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2272. A One-Year-Old Older Sister Pulled the Covers on Her Four-Months-Old Younger Sister, and the Four-Month-Old Suffocated to Death

Last time, a young child drowned in the Central Parks in New York City, because the parents left another young boy in charge of his younger baby sister, and this time, UNFIT parents left their young daughter, in charge of HER younger sister, and look what happens, when are YOU, STUPID parents, EVER gonna learn???  From the Front Page Section, translated…

A young couple yesterday, went out to find work and to buy more formula, and left their one-year-apart young girls who were born on the same day at home, napping, when the parents returned, they’d found the four-month old younger child was hovered over by the big quilt, they rushed her to the hospital, the hospital couldn’t save her life.  The police investigators found NO visible external injuries, and so, they’ ruled out abuse, and they suspect, that the baby died from suffocation from the quilt, and they will see if the parents would be held responsible or not.

The mother of these young girls said, that her one-year-four-month old older daughter recently started modeling the behaviors of the adults, took care of her baby sister, by pulling the quilt over her, without realizing that the quilt is heavy.  The Labor and Social Services Departments sent social workers to interview the parents, and found that they took good care of their young, and they’re not planning on reporting them, but will educate them.

The children’s parents are quite young, the father works as a plumber, he’s turning twenty-one today, the mother is only nineteen, the parents loved their girls very much, and their Facebook pages are filled with their family photos, without knowing, that right before the child’s birthdays, something like this happened, it’d broken the father emotionally.

The father left the message on Facebook, “…I’m sorry, we’re unfitting father and mother!  The heavens had given you to me, and yet, I failed to cherish you!  Because of my carelessness, daddy lost you!  Even if I feel a TON of regrets, pains…I can’t ever see your radiant smiles again!”

The officers examined that the father of the young siblings doesn’t make that much money, and doesn’t have a steady job, and in order to help out with the household finances, the mother accompanied the father to the employment center to find a job, while their young children were napping at around two in the afternoon, at three they saw their girls are still asleep, by four forty, they’d gone out to get groceries, diapers, formulas, and didn’t return home until five fifty in the early evening, they climbed up to the second floor bedroom, saw their eldest daughter, dumbfounded, staring at the large quilt.

The mother instinctively felt that something wasn’t right, lifted up the quilt immediately, found the younger child, completely drenched, lying on the bed, face turned white, without breath, she quickly performed CPR on the child, then, rushed her young downstairs, and had the husband drive her to the emergency rooms, and the young girl still died at six thirty in the early evening.

“My daughter behaves very well, she could usually nap from one to six in the evenings,” the mother stated, that the first time she’d arrived home, the sisters were sound asleep, there wasn’t anything wrong, and her mother-in-law was there too.  The second time she went out, the mother-in-law went to work in the vegetable garden out back, and, something like this had happened.

Uh, are you F***ING (“maxed out” already???) shitting me?  There WAS that previous case where the mother placed the young child on her bed, while her husband was asleep, and, the husband flipped over, and crushed and suffocated the child to death?  Just because your babies are sleeping soundly right now, that still doesn’t mean that they’re NOT going to wake up the next second that you leave, and this, is a tragedy that could’ve been prevented, so, why was it not???  Uh, I dunno!

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