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A Seventeen-Year-Old Stole Condoms, the Fourteen-Year-Old Who Was Uninvolved Took the Fall for $3,500N.T.s

An example of a mother’s selfishness, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Chen’s seventeen year old high school son shoplifted condoms from a super convenience store, after the cops came to her, she’d told her son’s middle school classmate to take the fall for her son, but she didn’t pay him the specified amount, and the youngest son’s classmate told his father about how “I’d acted as a thief on someone else’s behalf, and I didn’t get paid enough.”, and that, was how this case busted wide open.

The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office prosecuted Chen based off of enticing someone else to confess to a crime s/he didn’t commit, and asked for a sentence; her sons’ classmates were turned over to juvenile courts to processes.

The D.A. found out, that Chen knew that her eldest son didn’t have his motorist license, and still gave him her motorcycle to ride; at the beginning of August this year, the son shoplifted a box of condoms into his pant pockets, then, rode off with his young girlfriend.

The store clerk found that something was taken from the shop, reviewed the surveillance and called it in; the police could tell that it was a youth who’d committed the shoplifting, and found the owner of the motorcycle from the license plate, and took the footage to her house, and asked her if her motorcycle had been stolen, or if she knew the thief in the footage.

Chen recognized that it was her eldest right away, but said, that she knew who he was, and after she got to the bottom of the whole story, she’ll have someone go to the subprecinct to explain; back then, the classmate from her younger fourteen-year-old son was over, she’d pulled the boy to the side, told him, that if he was willing to confess to taking the item from the super convenience shop, then, she will give him $3,500N.T.s.

After the middle schooler agreed, he’d gone to the subprecinct immediately, and, no matter what the police asked, he’d answered how Chen told him to, and after he’d taken the fall, he’d gone back to Chen, to claim his prize, but, she’d only paid him $2,000N.T.s; after he’d gone home, he’d complained to his father, “I’d helped out being a thief and gotten ripped off”, his father inquired further, then, pulled his son to the subprecinct to get all of it on record, and told the cops that the man in the footage was not even remotely like his son.

As the court held its session, Chen confessed, claimed that she just didn’t want her son to have a record, said that her eldest wanted to buy condoms but was bashful to do so, that, was why he’d shoplifted it.  And the middle school told of what had happened in court, and, his father started telling Chen off, that she’d only thought about not wanting a record for her own son, but had destroyed someone else’s son.

Here, you still have some really BAD parenting behaviors, the mother, because she didn’t want her son to have a police record, she’d asked someone else to take the fall, for her son’s shoplifting…

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