

From a sound mind’s angle, of COURSE, the BREAD is more important than the love, after all, IF you can’t even feed yourselves, HOW the HELL would you have the spare money, the spare MIND, to even THINK about love, and plus, love is that THIRD level of Hierarchy of Needs?  And this woman simply made the WRONG decisions in life, and now, there’s NO going back to before WHEN she made the errors of her life, so she could have an alternative ending to her “fairytales”…

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Making Room for New Memories

Time to clear OUT those “storage space” kid!!!  Because if you don’t, how will there BE any EXTRA room, for the new memories that you’re making, right?

Making room for new memories, but, that would mean, that you’d have to toss away some of the old ones, but, you can’t part with those, you’re NOT ready to say goodbye to them all yet!!!  Making room for new memories, that, would be the demands that the new memories made of you, and yet, you’re hesitant, why is that?  What, do you hope to achieve, by hanging on, to those old memories that have the cobwebs, the old-people (sorry!!!) smell on them?

Making room for new memories, this, is a M-U-S-T, after all, there’s NO unlimited storage space inside of your freakin’ brains (after all, the MTL, medial temporal lobe, anybody??? Is only so B-I-G, right???), and so, you’re destined, to LOSE some of those older memories you’d held so dearly to your hearts.

Loss, is E-M-I-N-E-N-T, and it CANNOT be avoided, so, start clearing up the spaces, and prioritize, for your own benefits, NOT mine!!!

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Without the “Shiny” Title of a CEO

What, IS left, of you, after they’d stripped everything from you?  Without the title of a shiny CEO, you’re just a convicted felon, like those people in them orange jumpsuits, it’s just that the severities of your crimes is different, compared to theirs.

Without the title of a shiny CEO, what do you have left?  Supportive friends who got your back, no matter what?  A loving family who’ll offer you that soft place to land when you fall?  Without the title of a shiny CEO, you’re NOTHING!

Without the title of a shiny CEO, you have absolutely NOTHING to show for your life, because you’d slaved your lives away, trying SO fucking (oopsy!!!) hard, to gain the title, the title that should earn YOU the respects, but, do you feel at all, respected?  And, what’s more, do you even respect yourselves?

Without the title of a shiny CEO, he’s still measured, and weighed, by the TONS of good deeds he’d done, and, he’d left behind a great legacy for his young to follow, and, it still wouldn’t matter, a MILLION years from now, how much money you’d made, what kind of a car you drove, blah, blah, b-l-a-h, but your lives would have mattered, had you made a difference, in the life of a child, remember???  Uh, D-U-H!!!






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My House Became a Vacation Hotspot

On filial relations, translated…

My youngest sister and her husband had a stable source of income, and in the center of the city, they’d bought a three story mansion, even though the house was already “aged”, after the redecoration and the remodeling, it’s very comfortable to live in.

Looking at myself, back when I got divorced, I’d not fight after to get the shared assets, and because of marriage, I’d owed some debts, even though I get a stable paycheck as a school instructor, I could only rent an old-styled, flat, but, after I’d remodeled the place, plus there’s NOT that many weird people around, I’m in my element there.

Because we lived closer to each other, my youngest sister and I became best buddies when it came to helping each other out in our children, but recently, my sister’s two kids would often begged me to drive them over to my place on weekends to stay the night.  There was only a regular double bed where I live, and whenever my two nephews came over, the five of us would have to sleep sideways on the bed, and when there’s a cold front, because I didn’t have enough covers, I’d have to wake up in the middle of the nights, to see if the kids had taken one another’s quilt away.

My youngest sister and her husband, even though, they have high incomes, but because their work hours are irregular, they’re under a great deal of stress regularly, and would often bring the work back home, along with the bad tempers they’d carried, and they’d made extremely high demands of their kids too, when the kids didn’t act to their expectations, they’d use punishments.

And, back when I got divorced, because I needed to get out of the pressures of my ex husband’s alcoholism, so, up ‘til now, I’d allowed my children to be, within the realms of the rules I’d set up for them.  As my nephews came over a couple more times, they’d fallen in love with the way I’d run the house, they’d felt, that my house was a “vacation home”.

A few times, I’d consoled my youngest sister to find an alternative job, with less stress and pressure, after all, currently, the kids’ mental developments should be her top priority.  But, my youngest sister would always use the excuses of mortgage, the kids’ education funds, to be use as an excuse.  And, seemingly, I can only pick my nephews up whenever I can on the weekends, to allow the kids to have some downtime, and allow some stress free moments for my sister and her husband then.

