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The Earth Had Stopped Breathing


No matter how many times I’d pressed down on the keys, there’s only darkness on the screen. Flipped open the papers, the world is poisoned, and, nobody escapes.

Airplanes, High-Speed Railways, MRTs, elevators, gaming software, blog, Facebook, weblogs, everything you can think of and imagine, in this age where everything IS controlled by computers, could not function at all. The world had stopped breathing.

This, is actually, really sad, because everything we do is TIED to the internet and technologies these days, and, if things got fried, like the connections on your computer can’t be established, or the lines are down, then, everything STOPS functioning.

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When Cell Phones Start Telling Your Kids Bedtime Stories

There is NOW, one (I think there’s just ONLY one!!!) such “program”, invented by some IDIOT, to HELP the parents to CUT their times spent with their kids even shorter.

When cell phones start telling your kids bedtime stories, well, then, you GOT a problem, because if you let your cell phones (as opposed to your televisions, DVD player, DVR whatever’s) babysit your offspring, meaning that you can be like that mommy, who “parked” her infant child on a BUSY bus, in front of her smart phone, to DISTRACT him so he don’t BUG you, you are basically USELESS!!!

When cell phones start telling your kids bedtime stories, you MIGHT think that this will alleviate your load, but, it wouldn’t, because just like those stupid stories on tapes that his EX-wife played for us while we go to bed as children, it only distances the parental-child interactions, and that will RUN on until later on in their lives.

So, STOP letting everything ELSE help you raise your kids up, YOU are the ones who decided, hey, let’s have us ONE, and now that Little John had POPPED out of YOUR vaginas, you realized, wow, this, is NOT at all what I wanted, I wanted to SHOVE him back inside, are you FUCKING kidding me?  And, remember, “children”, the Storks still WON’T take any returns, they got ZERO return AND “refund” policy, and, there’s still NO way you will EVER get the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to get the Storks to change their ways here!!!

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