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A Children’s Book about Gay Parents

How could you possibly EXPOSE our daughter/son to such atrocities???  Uh, just WATCH me!!!

We’re all coming OUT of the closets these days, and so, it’s NO surprise, that there would be books on gay parents, but, we’d never heard about a children’s book ON that topic, up until N_O-W, and, because matters as delicate as this, the government fears, would taint the minds of young readers, they’d DESTROYED the books, or rather, asking the rest of the public to do so.

A children’s book about gay parents, do you see anything wrong with that?  I mean, it’s NOT as if after you’d read books about gay parents to your kids as their bedtimes, they’re going to become gays OR lesbians, hello, hello, hello?  Homosexuality IS inborn, are you FUCKING kidding me?  And, IF you want to blame, blame it on the CHEMICAL imbalances during the women’s PREGNANCIES.

A children’s book about gay parents, that’ll totally SHOCK those religious fanatics all right!!!  How can public libraries support such an idea?  Do they NOT know, that children are easily influenced by what they read?

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