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Is the Online Friends Really “Almighty”? Left Her Two-Year-Old Son in the Care of Someone She Met Online, and, the Child Died a Week Later

It’s like sending a SHEEP into the lion’s den, are you FUCKING kidding me here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A single mother, Huang left her two year-old son, to a man she’d met online, Kao, two days ago, the little boy went into a coma and was taken to the hospitals, and, yesterday morning, he’d died, of intracranial hemorrhage.  The police found that there were wounds on the child’s head and chest, suspected that there’s MORE to the child’s death; Kao admitted disciplining the boy with a toy, but denied having beaten him, said that the little boy fell and bumped his head.  The D.A. examined and found that the wound in the chest was not what killed the child, and, had sent Kao home, and they will be autopsying the child, to find out the real cause of his death.

The police investigated, that Huang got pregnant at age fifteen, and later on, married the child’s birth father, but, the marriage only lasted for one year and two months.  Later, Huang met Kao (age 29) who auctioned things off on a website, and because “the cost of living is a LOT lower in the lower parts of the country”, Huang moved to Kaohsiung with him from Taipei, and asked Kao to look after her son for a few days, so she could go and find a job.

In a week’s times, Huang used her cell phone to understand how her son was doing, and Kao had even posted photos of him and the child on outings together, told her not to worry.

Two afternoons ago, Kao panickyly took the child to the E.R., the boy was in a stage four coma, and it’s not looking good for him, he showed of intracranial hemorrhage, the doctor immediately operated on him, but the child’s recovery isn’t at all optimistic, yesterday morning, he was pronounced dead.

And because there were bruising on the child’s forehead, and on the chest, the back, there were multiple old and new bruises, and there were palm prints on his thigh, the social workers suspected that abuse was what had happened, and the police were notified.

“I did discipline him with a toy, but I had NEVER used violence toward him”, Kao stressed, two days ago, he was cleaning up after the boy after he defecated, turned around, saw him tripping, and twitching, took him to the hospital immediately, believed that it was because he wasn’t steady enough on his feet that he’d tripped and bumped his head.

Huang said, as she cried, that her son is very naughty, that the wounds on him were from the disciplinary measures that Kao and she took with him, but it was discipline, going overboard.

The D.A. found in the prelims, that even though there were multiple wounds on the child, but none of them could have killed him, as for what caused his intracranial hemorrhage, they will be autopsying him to find out.

And so, we have here, a very likely case of a child, getting BEATEN to death, and, once again, it’s still about the SAFETY of your kids, and this woman left her son in the care of a practical stranger, I mean, she’d only met him online, and that’s just a woman, without ANY parenting sense.

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