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They’d Broken Up, & Drunk from the Drug Coffee Pouches, the Woman Died

The drugs still abused, despite how everything else is, halted, by MERS-CoV!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the outbreaks of MERS-CoV reached its height, the addicts didn’t care about the possibility of contraction, and still gone to the hotel rooms, to abuse the illegal substances together.  A woman, Chang, and a man, Song from Taoyuan met up at a motel to drink the drug filled drip coffee pouches, Chang fell into a coma, died, the police confiscated ten packs of drug coffee and arrested Song; the man, Hsieh and his girlfriend, Hsu in Hsinchu went to the motel to abuse ketamine, found by the police, they’d claimed, that they’d not used the drugs during the outbreaks, that they were having a relapse from the abuse, and desperately needed it, so they’d, gone to the motels to “fix” the problems on their own.

The police found, the twenty-three-year-old woman, Chang and the twenty-nine-year-old man, Song broke up, but still gone out on a drug date, late in the night on the second, they’d checked into a motel in Taoyuan; the following morning at around eight, Song found Chang in a coma, asked the motel staff to call emergency, Chang was in the hospitals, being resuscitated for five whole hours, and still, died.

drug abuse doesn’t take a “holiday” because of MERS-CoV outbreaks here! Photo from online

That morning, as the police were notified by the hospital, they’d rushed to the motel, saw Song, and found two balloons with laughing gas for abuse, they’d had sexual intercourse, as the police told Chang’s body tested positive for amphetamine and ecstasy, that was when he’d admitted to abusing the drug coffee pouches, and turned the ten packs he had in his car to the police, claimed that Chang brought it wither from home.  The police rushed to Chang’s residence, and, confiscated one pack of drug coffee from her bedroom, and, charged Song on possession and drug abuse charges.

And, during the midnight hours of the seventh, the patrol officers were doing the rounds, passing a motel in Zhudong Township, found the thirty-two-year-old mal, Chang and the thirty-year-old woman, Hsu leaving, the police pulled them over, but found they’d looked, off, and demanded that they get out of the car to get scanned, and, the police found 1.5 grams of ketamine, and the plate used to cut the drugs.

The two claimed, that the karaoke, the bars, and other places they could go all got closed down, but the hotels, the motels were still open, they’d paid six hundred dollars N.T. to stay, and spent three hours abusing ketamine, they were both booked for drug possession charges.

And so, when you need it, you need it, and, because of the outbreaks, this will make it even harder, for someone who’s, in need of a quick fix, and that is what happened here, because these individuals needed a fix, and, all the other places are shut due to MERS-CoV, so they’d gone to the motels to abuse the drugs, and they still got caught!

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The Birthday Party Continued the Entire Night, the Group Gone Out, and Used Drugs After the Party Was Over…the Female College Student Ended Up Dead

The results of setting oneself FREE, partying too hard here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A female college student, Huang who just turned twenty-two, on the early morning of the 29th, went to her birthday party at a pub with her friends, later on, she’d gone to a motel, to continue drinking with Lin, her older schoolmate; they’d taken ecstasy, and had sexual intercourse, two days ago at four in the afternoon, Huang wasn’t feeling well, was taken to the hospital, where she’d died, her birthday became her date of death, the family members couldn’t understand how, or why this had happened.

The D.A. reexamined her body yesterday, there was no external injuries to the deceased, the family told the D.A. that there were no family histories of illnesses.  Lin, her older schoolmate admitted, that at four that very morning, he’d gone with Huang to a motel in Yonghe, to continue the party, after they took ecstasy, they’d had sexual intercourse, he felt awful, for what had happened to the young woman; the D.A. found out, that the ecstasy tabs were bought from a friend they met up in the night clubs.  After the D.A. interrogated him, they’d taken Lin into custody, and put him on a $50,000N.T. bail.

The police investigated, that Huang who’d just turned twenty-two, on the 29th, during the midnight hours, went partying with a group of friend in a nightclub in Taipei.  Lin said, that at her birthday party, he’d asked her if she wanted to continue the party later on at a motel, in the motel room, they both took one ecstasy tab; later on, he’d felt drowsy, and Huang started shaking all over, she’d called up a friend, to get some milk to her, to help her feel better.  He said, that he drank the milk, but Huang hadn’t, not long thereafter, he’d found her to be short of breath, started panting, and asked the motel to call the ambulance.

