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Medigenvac Vaccines & Ractopamine Pork

This is, what this, government, SCREWED we the people, over with here!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A lot of people may have noticed, that weird, similarity of the vaccines from Medigenvac and the pork with ractopamine imported from the U.S., first: both are, decided by the president on her own; second, both are, related to, the United States; third, both had the scientific proofs that it won’t work for the people; fourth, the local communities, are all, against both.

And, if I need to add more, I can add in: the black box operations of the executive department, how shameful it’d been in its, methodologies, how both are, damaging to the people’s, lives.  But don’t forget, this, one, important key point: they are both, quite, “entertaining”; during August, people will be, seeing the show of, the president, along with other high up government officials, rolling their sleeves up, to get the vaccines from, Medigenvac.  As for the pork with the ractopamine, the government’s pork indicator although, showed there to have been, over three thousand tons of American pork, the internal organs too, but, none of what’s tested, tested positive, for ractopamine; if there are, I’m more than certain, that Su, the head of the legislatures, will put on that “eating the pork” show for all too.

the people, protesting the imports, that the government, ignored…photo from online

What’s interesting about all of this, is in its, “entertainment values”.  The vaccines of Medigenvac are exactly like the pork with ractopamine, both are, low-risk, behaviors.  The experts once testified, that the proteins used to make the Medigenvac vaccines are, a lot, safer, that nobody is going to die upon receiving the vaccinations; but, the ability of defense against MERS-CoV?  Would it be, enough?  Like how the performances with the ractopamine pork, taking a few bites of it, showing the people, that nothing will, happen to them.  However, the problem rests in, that the government, should NEVER, make the people, consume it, long term.

Opening up the pork with ractopamine, it’s a sort of a political deal our president had with the American government, and we the people just, don’t, buy it.  While the vaccines by Medigenvac, it’s, a procedure that people hoped would be, successful, that’s, started in, the U.S., only, that we can’t, accept the half-made vaccines, to get, injected into, our, bodies, this is, off of the basis of scientific, rationalism of being, citizens.

The president is, dedicating her arm to the vaccines of Medigenvac, we are, all blessing her on it, but, we don’t, encourage, anybody else, to follow suit.

and here’s, that “passed-government checks” Medigenvac vaccines that’s not even tested completely yet…

the press conference against the “homegrown” version of untested vaccines here by Medigenvac

So this is how, this god damn, mother, @#$%ING (maxed out?) government still, gave up the rights of the people, for its own, personal gains, and, because the president had stakes, in the vaccine company, that’s why, she’d, not ordered enough vaccines of Pfizer/BioNTech, AZ, and others that had been proven to be, more effective for the people here, and we all eventually, become, the GUINEA PIGS, of this god damn, governmthe pressent’s, scientific, experiment here, not to mention, how the pork with ractopamine is already, out on the, markets right now, and, how do we know, that the pork we’re, ingesting, is, absolutely, safe, after all, the businesses are, only into, making, a B-U-C-K, they do NOT give a, flying FUCK (don’t pardon me here!) about our welfare at all!  So, under this god damn, popularly, elected government, we, the people are, getting, SCREWED over!!!

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