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The Love Chain


I was raised, in a single parent household, but, in the shelter of my mother’s hard work, I’d grown up, without any worries, and in a carefree manner too.

As I grew up, after I’d started working, my first paycheck, I’d given it to my mother, but she’d returned it back to me.  She told me, that I should keep ALL of my paychecks from here on out, but hoped that I could give the child social welfare program its monthly donation.

And so, I’d adopted a young girl in elementary school, every time around the major holidays, she’d written me, in her words, I’d felt her worries for her ailing mother, and the dreams she has for herself after she grows up.  And, I’d always wrote back with encouragements, telling her, to keep working toward her goals.

I thought, that this, was the lesson that my mother tried to teach me, the joys from giving.

Later on, I’d realized, that there was a huge secret behind my mother’s asking me to do this—since from in her elementary school years, and all the way up to before her middle school graduation, she’d received assistance from the children’s welfare foundation.

I knew, that my grandmother’s house wasn’t so well –to-do, that my mother got into the world earlier on in her life, later, she’d part-timed through school and finished her education.  But my mother never told me, that she’d received assistance from the children’s welfare foundation.

After I knew the reasons, I’d finally understood where she was coming from.  When she was younger, she’d received the assistance from others, she’s filled with kindness, and waited until she made it through her hardest time, she’d hoped to give back, even IF it’s just for a little bit.

My mother also wanted to transfer this love she’d received to her own daughter, I hoped, that the kindness that my mother had passed to me, can help make a seed into a flower, until she bloomed and this cycle of love will never end.

Because the mother received help from the organization, she kept her heart of thanks, and had her own daughter, when she was capable, help someone else out, and, the mother had helped initiated the cycle of kindness.


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