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Lonely Hearts, Falling Prey to the Scams of a Blue-Eyed, Blonde-Haired Man

SCAM ALERT, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A namely headhunter company’s divorced “cougar” was scammed by the “hottie”,  she’d met a self-proclaimed jeweler, David, from England, and, she fell hard, for the blue eyed, blonde-haired man instantly, and they’d started calling each other up, and having a great time, holding conversations, and she mistakenly believed, that she’d found love again.  “David” told her, that he wanted to come to Taiwan, to set up a subsidiary of his company, wanted her to receive a shipment of jewelries, to pay for his shipment charges, along with others, and, she’d never met the man, and had wired a little over two million dollars to him.

After this “cougar” wired the fees, the jewelries, however, never made it here, and she’d started suspecting, and inquired someone she knew who’d worked for the customs, and realized, that there’s NO such thing as the tax he’d told her about; but when she’d reported this to the police last month, she still didn’t believe, that “David” was a scammer, claimed, that he must’ve been tricked, by the shipping company, that David was NEVER part of the scams, “He looked like a good man!”

A woman who works in Hualien, Xing (a false name), has a degree from the U.S., fluent in English, with great qualities about her, but, after she’d ended her last relationship, she’d been all alone.  Last May, she’d met David on Facebook, he’d claimed to her that he’s a jeweler in England, his Facebook photo was that of a handsome white guy; the two of them used private messages to connect, and after they’d gotten acquainted, they’d started calling one another on the phones, David’s sense of humor managed to steal her heart away.

David told her, that he wanted to open up a branch office in Taipei, that he’d ordered a huge shipment of jewelries to put on exhibit in Taiwan, “That way, we can meet!”, at the start of last December, he claimed that he was in Malaysia for business and gotten robbed, lost his passport, and cash, hoped that Xing would help sign and receive his ordered shipment, as he won’t be able to do it in person, and said, that he’d already paid for everything.  Xing was desperate to meet with her Prince Charming, and so, she’d fallen into his traps.

Not long thereafter, Xing received a shipment e-mail from a shipment company (a self-proclaimed), and gave her a set of shipment trace numbers, said that because the shipment was too heavy, that it was kept in Hong Kong, that a shipment overcharge fee must be paid, in the amount go $760,000N.T.; and David had called to beg her to help him pay for it for right now, said that there was ninety thousand pounds in cash in the shipments, that she could take the amount she’d paid for him in advance after the shipment arrived.  She’d followed the instructions, and wired the amount to overseas.

Not long thereafter, the shipment company sent another e-mail, asking her to pay ANOTHER fee of 1.34 million dollars; and that, was when “David” just happened to phone again, asked her to pay for it for him, and then, he will pay her back, and told her that he didn’t know that there was this itemized charge.  Xing had four-times, wired the money, without second guessing it, until last month, when she’d received ANOTHER charge via e-mail, “2014 increase taxes”, that, was when she’d realized that she’d been scammed, but, she’d already lost over two million dollars.

And so, we still have to ask ourselves: are these women just PLAIN stupid?  Or, are they PLAIN stupid!!!  And, they’re NOT stupid, they’re just too desperate, to find a great guy, and, when a LOSER disguised himself as a Prince Charming, they didn’t look, they just LEAPT, and, that, is how they ended up, breaking every B-O-N-E in their bodies, and, that, is still NOT counting the total amount of dollars they’d lost either!!!


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A Sixty-Year Old Man Used His Sweet Talk, Managed to Get a Seventy-Year-Old Woman’s Money

I still can’t understand W-H-Y women are falling for sweet talks here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A seventy-eight year old woman, Lin, after meeting a sixty-five year old man, Liu, “she’d fallen in love in old age”, and was scammed by Liu, who’s a well dresser who claimed that he was rich for over six million dollars, after Liu was called to the police stations, he’d claimed, “we are lovers”, but he didn’t have the money to pay her back, and after the police interrogated him, he was booked for fraud.

“I don’t even HAVE my savings anymore!”, during her younger years, Lin had operated a Buddhist items shop, and the millions of dollars she’d saved up is now gone, she’d gone to Shuanlien Subprecinct of Datong Police Substation to report, she could’t understand how the love affair with a man ten years her junior had been a total scam, the son sighed, “My mother is way too naïve!”

Lin’s husband had died many years ago, two months ago, she met Liu inside a karaoke, she was introduced to him by a friend, the well-dressed man pursued her relentlessly, not only would get wear suits, drive name brand cars, he’d even bring her gifts to please her every time they’d met up, it made Lin fall for him.

Liu saw how Lin had taken the “bait”, he’d lied to her about being from a rich family, that he’d inherited a piece of land from his ancestors, but he didn’t have the money to pay the taxes, and the land will be repossessed by the government, and asked her for a loan, and promised to pay her back.

Lin was tricked by his sweet talks, wouldn’t believe that Liu would lie to her, borrowed money from her own relatives, to give to Liu, once she’d withdrawn three hundred thousand dollars for him, the officers at the subprecinct of Shuanglien thought that something wasn’t right, asked her why she was making such huge amounts in withdraw, and Lin scolded the police, “Why is it your business?”, then, got in the car, and drove away with Liu.

Many days later, Lin’s son heard from his relatives, that his mother had been asking for loans from them, and he realized that something was wrong, and found that Liu’s check bounced, the woman finally came to her senses that she’d been scammed, Lin sighed, “Had I only known, I would’ve listened to the police!”, after Liu was arrested and taken in, he’d claimed, “We’re involved, why shouldn’t she loan me the money?”, it’s just, now he doesn’t have the money to pay her back.

And so, loneliness, coupled with the need to feel passion, was what got this woman SCREWED by the sweet talk of this L-O-S-E-R, and, he was preying on her too, and it was too late when she realized this, the money she’d given him, is gone.

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