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The Persistence of Beauty

The ins and outs of life, translated…

My good friend, Fang-Hwa is an Asian-Korean, the descendant of the Khitan tribe, her large eyes, erect nose, deep facial features, always amused everybody around her.  And yet, in the decades that passed, she’d kept her body fit, combined with her natural flair, it’d made us, a group of middle aged woman who are gaining weight super envious.

That day, on our gathering, everybody started awing at Fang-Hwa’s good looks again, she couldn’t help but explain to us all, “There IS a price to pay for being beautiful!”  turns out, after Fang-Hwa got pregnant, she’d bought herself a fitting, expensive dress for herself, put it on, took a photo of herself in it to keep in on file.  And, in the later stage of the month-long recovery after birth, she’d started controlling her own diet, and started exercising, and something she did every single day, was fitting herself into that extravagant dress, and keep on telling herself, that she MUST fit into it perfectly.

From the beginning, when she couldn’t even pull it on, to being able to squeeze herself into it, but couldn’t pull the zipper up completely, to fitting perfectly in it, as her maternity leave was over, she’d returned back to work, looking radiant.  At the same time that we’d all raised our glasses to her, we’d all felt awful, about how we didn’t have the foresight back when we went through our month’s worth of recovery after birth, causing us all, to not find a suit that fitted after we were to return back to work, compared to the persistence of beauty that Fang-Hwa had, we all bowed down to her!

Maybe you’d believed, that everybody has a different standard for what being beautiful is, why couldn’t we just be happy, and go with the flow?  Surely, being full-figured can be beautiful too, but, we’d often heard people complain about how they don’t feel well into their favorite clothes, but, we’d raised our white flags, when great food presented themselves to us.  The result of letting ourselves go was that we’ll forever be envying over how slim others looked, and, we couldn’t control ourselves, and no matter how pretty the clothes are, it is still, a complete WASTE!

We’d always used our regular selves, and expect a different future; we’d always envied others’ good fortunes, without realizing, that behind this beauty, there’s a strict self-fulfillment, a persistence that is ongoing.  So, you shouldn’t just envy those who looked beautiful around you, but instead, take their methods, and, surpass yourselves.

So, this woman’s beauty is NOT absolutely easily had, she’d had to work really hard, and, she was motivated, and because she kept on persisting, that, was why she was successful, and this can be applied to everything ELSE in one’s life, not just losing weight.

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Slow-to-Learn, But Hard-Working, Finally, Reaching One’s Goals, Observations from the Workforce

Hard work will PAY off, so long as you don’t give up on it, translated…

My good friend, A’s daughter, May, several years ago, after she’d graduated from high school, when she’d taken the national entrance exams for college, she didn’t get in.  When she felt beaten down, her aunt told her, “Now, there is a recently started college of management that’s hosting a second call for registration.”  And so, May signed up for it right away, and, prepared herself for the examinations, and she got in.

My good friend A reminded her college-bound daughter, May, “the most important thing for a woman is having a stable job, to NOT be reliant on someone else, to make your own ends meet, I hope, you’ll use this time in university to enrich yourself, I encourage that you go for the public positions examinations later.”

At first, May didn’t take her dad’s words to heart, during her first two years of university, she’d partied too hard with her friends and classmates.  She’s tiny in frame, gotten involved in several relationships, but, the guys she’d dated either that they cheated on her, or decided, to start dating someone else who looked prettier.

May was sad, and, she was, all of a sudden, reminded of her dad’s words, “Woman need to become self-reliant”, and so, in her spare time from her courses, she’d started preparing for the public positions examinations.  She’d chosen the basic level exams that didn’t look at degree, but was with the lowest rate of passing.

The first time she took the exams in her senior year in university, she’d failed, but she’d still used her drive, kept studying hard.  And, her hard work eventually paid off, the year after she’d graduated from university, she’d gotten in, as the last spot of the “backup lists”, and, she didn’t mind, that she was sent to a distant country region to work, that all who’d passed the examinations tried to avoid, she’d set out, to take the job.

Awhile ago, May got her wish, transferred back to her hometown to work, and, there was a boy, who works in a public facility too, who’d started, pursuing her as well.

Recently, A took his daughter’s wedding invitation, to give it to me, and that, was when I’d heard May’s story from top to bottom.  I’d congratulated his daughter one winning double on her work, as well as in her marriage.  A said, in a heartfelt manner, “So, the slow birds must fly out first, so, they can reach their goals as well!”

Although this woman didn’t have the homing advantage, but, she’d made up for it with her hard work, and, never gave up, and that, was how she was able to success, in achieving her goals, that just shows, that persistence will eventually pay off, so long as you’re persisting toward the right things in life.







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At Age Thirty, He’d Quit His Job as a Police Officer and Became a Businessman, Pan: Don’t Be Afraid of the Twists and Turns of Your Own Lives

On Changing Tracks, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“My life has its twists and turns, ups and downs, and, my plans had NEVER revolved around being an owner of a super convenience store”.  The CEO of Family Mart, Pan, yesterday, told the group of college students who are still trying to discover their own future paths.

Family Mart Super Convenient Stores are scattered all over the island, there are 2,900 separate chain stores, it’s the second largest brand for super convenience stores.  “Family Mart is Your Mart”, everybody knows that motto, but, Pan’s a very low-key person.

How was he able to make the second biggest chains in super convenience stores, it’s very curious.  Pan is currently sixty-three, before he’d entered the business, he worked as a police officer, and also as a car dealership salesperson, he’d used his own example from knowing NOTHING about the business, to an “expert”, to encourage the students, to NOT fear the challenges, and it’d made his speech that much MORE persuasive.

