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In the House of Sleeping Beauties…

Welcome, to the GRAND opening, of a B-R-O-T-H-E-L!!!

Here, in each and every room, you can, live out your fucking fantasies, of raping all those, beautiful women, with absolutely ZERO consequences, and, don’t worry, none of our ladies are, disease-carrying, we’d, made sure, they got, de-toxed, after each, and every fuck, ‘cuz that’s, how much, we appreciate you, our, customers!!!

In the house of sleeping beauties, you can have your selections of blonde bimbos, brunettes, or, if redheads are your favorite, go right ahead, they’re, already, drugged, too drowsy, and, fucking them would give you that high, that’s, WAY more ecstatic, than your, AVERAGE blown-up, air-filled, or them, silicone dolls, ‘cuz, those dolls, don’t moan or groan, as you, penetrated into them now, do they?  But, our sleeping beauties do!!!

Nemureru bijo (1995)

here’s the poster from the movie, off of imdb.com

In the house of sleeping beauties, the women, lay in that state of dormancy (more like COMATOSE if you ask me!!!), waiting, for men, to SCORE their F-U-C-K-S…

But, there’s, ONE rule, what happens in the house of sleeping beauties, stays, IN this house of sleeping beauties, we don’t want MORE customers than we can, handles, besides, all the women had been, working too hard, and as their, “employers” (owners), we don’t want to get SUED, for abusing our workers, nor would we want to pay extra, for their, Workers’ Comp!!!

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Striptease in a Box

Welcome, to the “joint”, owned AND operated by…S-A-T-A-N!!!

Striptease in a box, now, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own chairs (yeah, I’m talkin’ to you, starin’!!!), and, you get to, watch a striptease, inside that “box”, talk about the convenience for the modern day M-A-N here.

Striptease in a box, it can be found, anywhere, where a webcam is turned on, with a girl, getting H-O-R-N-Y, and wouldn’t ALL you LOSERS want to see that?  Striptease in a box, there’s NO better way you can OBJECTIFY a W-O-M-A-N, and, because you (LOSERS!!!) are in control of the “box”, you can make us ladies do whatever POSES you want us to, because we AIM to please.

Striptease in a box, any takers?  Of course, because NOBODY can resist, or to say “NO” to a real live woman like me, and I’m still very S-E-X-Y here, however, I’m still flashing NO other “parts”, saved for my oversized B-R-A-I-N here!

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Why Men Would be Interested in Porn…

Ooh, ooh, ooh, can I take a WHACK at it???  Any OTHER takers???  Fine then, you HAVE the “floor” now…

Why men would be interested in porn?  Well, let’s see, besides that FACT that you are ALL pigs, oh, and your DICKS are connected to your B-R-A-I-N-S (oh wait, my BAD, you don’t got that part, the brain, that is…).

The reason why men would be interested in porn, is still because you M***ER F***KERS (like I said, I “maxed OUT”???) are sight “creatures”, you use your eyes, and, that just gets a LOT of you in trouble.

Why men would be interested in porn?  Well, perhaps, because deep down in your way too FUCKING (oopsy!!!) tiny PEA-SIZED brains, you know damn well, that there’s NO way you will EVER win us (you know, beat us at anything???) and so, you losers would take to P-O-R-N, to “dominate” us, after all, in those pornographic videos, aren’t a LOT of the ladies submissive?  That, is W-H-Y, losers love porn, and that, is why, ALL you shady ladies out there are providing them (the pornographic photos, videos, etc., etc., etc., etc.), because of the BASIC principle of ECONOMICS: SUPPLY AND DEMAND, hello, hello, hello, hadn’t anybody BEEN listening in this lecture hall of mine, or, MUST I take my clothes off, and do you losers a STRIPTEASE (uh, you W-I-S-H!!!) to get your FULLY, and totally UNDIVIDED attention there???  F-O-C-U-S, people!!!


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