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Behind Every Psycho

This, is the cold, HARD truths, so, IF you’re makin’ ‘em, STOP it, RIGHT this minute!!!

Behind every psycho, there’s something awful that’s happened to her/him during her/his childhood careers, perhaps, s/he’d been beaten, molested, raped, even, who knows…

Behind every psycho, there’s that innocence lost from the child, and, by being a psycho, the individual who’s now adult, is calling out for help, on behalf of the child that s/he once is.

Behind every psycho, there’s her/his parents’ abusive, controlling, and/or overbearing ways, and, because the psycho grew up, under these awful circumstances, s/he is lashing out, hurting others, because s/he had been damaged already.

Behind every psycho, there’s the actions of her/his parents, showing UP, reflected, onto her/him (the psycho???), and yet, when these PSYCHOS get put on trial, nobody EVER questions what’s led her/him to turn into the P-S-Y-C-H-O that s/he is right now…

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