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Mother Kills Two Kids without ANY Apparent Reasons

Found on NBC.com, and, you have to wonder…

Without a possible motive, you HAVE to wonder W-H-Y…

A thirty-four year old mother from Florida killed her two kids in her house, then committed suicide from hanging.

When the police got to the scene after receiving the call, they found the mother, and her two kids, aged five and nine, dead.

It is believed, that Brown killed her two children, then, hanged herself on an electric cord from a ceiling fan at her home.  The sheriff’s office had discovered NO motives for the killings.

And so, the rest of us, spectators to this “Circus Scene”, because that, is what this is, we have to keep on guessing, until further information is disclosed on the case.  What, would drive a mother off the edge, that she killed her own two children, then, commits suicide?  Could it be that their lives are getting hard, or that she’s going through some emotional difficulties that she felt that she’s SO alone in this world, and that leaving her children, orphaned is simply NOT an option, that she decided to take the lives of her children, then, her own?  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it???M

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A Mother, Shooting Her Own Children

What would make a woman do such a monstrous act, I wonder, found on NBCNEWS.com…

A Tucson, Arizona woman fatally shot her two kids, then, wounded herself, the twenty-five year old mother survived the shooting, was arrested and booked in jail for two counts of first degree murder.

The children were a seventeen-month old and a four year old, the infant was pronounced dead at the scene, while the four-year-old and the mother were taken to the hospital.  The four-year-old died shortly after arriving at the hospital.  While the mother was at home with her two kid, she retrieved the handgun, and SHOT her two kids.

And, can you take a WILD W-H-A-C-K at the possible REASONS for why this had occurred?  Well, my guess is that the seventeen-month old started screaming for whatever reasons there may have been, and, you know how in the kindergarten when just ONE kid starts to cry, the rest of the “crowd” would follow, right?  So, my guess would be that the older of the two kids started to cry too, and, the mother probably already has something that’s already bugging the HELL out of her, and, with the two little ones screaming and wailing, the mother finally C-R-A-C-K-E-D.

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