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The Afternoon Daycare Programs Received the Calls Falsifying as the Kids’ Parents, But They Failed to Check to Make Sure

The carelessness of adults, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Parents Went to the Afterschool Program, But Couldn’t Find Their Son, and They’d Discovered Their Son in the Home of a 25-Year-Old Man, the Man Took Medication to Commit Suicide and Was Brought Back, and the Other Thirty-Two-Year-Old Male Claimed, that He Was a Killer-for-Hire, and Was Paid Half a Million Dollars N.T.

Two days ago after school, a sixth grade boy from the city of Hsinchu failed to show up to his afterschool program, and, in the evenings, he was found, suffocated to death, at the rental home of the 25-year-old Lee, Lee left a final note, and was saved, from committing suicide, the man, Chen who was on scene claimed, that Lee gave him half a million dollars, wanted him to smother the child to death, the D.A. asked for Lee and Chen to be taken into custody late last night.

The medical examiners autopsied the child, and found that there were bleeding on his eyelids, and, the muscles behind his larynx had bled, suspected, that he was fixated to death, but didn’t discover any sign of sexual assault on the child.  The officers reviewed the surveillance, and found, that Chen (age 32) was also there at the scene of the crime, lifted him from Chiayi to the station to interrogate him.

At first, Chen claimed, that night he was staying with Lee at his rental property, as the child and Lee entered into the room, he was in the other room, listening to music, didn’t see anything up with the child and Lee; not short thereafter, Lee called him to help, he’d found, that the child was already unconscious, he and Lee took the child by elevator, to the basement, then, transferred into a suite of another building on the fourth floor, he didn’t know how the child had come to die.  The officers worked hard, to break Chen’s defenses down, and, he’d told them, that he’d killed for the money.

Chen claimed, that awhile back, Lee wanted him to help murder, “the son of the business owner he worked for”, and would pay him half a million dollars, and because he needed the money, he’d told him that he’ll do it.  Two nights ago, he’d waited until the child was too focused, playing his video games, strangled him from behind, until he’d stopped breathing, at which time, Lee stood by, and watched, later on, Lee carried the child, to the suite on the fourth floor.  The police found, that Lee and Chen both had NO priors in criminal behaviors.

The police investigated and found, that the sixth grade boy got off school at around four two days ago, at around six in the evening, Lin’s mother went to the afternoon program to pick her son up, but, the afternoon program claimed that “an official from the school said that Lin had detention after school, that he wouldn’t come to the afterschool programs”, Lin’s mother rushed to the school, and was told, that it was, an impersonating call, and the school had NO idea, where the child went.

Lin’s mother learned, from the school, that her son was with the friend he’d often hung with, Lee, and rushed to Lee’s ninth floor rental home to find her son, couldn’t, and, the mother called the police, and, the police reviewed over the surveillance, and found, that they’d gone to the fourth floor suite in the building next to where Lee lived.

After the police knocked, Lee came to answer, in a daze, after he took some unknown tranquilizers and other substances, as the officers entered into the apartment, they found the child, dead in bed, and, there was pesticides, and a final note at the scene of the crime too.

The officers found out, that Lee had taken out two suites, and, two afternoons ago, he’d taken the child to the ninth floor, then, transferred the child to the fourth floor of the other building, Lee had his suicide note, as well as the photos of him with the boy too.

And so, that just shows, how those afternoon programs, and the schools are NOT smart enough, to ask further questions, and, had the schools not been so careless, this little boy’s life would’ve been spared, but, because the school wasn’t careful enough, that, was why the child’s life was lost…


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A Predator Threatened a Woman with a Taser, and the Woman Didn’t Dare Scream

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-three year old woman two early mornings ago, had a spat with her boyfriend and wasn’t feeling well at all, she’d put on her earphones, and walked home alone, and, on the way home, she was attacked by a thirty-six year old man, Liu, with a taser, after she was shocked, she’d handed him her cash, and was forcefully taken by him to a motel where he raped her, then, she withdrew $20,000N.T. more and gave it to him, the police were able to track down the man, and charged him based off of robbery and forced sexual acts.

The police investigated, that two early mornings ago, at around three o’clock in the morn, the woman passed through the alleyways of the waterways, and, she was strolling back to her home about five kilometers away, and she was zoomed in by Liu who was looking for someone to rob.