Huang studies at a certain private university, in the sales department, Huang’s mother stated, that she’d lived with them regularly, had outstanding performances on her grades, and entered into the sales competitions on behalf of the school; that she’d heard her daughter told her that she’s a good drinker, but, didn’t know that she was using drugs.

And so, another young life lost, to drug usage, and, had this woman not drunk too much alcohol before she’d gone to the hotel to use more drugs, then, the outcomes may have been different, and this still just shows, how your kids may be totally different people, in front of you, and their friends.

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A Twenty-Three Year-Old Woman Overdosed & Died, Her Mother Accused Her Friend of Finding Help Too Late

From the Newspapers, translated…

A twenty-three year-old woman, Chiu awhile ago, met up with her friends at a motel and partied hard with illegal substances, and, all of a sudden, Chiu started foaming at the mouth, and started having seizures, then died, the police’s preliminary exams showed, that she may have been overdosed on the illegal substances she was getting high on, the family suspected that the people that Chiu was partying with called the ambulances too late, which had caused the delay that may have saved her life.

The police investigated and found, that on the evening of the 25th, Chiu and her friend, the twenty-two year-old girlfriend, and the twenty-four year old man, Kuo met at a motel in Sinchuang to do drugs, Chiu told Wu, “I’m in a very bad mood, I need to loosen up”, at about ten that evening, Chiu and Kuo started using ketamine in the hotel room, as well as ecstasy, and packs of coffee, with unknown contents, Wu arrived a bit later, then, the three of them turned the music up loud, and partied too hard with the illegal substances.

Two days early in the morning at about four, after Chiu used the coffee packets with unknown substances, she started twitching, fell to the bed, and, her eyes flipped, to the back of her head, and started foaming at the mouth, Wu first shook Chiu to make sure what was going on, Chiu said in a small voice, “I’m okay”, but very shortly thereafter, Chiu stopped breathing altogether.

The two people who were there were stunned, at nine the next morning, Wu called to the counter of the motel, and, as the ambulance rushed on sight, Chiu was clearly dead, and, because Kuo had an outstanding arrest warrant for his prior drug charges, he ran off before the police arrived.

The police found out, that regularly, Chiu part-timed at a hair salon, and had known Kuo who works as a publicist for a bar for a little over four years, before Chiu went to the motel, she’d mentioned to her mother that she was going out with her friend, and, the very next day, she’d died in the motel.

The police booked Wu and Chiu based off of possessions of illegal substances, and because Chiu had no external injuries, the preliminary examination was that she was poisoned by the illegal substances, but, the real reason behind her death will come out, after the autopsy.

And this, is the adverse effect of using AND abusing drugs, and this woman still had her whole life in front of her, but, she felt the need to unwind, to loosen up, to party, and that, was what killed her, and plus she got involved with the wrong crowd too.

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A Mother Charged with Murder for Her Son’s Heroin Overdose

Why parents do this is still BEYOND (and I mean W-A-Y!!!) my comprehension, from NBCNEWS.com…

The mother of an 11-month-old who died after ingesting heroin is facing murder charges, authorities announced during a press conference Friday.

Paramedics were called to his Lincoln Avenue home and he was rushed to Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital, but police say the baby had died long before ever being taken to the hospital.

The boy’s mother, Christine Rivero, is now charged with third-degree murder, criminal homicide, reckless endangerment of a child and aggravated assault in connection with her son’s death, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said at Friday’s press conference.

Authorities said Friday that Rivero put Niccolo in a tub with his 5-year-old brother and left the bathroom to go outside and do heroin with her friends.

During that time, police said, Niccolo ingested the heroin.

Police say that the baby fell and hit his head while in the tub and they were surprised to learn from the toxicology report that he had died from heroin ingestion and not drowning.

The children’s father, Victor Varner, was asleep in the house at the time of the incident. After extensive interviews, police determined that Victor is not to blame for his son’s death.

So, the mother went off to get H-I-G-H, leaving UNSAFE substances (heroin???) lying around, within the REACH of her children, and, you KNOW how kids would grab things to put into their mouths (hello???  Oral Stage of the Psychosexual Developments, anyone???), and, the kid got dizzy, after the ingestion, then, BUMPED his head on the side of the tub, then, he slid down into the water, and drowned to death, that ‘bout sums that mess up.  Are you kidding me?  Drugs are MORE important than your babies?  So, why the FUCK (my B-A-D) did you HAVE them in the first place?  Was it so your boyfriend wouldn’t leave you?  And, are you FUCKING kidding me here???

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