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When the Social Issues Became a Mere Decoration for the Elections…

THIS, is PRECISELY what ALWAYS happens, in ANY form of elections, from the Front Page Sections, written by a college student, translated…

In a few days, the elections will come on, and, even though, ALL of the promises that the candidates made are all about offering services to the citizens, and helping to make citizens’ hopes and dreams come true.  Comparing them all, all the candidates seemed to have the foresights of the future.  In other words, when they’re making these promises, did they consider, if the promises they’re making are actually doable?  And the methods of approach are working?

Skip out of the current situations, instead, we should think about which issues would be more beneficial to the development of economics of Taiwan, etc., etc., etc., along with the step-by-step each and every one of the candidates will be taking, to turn these promises into actions.  22K is no longer the discussions now, but you can still see a lot of it in the promises those candidates make to the people now; what’s worth considering in all of this is, the candidates only used the problems as mere decorations to their promises, but, the citizens have absolutely NO clue, whether or not if the candidates are elected, will they actually make good on their promises?  Or, are they just ranting on, to earn our votes?

The economic status in Taiwan still contained the quality of instability, let’s put aside the international problems first, the candidates should show how they’re going to resolve the pressing issues within the country first.

As a voter, a student too, I really don’t want to see those major issues get brushed off, and just hear the candidates rant on and on about what they promised to do, if they are elected.

The future of Taiwan should start in the most basic, and after that’s been completed, then, we can have the mind, to sort through the more serious issue.  Don’t we all want to improve this society for the better?  So, stop ranting about change, and really MAKE the changes!

To make those statements that can offer the citizens hope for their better future, and those that are actually more realistic.

And so, as you can see, this college student is RIGHT on the MONEY, because at election time, you’d hear those candidates, rant on and on, about what they can do, to make this place better, blah, blah, blah, but, you NEVER hear them tell the constituents HOW they’re going to make this place better, they’re just making promises, so we’d vote for them…

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The Values of Your Degrees, You Create on Your Own

From the Front Page Sections, the views of a grad student, translated…

Now, everybody gets a chance to attend college, and, those who have master degrees are filling up the valleys quick, and so, having a higher education degree is no longer a big deal, instead, those with a specialized skill, who can get paid, using those skills are looked upon with more values.  On the opposite hand, we’d often seen on the news that those with a higher ed degree are having difficulties finding a job.  I believe, that the level of education has nothing to do with whether or not you can find a high-paying job, it’s in that the values, the process of thought that you gained due to the higher ed you received.

And so, the value of the degree lies NOT in the high or low of one’s wages, but in how you create your own value, and naturally, when you have your own values, you will be able to have better offers, coming to yourselves.

There’s an overemphasis of being in namely colleges, everybody tries to get into those all-star schools, or the school’s good or bad is separated by whether it’s a public or a private institution, and, all these classifications, are merely the societies expectations of you.  Actually, it wouldn’t matter IF you have a higher education, you start on ground zero as you entered the university of life, and, the value of your degrees from the university of life is also created by you, and you alone.

And so, in order to become a strawberry that can withstand the crushing, you MUST create your own values in the world.

This exemplifies the importance of making differences, rather than making that B-U-C-K, and, the grad student who wrote this was absolutely correct, here, there are a TON of people who are chasing after those higher degrees from those all-star schools, and, after they DO receive those degrees, they get SHOVED out into the REAL world, and, then, they become CONFUSED, and so, basically, all those straight-A’s, honor rolls, or whatever, are still USELESS, because you CAN’T apply what you’d learned.

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So who, in the end, finished???  Translated…

In 1967, there was something BIG that happened, in the Boston Marathon, a nineteen-year-old woman with the name of K. Switzer, used the androgynous name of K. Switzer to sign up.

Back then, the Boston Marathon didn’t allow any women entrants, and, there were doctors who provided literatures for why women should NOT run marathons, believed, that running a marathon will make a woman’s calf too muscular, and it would cause them to grow hairs in unsightly places of their bodies, and what’s more outrageous—that it would cause their ovaries to fall out of their bodies.  This young woman became the first female to finish the event, with a number on her back.  But, at the time she ran, there was another woman, Bobbi Gibb, she’d already run the Boston Marathon without a number on her back.

When they’d entered into the races, the officials had attempted to stop them from it, and had even gotten physical, to try to make them NOT want to enter.  After five years’ worth of hard work, in 1972, the Boston Marathon finally allowed women to enter.  The now outrageous and unbelievable events that we thought about today, had actually happened, NOT very long ago.  It’s just a marathon, so, why couldn’t women enter?  Maybe, those who tried to put a stop to them entering in the competitions thought: why must women run marathons?
Whether or not women ran marathons, is of NOBODY else’s business, but, trying to prevent them from doing so, then, this behavior is problematic in itself!

Rather than asking why, ask “why not” instead.  Maybe, there are a LOT of women who didn’t want to run marathons (fine, there are a LOT of men who wouldn’t, like me, for instance.), but, whether or not one wants to, is entirely separate issues from whether or not one can.

Back then, the reasons for why women shouldn’t run are rational, and the memories of pre-1972 when women are NOT allowed to run, looked very ridiculous today, and funny too.  But back then, these two women’s behaviors, is one-hundred-percent bravery.

The accumulation of human rights lies NOT only in amending the constitution, nor is it verbally speaking of it (the “I respect you, but”, even though, it may piss people off, but at least, you’d put forth the word, “respect”, and we can optimistically, decipher it as a kind of progress), and, in the progresses made slowly, there’s still backward steps taken too, and maybe, moving two steps forward, one step back is unavoided, and this, still doesn’t deter us from moving forward.

People who came under fire, being discriminated against, must’ve gone a very L-O-N-G way, to get to where they are currently.  Didn’t the Christians who offered incense to their ancestors get shunned on?  “Why can’t you just offer incense to your ancestors, if you want to believe in the religion, do it on your own, but you don’t necessarily have to attend the rituals of offering respect to the ancestors!”

And now, we all know, that everybody has a right to choose one’s own religion, because it is a free country that we live in.

And still, the example from the marathon is mind-evoking, in the process of running a marathon, we may feel the strains, the pains, sweat, self-doubt, but so long as we persisted, the finishing lines are not far up ahead.

And so, even though we pride ourselves on being democratic, being free, there are actually a TON of examples of how this world isn’t at all free, and, we’re still very F-A-R off, from being completely free here………

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