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Rescue that Came on Time


Going to school in Kaohsiung, a motorcycle IS a necessity, this, was from the experienced I’d gained, over the four years.  Once, I’d driven a friend to take the high speed trains, and on my way home, my gas meter stopped working, and when I’d realized that I was out of gas, it was, already too late.  In the midnight hours, I’d taken my motorcycle, walked along southward, feeling sorrow for myself.

Then, a car pulled up, “Hey bud, what can I help you with?”, it was, a woman in her forties.  “Oh, your motorcycle broke down.  Just park it by the side of the road, and get into my car.”

The woman bought a bottle of water, told me to drink it up, then, used the empty bottle, took it to a gas station, and, filled it up, she’d even paid for the gas.  “It’s no big deal, the cost is equivalent to a can of beer anyway.”  She’d patted me on the shoulders, as she’d told me.

“Where are you from?”, she’d asked.  “I’m from Taipei.”  “I’m from Pingdong.  People who live away from their home should look out for one another.  You can go to that super convenience shop outside of your school, I’ll treat you to a cup of coffee, that, is where I work, I’m taking the night shifts there.”, then, she’d rode off on her motorcycle as she waved goodbye to me.

Turns out, the stories in the textbooks, about how people help each other out is for real, and I was lucky enough, to encounter it that day.  After we’d left the books, as well as the schools, who, will remember all of that?   I’d made up my mind, to offer a helping hand, to those in need too.  With this warmth in my chest, I’d ridden my motorcycle, back to my dormitory.

And so, this, is how kindness gets passed along, you offered a helping hand to someone, and, the person you’d helped felt grateful, and, becomes more than likely to offer a helping hand to someone else, and that, is how the cycle of kindness will keep on rolling!

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Five Bystanders Stood in a Circle to Keep a Woman Who Got Run Over on the Roads from Getting Hit by Cars that Passed by

This time, however, the diffusion of responsibility FAILED to do ITS “magic”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two days ago, a woman, Hsu rode her motorcycle and after she rammed into a sedan, her motorcycle fell into the high speed lanes, the students and nurse, along with other passersby saw, they’d all stopped and offered assistance, some had placed their bicycles as road blocks, others had redirected the traffic, and used an umbrella to shelter the woman who was hit from the rain, and their actions had filled the street of Lugang with warmth.

The police investigated, that Huang two days ago at around four in the afternoon, parked by the side of the road, and, as she’d opened up her car door, the woman, Hsu (age 57) came flying by on her motorcycle, and she’d fallen onto the fast lanes, the student from Lugang High School, Chao rode her bicycle pass the scene, she saw how there was a LOT of traffic on the roads, and she feared for the safety of the woman, she’d gotten off her bicycle, put the bike in the middle of the road as a blocker, to prevent cars from hitting her.

Chao kept whispering in the woman’s ear, “Aunt, wake up”, at this time, the rain came down, Chiao took out a coat from her backpack, and sheltered Hsu from the rain.

The nurse, Liu, from a clinic in Lugang had just gotten off from work and happened to pass by, she saw how the female student was offering assistance from the opposite lanes, she’d stopped her car and offered to help out as well.  She first took the vitals for Hsu, and made sure that she was breathing right, then, she’d wiped away the blood stain from the woman’s right arm, she said, “there’s professional medical assistance required at the scene of an accident, I saw that there were NO paramedics around, so, I’d offered my assistance.”

Then, two passersby stopped and helped redirect the traffic too, another woman had offered to hold the umbrella for Chiao and the Liu.  Slowly, the woman, Hsu finally regained her conscious, the paramedics from the fire department rushed her to the hospitals, Hsu opened up her eyes and said “thank you” to all who’d helped her out, and there were only minor bruising and scrapes on her arms and legs.

“I didn’t think that much, seeing someone hurt, you must offer help immediately,” Wei-Ru Chiao said, there was huge traffic flow on Mingchuan Road, and it was dangerous to lie on the roads there, she didn’t know how to give resuscitation, all she could do was to make sure that Hsu was safe and offered her words of comfort.

And so, this young lady saw a woman hurt, and started helping out, and, other people see her help, and, they all offered to help too, and that still just shows how kindness is infectious too, and all it took, was this young lady, to realize that someone is in need, and she’d placed herself in harm’s way (in ONCOMING traffic), and helped save the woman.

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