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Making ALL Their Public Appearances Before the Big Election

That, is what those GOD DAMN candidates do, ‘round election time, when they wanted people to vote for them?  They’d come out of the “woods”, attend charitable functions, blah, blah, blah, JUST to make the much-needed good impression to the constituents who might give them their votes.

Making ALL their public appearances before the big election, so we, the candidates can show that we care, but, do we, really?  HECK NO, all we care about, in on election day, you all go and cast that much-needed VOTE for us, and, if we’re elected, yeah, maybe (I mean, it could be……possible!) we just might make our promises come true, but it still isn’t a sure thing, but hey, you ALL were STUPID enough to vote for us, and let us screw up your world, until the next time election “rolled around.”

Making ALL their public appearances, because they want to appear that they cared, about the middle class, after all, that, is where the MAJORITY of population lies, isn’t it?  And yet, the voters still can’t see through that that, is just a way, for those candidates to get our votes here, are you educated enough???  I mean, REALLY?






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When You Had Lost the Support of Your Hometown

Man, are you a TOTAL failure or what!  When you had lost the support of your hometown, that merely showed, how LOUSY you’d been, or, if you’re into finding excuses for NOT gaining the population’s support, you can say, that the times are tough on you…

When you had lost the support of your hometown, the place you grew up in, the streets, with the familiar shops you used to go in, to get things from, the place you feel most familiar in, then, YOU have problems with your leadership skills!

When you had lost the support of your hometown, and, if someone else, who grew up, in an entirely different world compared to your hometown had won the votes of the citizens in your hometown, and you still don’t see your problem?  Whose fault IS that?  Oh, it’d be yours.

When you had lost support of your hometown, then, maybe, you should consider, sitting OUT for the next few rounds of election, and start observing, and see what kind of qualities those winners of the electoral votes have, then, copy those characteristics, and the next time you got put up on that ballot, you just MIGHT have a fighting chance, of winning the votes of your neighbors.

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Remembered, by the Wars He’d Started

Still just the Q-U-E-E-N (still H-E-R-E too!!!) VOICING her thoughts, her opinions, which “she” is MORE than entitled to H-A-V-E (and yeah, I’m still referring to myself IN the 3rd Person here, and your point is???)…

This, is how his name will go “down” in H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, despite the reforms, and the good things he’d done for his country, he is still remembered, by the wars he’d started.

Remembered, by the wars he’d started, because you don’t hear them talk about people in history in good terms (not usually), you’d only heard the people talk about the bad things that a leader’s done, to mess up the country.

He wanted to leave a name for himself, in his last term, and since he didn’t do NOTHING good worth mentioning, save for RAISING the taxes, which hurt the middle class even M-O-R-E, made false promises, to get him elected or re-elected, he’d decided, to start a WAR overseas, in the “name” of justice, but, it wasn’t for the sake of “justice” at all!

Remembered, by the wars he’d started, because that, is what the constituents are supposed to remember, because the constituents have this way, of BLOCKING everything ELSE out, and focus on the things that IMPACTED their lives directly and the most, and, during HIS term as the leader of the country, he’d started so many wars he couldn’t finish and caused the citizens to suffer, even IF his goal for having the Congress to DECLARE war, is for the purpose of KICK starting this already slowly deteriorating E-C-O-N-O-M-Y…

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A World, Run by Politicians

This is a world, RUN by politicians, and, you already (if you don’t already!!!) KNOW how that would work, don’t you???

All those politicians cared about are their own separate agendas, they don’t have the citizens’ “best interests” in mind at A-L-L, oh no, they’re still running schemes of HOW I can get elected, OR re-elected, and so, they’re prone, to BLURT out those wonderful sounding promises of a beautiful future, so the constituents will FALL for it, and, VOTE for them, and, after the public had, well, there’s NOTHING you can do, the person IS already in office, and, we’d have to just SUCK it up, and LIVE with our separate BAD decisions for the entire term of HOWEVER many L-O-N-G years, and let our areas get R-U-I-N-E-D.