Pan came out of an agricultural background in Pingdong, because his family wasn’t rich, he’d tested into the Police Academy, after he’d graduated, he’d worked for eight years as a police officer, to pay up his student loans, he’d decided to head over to Japan for a law degree.  But because he was already married then, in order to save up on the expenses, and to get his degree sooner, he’d changed tracks to studying in business.  Pan smiled and told that life is a “never-winding road”.

Toward how the college level students are unsure of their own futures, Pan used his own example of giving up on working as a police officer at the age of thirty and starting off in business, to encourage students to NOT be afraid “to take that first step at the turn”; once you’d taken the steps in the right directions, so long as you put your hearts and souls into it, persist, in the end, success will be yours.

And so, this, is how a man successfully changed tracks, and, even though it didn’t go into the specifics of the bad parts of his experiences, I’m sure, that he’d had several downs before he finally came “up”, and that also tells you, that it’s NEVER too late to start again…



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My Daughter Who’s Insistent on Attending College


After thumbing across “My Daughter Who is Insistent on Going to Art School”, I felt a connection, because my daughter, in the process of her academic career, had met up with a TON of forks in the road too.

The test grades from her final year in middle school came out, and we’d sweated cold sweats for her, back then, she’d insisted on going to a regular high school, to fulfill her dreams of being a geography teacher, without knowing, that she didn’t score high enough on her examinations.  After rounds of discussions, we’d advised her to go to a technical high school with a pretty good reputation, and, with her abilities, we believe, that she is surely, to do very well.

On her second year, her counselor called me up, wanted me to come by, turns out, that my daughter still hung on to the dreams of attending college.  But, she’s already a second year student in high school, isn’t it too late, to change tracks?  Plus, my daughter’s grades isn’t at all bad in her school, she should have NO problems, getting into a public technical university that’s for sure.

And, after this had occurred, other than blaming ourselves, there wasn’t much else we could say, to change her mind, we could only warn her, that it would be fine, if she wanted to go take the college entrance exams, but the rule was that she needed to get a good grade, so she could get her graduation from technical high school, since then, she’d started finding cram schools, and started burning on both ends, and, as a result, her grades suffered in school, and, the support she’d received from her school instructors became reduced, bit by bit.  After all, it was, hard enough, to get into a public technical university, but, my daughter doesn’t seem to be satisfied with what she has.

Finally, she’d gotten through her college entrance exams, even though, the grades were NOT as she’d expected, but, for my daughter who wasn’t taught in the academia, she’d done okay.  And now, she’ll have to face the application processes and the interviews, for us, this, is completely foreign, and so, we couldn’t give her any sort of a guidance on it.  And still, she’d passed through one difficulty right after the next, and, out of our expectations, she’d gotten in to a public university, and, the major she’d gotten in, she was the FIRST person in a graduating technical high school to get into that major.

And now, as a college student, my daughter enjoyed her life right now.  She knew that she’d started half way, and still worked like crazy to catch up, and, when she’d thumbed across cases of how college students are slacking off, she’d told me with full confidence, “This, is the passage of my choosing, don’t worry, I won’t let you down!”

So long as she’s happy, as parents, who are we to argue with her?

And so, this young woman’s determination, and her hard work, because she’d set a goal for herself, and she insisted on making it, so, she’d worked hard toward her goal, and now, she has, and she knew, that compare to the rest of the classmen, she must work hard, because she’d studied in a technical high school, and that the academic track was not hers to follow originally, but now that she’d chosen this path on HER own, she needed to be responsible to herself.

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Chasing the Dreams: I’m a Doctorate, a School Principal, and a Singer

This just shows you, that it’s NEVER too late, so long as you’re still alive, to go after a dream, from the Front Page Sections, translated…
The recreational farming specialist, Ching-Lai Chang on the column stated that “not fighting to be the very TOP, but the ONLY one”, it encouraged the younger generation to chase one’s dreams.
Twenty years ago, I’d represented Taiwan to sing at a singing competition, after I returned, there was a record company that signed me, back then, I’d just passed the examinations to become a middle school teacher, my father who’s strictly traditional tried to reason with me, “the life of actors is but a fantasy!”, and so, I’d given up the dreams of becoming a star, and buried the dreams inside, and, it’d stayed buried for twenty years.
Pops told me, “You should at LEAST get a doctorate!” and so, I’d spent ten years, teaching, and working on my degree, in the end, I’d finally gotten my doctorate in education. During the time I taught, I was lucky enough, to pass the exams, and became a school principal.
As the first principal of the school, there was that HUGE typhoon back in August of 2008, and the ceremonies for me as the school principal wasn’t met, and, on the second day at work, I’d met up with the STORM of the century, I’d stayed in the schools, to keep an eye on it, then, the three years of rebuilding the school, to repair what was done by the typhoon back in 2008.
As I’d finished my term as principal, I’d managed to help the school rebuild, and I’d applied to a middle school in Kaohsiung, and, it just so happened, that there was an owner of a record company who liked my singing, and, at the end of June this year, I’d gotten my first record out, and became a professional singer. Even though I’m no longer young, I’d still quit my hard to come by job as the school principal, along with my position for the public post, decided to make the dreams of becoming a singer that’s buried deep within for many years come true for myself.
I’d been chasing dreams my whole life, getting a doctorate, becoming a school principal, a singer with a record deal, I’d done it all, of course, I’d done it the hard way, a step at a time. And if you searched for someone who’s a doctorate, a principal, and, a professional singer, then, you’d get my name.
I hope, that from my example, the younger generations can follow my lead, to go after what others tell them was impossible, to follow their own dreams.
This man had to put his dreams on hold, and, did what the society demanded him, he’d given in to his father’s demands of finding a stable job, and, as he got older, he’d decided to CHASE his own dreams, and, made a way for himself.

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