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Her Mother-in-Law Logged Online & Became a Part of Her Community

This pair of mother and daughter-in-law is getting along quite well indeed, translated…

A lot of people are experiencing difficulties with their mothers-in-law, but, to my cousin, this sort of a situation has never happened, she’d glad, to have met a wonderful, understanding mother-in-law.

My cousin’s mother-in-law is willing to take multiple perspectives on various issues, and is very active in getting brand new information, she’s always at the front of her time.  Sometimes after work, when my cousin came home, she’d locked herself up in her room, to play online games, without doing any chores, her mother-in-law not only didn’t blame her for not doing anything around the house, instead, she’d inquired about the games she was playing.

Seeing the expecting gaze of her mother-in-law, my cousin was shocked, she thought, this, was definitely a great chance to interact with her.  Her mother-in-law is clueless when it came to the internet or the computer, but, with my cousin’s instructions, she’d learned to navigate the software, log online, and type in Chinese, and, she’d set up a warrior character in the game of “War Craft”, and since, she’d been, drawn, into the online gaming world.  What’s interesting was, after her mother-in-law started playing online games, she’d gotten more drawn in than my cousin ever had, for instance, she’d asked her mother-in-law along for supper, the mother-in-law would say, “Wait just a little while, until I kill this monster.”  My cousins smiled, believed, that there’s cute child, inside of her mother-in-law’s body.

Slowly, her mother-in-law became more and more experienced in the games, and, there are more and more, younger kids who fought alongside her, and, in the process of conversing with the younger generation of players, she’d slowly understood the thoughts and mindsets of the younger generations.  On top of that, her mother-in-law upped the usages of her other online resources such as Facebook, chat room boards, and, she’d used facial expressions after she wrote her messages.  What’s more important was, that she was able, to take the perspectives of the younger generations of the online community, and not be a wisecrack, and claimed that those who are younger than she knows nothing.

When my cousin’s mother-in-law showed her real age online, all of her online friends were in awe, said that she’s a model, for the older generations, that older people should all look up to her as an example.  And her mother-in-law used the influences of her peers, found a few friends who are her age, introduced them to the online world, and it’d gotten a good outcome, everybody enjoyed the online games, and spoke as they wished to online, and found a place, to keep their minds active.

In the process of getting online, my cousin’s mother-in-law called herself the member of the online community, and, there is NO generation gap, NO blockade of differences in beliefs, and, she’d become my cousin’s best friend.  Her mother-in-law said, so long as you keep your views refreshed, you will keep on being young, she’s the embodiment of this that’s for certain.

A good example of staying ACTIVE in old age, the mother-in-law is still very curious about life, and, that, is the key, to staying young at heart, to keep a fresh eye when you encounter everything new, keep an open mind, and this elderly managed to do more than that.

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