A world, run by politicians, this, is really bad, because those politicians have their own private agendas, instead of the peoples’ “best interests”, and all they care about, is getting into the “office”, so they can show the opposing party, HEY yo, I did it, and you’d L-O-S-T, and, guess W-H-O suffers in this “equation”??? You know it, it’s the people of the districts, the countries, the regions here…

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It’s Time to Compromise Now

Commentaries, on the Front Page Sections, translated, on the occupation of the legislative branch here…

Conflicts happen, due to the differences of points of view, or opinions.  In order to resolve the conflicts, there would be need for interpersonal understandings, empathy, considering the pros and cons of the matter.

As the conflicts occurred, open up the field of vision, with an open mind, and hear the other side’s story, this, is NOT only important, but it’s also a form of common courtesy, morality, and understanding too.

The conflicting sides hold opposite points of view on the issues, which caused the conflicts to arise, but, either the sides would NOT admit to having a bad point of view, or having done wrong.  And so, one side, backing off, is absolutely necessary, to show, that the other side’s point of view is irrational, and incorrect.  When one side gives in, and the other still held on, and we’d compared the two sides, and, clearly, which side is biased, is plain as the day.

Taking a step back, is like looking into the mirror of truth, to show the original mindsets of the conflicting parties, and even show people the ugliness of human nature too.  “The mask of righteousness is a façade of an evil face”, and the side that held on to the foothold, will GET exposed eventually.

Shakespeare said, “When people are satisfied, they will be willing to pay a higher price”.  Allowing the other side to feel satisfied, is the source of power of your own.  Every single compromise you’d made, if you can give something back, to make someone satisfied, then, you’d have MORE advantage, and you’d have MORE power too.

Some say, that compromising, is the sign of weakness, that would mean, that when someone compromises, s/he is doing so, without knowing why.

And now, all we need, is for both sides, to sit down, with a focused mind, the honesty to get through to each other, and to find a way that both sides can be satisfied with.

Chips are needed, in compromise, and fighting FOR the compromise to happen, and the legislative branch is NOT the chip for this for either side, the support of the citizens behind the issues, that, is the “chips”.

But, how can you even DISCUSS compromise, when the sides wouldn’t even L-I-S-T-E-N, and that, is what we’re STUCK here right now, there IS no way it will work out, because there’s the PARTY factor, and politics behind this.

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Is the “Land of the Free” Really F-R-E-E?

Let’s see, shall we???  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, racial profiling, like it or don’t, is still happening, just NO longer as overtly as it used to occur, but, it’s still “under the stealth covers of the night” here…

Other than what I’d already S-A-I-D, from AGES ago back at the very beginning of this WORLD of mine, and NO, the “land of the free”, is NOT really free, because the freedom specified in the Bill of Rights are ALL conditional (don’t believe me?  You MIGHT want to check out that book by C. Kennedy, read THAT back in H.S. already!!!).

Is the land of the free, really free?  I mean, you got people getting FIRED for their sexual orientations (and in a state, where the LAWS had just BEEN passed that gays and lesbians are allowed to marry one another too!!!), and you got lifeguard, fired, because he saved SOMEONE else OUTSIDE of his “watch zone”, along with other TONS of injustices, and, that, is N-O-T all, there are still a TON of uncovered cases, that will keep on getting swept underneath this big ol’ rug, and those news, well, they’ll NEVER see the LIGHT of D-A-Y, because they’re NOT about the DEATH of a world leader and such………and so, we are actually NOT free, NOT when it comes to interacting with the EXTERNAL environment, and, it’s like I’d said, at the VERY beginning, the ONLY place you CAN go to be completely F-R-E-E would be inside of YOUR separate BIG heads, but, if you’re a schizophrenic, then, that, would be ANOTHER “story” in itself………

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