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“You Have an Evil Spirit Following You”…a Man Tricked a Woman to Sleep with Him Using Her Fears

This is what???  The OLDEST trick in the book, and still someone still fell for it, are you FUCKING (oopsy!!!) shitting me here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A chef, Cheng used the talk of spirits and god, and made up a story about a spirit, tagging along, and scared a college student without a single clue, said that she must give him her first night, to change her luck, the highest court believed that Cheng is at the age of the woman’s father, and used the name of being tied to the mobsters, and the spirits, to threaten and to shock her into having sex with him, he was sentenced to eight years two months.

In 2000, while Cheng worked as a helper to a certain candidate voluntarily, he’d used the opportunity when he’d gone to the headquarters, to start chit chatting with the victim.  He saw that she believed in the spirits and claimed that he knew things of the sort, and started getting to know the young woman’s family statuses, along with other private matters.

Later, there was someone from the headquarter who pursued the girl, and the woman asked Cheng about what he’d thought, Cheng told her, that the man has a bad temper, and is calculating, “if you give your first time to him, you will become his prisoner for life.”  Cheng went a step further, told her, “Giving your first time to someone with power and status, you would have protection; if you give your first time to the head of the mobster, then, you’re set for life, you will always be protected.”

In March of 2000, Cheng falsely claimed that he wanted to introduce the girl to the leader of a gang, after they’d met, Cheng told her, that he was the mobster, and took the victim to a motel, wanted her to comply with the “cleansing rituals”, and took her virginity.  Later, he’d lied to her said, “you have a spirit, following you around, it is your aunt who died when she was younger, she didn’t reincarnate, instead, she’d become a ghost, you must work hard, otherwise, you will end up, very bad.”

From April to May of the year, Cheng lied to her about how she will have bad luck, and that there’s spirits, following her around, and wanted her to have sex with him, to ward off the evils, he’d raped her successfully three times; afterwards, Cheng also asked her to take the “morning-after” pills, and the victim asked him why she’s bleeding out black blood from her pubic regions?  Cheng lied to her, said that it was your “bad blood” coming out of you!

Uh, you’re NOT in middle school, are you?  And, you still fell for that bullshit?  I mean, I get that you’re very young, still JUST a college student, but, at least, HAVE some S-E-N-S-E, and that, is just another case of how being too superstitious can get you FUCKED UP, and, there will always and forever BE bad people such as this one, who used the fears, and the weak side of human nature to her/his advantage, and, I KNOW, that someone IS bound to fall for similar SHITS the next time ‘round, so, this still won’t be the last of its “kind”…


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