Liu used the taser on her for several minutes, the woman fell limp on the ground, with serious bruising on her right upper arm and multiple contusions on both her legs and arms, and was forced to hand over the over a thousand dollars cash she had on her, but he didn’t think it was enough, the perp saw how she was wearing her shorts, became horny, and asked to have sex with her, and the victim begged him, “Can we NOT do it on the streets?”

The two of them walked over to a certain cheap roadside motel some five hundred meters away in the Luzhou District, and on the way, Liu had gone into the super convenience stores to buy medicines for the woman.  At around six o’clock, the two of them walked into a super convenience shop close to the motel, where the woman withdrew $20,000N.T., then, the separated.  At around ten in the morning, the woman was accompanied by her boyfriend and went to the police.

The police believed that as the woman walked to the motels, she waited for the suspect to go into the super convenience shops to get the medications, and they’d gone to the stores for her to make a withdrawal, she should’ve had multiple chances to call for help or to run away.  But the woman told the police, that she was so cared from the Taser zap, and that the passersby were mostly elderly or young children, and the suspect had taken away her cell phone and threatened her not to make a scene, and held a taser to her back, she didn’t dare call for help, she just wanted it to be over quickly.

After the woman told the police, the police went through the surveillance along the way, and found that Liu went into a certain community close to the motel, and, while they were reviewing the community surveillance footages, Liu walked out, and the patrol officers who saw him went up and made an arrest.  In interrogation, Liu admitted that he was turned on by the woman after he’d robbed her, and asked her to have sex with him, in the spur of the moment, and that she didn’t fight him off hard, or clearly stated “no”.

And so, this, is understandable why this woman didn’t call for help, and, just because a woman was so FUCKING scared to scream out “NO!”, doesn’t mean that it IS a YES, losers, and this M***ER F***ER (maxed out here!!!) was still caught, and, that, is the good work of K-A-R-M-A, and, if you do something bad, you will NOT get away with it!!!



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He’d Stolen Pictures of Hot Girls, and Asked Adolescent Girls to Strip on Webcam

Another SEXUAL predator, found, and caught, ONLINE, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-two-year-old man, Yeou used the photos of a hottie as his own, headed online to Facebook, to befriend young adolescent females, then, solicited them to take their tops off and webcam conference him, then, he’d tell them that he’s a man, and coerced them into having sex with him; the Taipei Detective Agency caught him yesterday, found that there were a TON of nude conversations with younger women on his laptop, and suspected that there were at least, EIGHT victims.

The Taipei Police Department reminded the adolescents, that when they were making friends online, they should keep the three “not’s” in mind: not getting too into it, not exposing one’s own body, not dating in secret”; to NOT get too trapped by the online world that it’d affected your routines, to NOT overly expose one’s own information via webcam or by photographs, to NOT meet out alone with someone you’d met online, and, you must choose a public place with great lighting if you are going out to meet up with someone you just met online.

The police pointed out, that Yeou last December, flagged down the photograph of hot women, to use as his profile photo on Facebook with a female name too, claimed that he’d just returned to the country from studying abroad.  Awhile ago, after he met a girl in Changhwa, he’d claimed that it was more open in foreign places that he’d wanted to see whose body looked hotter, and had sent the photograph he’d snagged of a woman, said, if I dared to do it, then, why can’t you?

He’d enticed her, said that if she was willing to take off her clothes in front of webcam, then, he’ll give her $3,000N.T.s.  The adolescent girl fell in the tempting offers, and stripped her top off, and, after Yeou had recorded the footage, he’d told her that he was a man, and forced the girl to meet with him, then, raped her, or, he will let the photograph go viral online.

The youth told the women and children’s department of the Changhwa police department, and cooperated with their investigations; but Yeou still kept going after the adolescent.  The girl told him she’d already notified the police, Yeou said he was out of the country that the police couldn’t track him down, he just wanted to have sex with her.

The police tracked down the ISP of Yeou’s computer yesterday, and made an arrest, early yesterday morning.

How STUPID can you younger ladies get?  And, it’s still for that little money too.  And you’d think, that these days, virginities should sell at a WHOLE lot higher, but it isn’t, and that just shows you how naïve those stupid girls are, to fall for trash like this one, and now you know, so, do NOT fall for it again, but I’m 99.99 (still living that .01%) PERCENT certain, that there would be another “victim” of similar case such as this one soon, I’m sure, maybe not tomorrow, maybe NOT the day after, but, soon…




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