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Right Before He Was to Be Married, He’d Had Sex with His Sixteen-Year-Old Student, Calculated the Time Just Right

Improper behaviors of a SCHOOL instructor, and he calculated the time just right, so that he won’t get CHARGED with having SEX with a M-I-N-O-R too, can you believe it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elementary school instructor in Pingdong had been dating his female student for several years, and was reported for having SEX with her right on the eve of his own wedding, the day that the student turned sixteen, and awhile ago, he was suspended by the Department of Education in Pingdong, and this case is still pending investigation.

Based off of the laws, if both individuals are sixteen or older, and had BOTH consented to having sex, then, it would NOT be a crime, unless the older person enticed the younger to turn against her/his family or legal guardian, then, it would be a enticement charge.  This instructor’s behavior had been talked about for a while now since it happened, and, those who’d heard the tale believed that the instructor, even though, he’d committed NO criminal acts, but his behaviors are still very bad.

Based off of understanding, the female student was the male instructor’s elementary student, she’s currently studying at a technical high school, after the girl graduated from elementary, they’d continued seeing one another.  Last year, the male school instructor got married, and, on the eve before his own wedding, which was the date of the girl’s sixteenth birthday, they’d had sex.  Afterward, when the female student found out, that the instructor was married already, she’d cried to her classmates, and that, was how the whole thing blew wide open.

The female student worried that she will get scolded by her family, so, she didn’t tell them, and she wouldn’t sue the instructor, because she didn’t want to let go of this feeling about him that she has; but her friend believed, that this man was immoral, and is NO longer fitted, to teach, and so, the friend wrote an anonymous letter to the school, disclosing what had happened.

The education, along with the legal realms believed, that the male instructor knew the laws, and as the female student turned sixteen, and had consensual sex with her, there’s NO criminal charge to be had there; but, on the night before his own wedding, he’d lied to his own fiancée, and had sexual intercourse with his own female student, is clearly unfaithful to his own marriage.

The Department of Education of Pingdong stated, that the male instructor had applied to the school in Pingdong from another place just last year, and, at the start of his work back in August, the principal got an anonymous letter, stating the bad behaviors of this male instructor, and that, was when the school placed the male instructor on suspension, and started investigating the issues.

And so, maybe, the girl had a CRUSH on this instructor, and the instructor feels good about it, and, because he KNEW that he was going to get caught for it, and so, he’d hooked her, and, until she was NO longer a “minor” (age 16), then, he’d had sex with her, and yeah, maybe, it WAS consensual, but, the way he’d calculated the whole thing is just EVIL!!!




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