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So Many Tragic Tales of the World…

There are, just an INFLUX, of tales of someone’s tragic life that bombard us every second of every single day, and sometimes, we’d feel this, emotional OVERLOAD, because the things we “bore witness to” secondhand are just, way too GOD DAMN painful.

So many tragic tales of the world today, what, do we do?  Do we all feel so much sorrow, for the families who’d lost someone to something tragic, do we, donate money to the causes?  What, do we do?  More than likely, we’ll all, CRY about it, if not, at least, we’d feel, somewhat, EMPATHIC over these BAD things that’s occurred right now, and, after that nanosecond of our empathies gets “spent”, then, we’d, TOSSED it all, behind us, and became, once again, SELF-CENTERED, and SELF-ABSORBED.  That, is what, is likely to happen, after all, all these tragic things you are bearing witness to right this moment will quickly, become, nothing MORE than JUST yesterday’s news, which makes it OLD!

So many tragic tales of the world, and, there’s still NOTHING, that you, or even I, can do, to PUT an end to it all, after all, we’re NOT Almighty, are we?  Nope, and besides, we each, have our own problems, getting along with the family, managing our marriages, etc., etc., etc., and, we forgot, the VALUES, one by one……….

So many tragic tales of the world, and, did you do everything you possibly could, to bring about awareness, to TRY to prevent these awful thing from happening?  Did you, already, DO your part?  And, what IF everything you’d given, still isn’t, QUITE enough, then, how, will you, adjust to that mentally?

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