And so, this problem is still due to the sister’s attitude, she does NOT have her priorities straight, and, NO matter how the author consoled with her younger sister, she just didn’t listen, and so, all the sister could do, was to make sure that the nephews have their downtime when they go to her place to hang out.

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Which Animal Will You Abandon?

A small personality test here, translated…

If on your travels, you’d taken five animals, and they are: a monkey, a tiger, a horse, a sheep, and a pig.

It must be a hard journey, mustn’t it?

Actually, what you’re wondering is: who’s that psycho, to take along five animals on vacation?

But, there are even MORE erratic things than this in real life.

And so, you’d gone on the journey. 

Then, you must, one by one, toss the animals away.  Must.  One, by one.

This, is the choices you will be making, in your life.

Don’t ask why, don’t think too much on it, turn it over and over again, don’t think in secrecy; it, is a stupid, and a weird story, huh?

In the process of making your decisions, you’d finally have the chance, to introspect.  The blueprints of your own souls.  The roads you’d taken, or the road you wanted to take, in this life.

You decided, to leave the monkey first.

That, was your anxiety-stricken heart, going up and down, without a moment of peace, your nervous heart.

Like a miniature human being, you’d left it, at the side of the road, and kept going on your own way.

The monkey is naturally intelligent, maybe, it could find a way to live, perhaps?
It’s just, that now, you have ONE less companion on your shoulder, a noisy, an irrational, but an interesting companion.

Then, you’d left the tiger.

As you’d never believed it to be fit, for a tiger, to travel alongside humans at all.

And you are not an animal tamer, nor are you Tarzan.  You didn’t know how to get along with this seemingly noble, but naturally ferocious and fearsome creature.

But the tiger is naturally radiant, does everything on a grander scale, and wouldn’t allow to be played with.

And you’d never know how to get along well with this sort of creature.  Next to him, you either feel like a rabbit, about to be fed to the beast, or you’d want to ride it, to control it, or if you couldn’t, you’d wanted to kill it, and skin it, and take what you can from it.

So, next to the tiger, there’s NO way you will be able to stand on the same level with it.

You’d left it, just like you’d left your will to argue, to fight.

Then, you’d walked, for a very long time, and couldn’t decide on what to throw out next.

The sheep followed you gently, lowered its head, to graze the grasses.  The pig is constantly trying to satisfy its own hunger, its large belly is rubbing against the ground as it walked along.  The horse walked at the front of the line, with a flair.  And you are once again, troubled, by what you’ll lose next.

You then left the sheep.

Other than being a food source, you couldn’t think of another use for it.  On its face, was the sign that said, “Sacrificial lamb”.  As for the pig?  You’d pondered to yourself, “Isn’t the purpose of pigs our food source too?”

You looked at that pig, that’s oinking out of excitement, because it’s found more food, then, you’d learned, the how precious it actually is, other than satisfying to the senses, along with the constant optimism, straightforward, without any extras.  It knows its place in life.

You left the pig, heart achingly, rode the horse onward to your journey.

The horse symbolized your sense of the self.  The freedom you’d longed for your whole life, your self-fulfillment, and your finishing up your life.

You must ride that horse, to chase the beatings of the drums that sounded from the depth of your own soul.

You’d left all the rest of the animals, and gotten on that horse, to catch up to the life .

You didn’t know, that the monkey was a symbol for your brothers, your friends, your colleagues from work, a symbol for compassion.

You couldn’t understand, how the tiger was an alternate form of rich, of power, of name, of status.

You couldn’t even get that the sheep is the love of family, of kin, a love, a sense of belonging.

As for the pig?

The pig symbolized the pursuit of materialism, including everything you’d come to need every day, the ability you have, getting into the grind, for the sakes of your own livelihood.

You’d left them all, to choose the freedom to roam, on the plains of life, there is the enticing, beautiful, setting sun that keeps on receding into the west.

Until one day, you’d left your ride too.  Allowed your steed to go free, to allow it to be free.

The meadow became illusory, and a million creatures lived within it.

You had come to the midpoint of your life path, and you couldn’t see what’s in front or what’s behind.

You’d waken up think to yourself: what ELSE can I throw away?

And, there are still multiple ways of interpreting this, what you tossed out first, maybe be what you thought was unimportant to you, but then, as you learned what each of the things meant, you may regret, and you’d think, that you can do this quick “test” again, sure you can, but, then, you would not have the honest response as you’d had that very first time, before you learned what each of those animals meant.

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