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A Seven-Year-Old Asks a Five-Year-Old to Accompany Him as He Snucks Out Some of His Father’s Porn

This, would be H-O-W a kid can get her/his entire H-E-A-D, STUCK in the “cookie jar”, translated…

After a seven-year-old boy snuck into and watched his father’s “private stash” of pornography, he modeled after the behaviors he saw, and raped a five-year-old neighborhood girl, the judge sentenced the seven-year-old to weekend counseling sessions, with the father accompanying him.  The judge sighed, that an innocent child had become the youngest victim of sexual assault, advised that the parents NOT to ignore children’s modeling


The man in charge of Ping-An Hospital, Huang pointed out that a seven-year-old had NO sense of the meaning of sexual behaviors, along with the consequences that sexual behaviors may have.  He asked the schools and the parents to teach children to respect themselves, as well as each other’s bodies.

The five-year-old female was bathed by her mother last year in September, she cried out in pain, the mother asked where she was hurting from, she’d pointed to her pubic region, after the mother examined it, she found it to be red, after inquiries, she told that she was playing with the older boy from next door, and he had pulled down her pants.

The mother of the girl was angry, ran next door to find out exactly how this could’ve happened.  The family of the male child didn’t believe that he could do such things, stated to the mother, “What would a seven-year-old know, your child must be lying!”, the parent of the girl got angry and decided to sue.

The judge had asked a psychiatrist to make a home visit to the boy’s place, found that there’s pornography next to the machines, the judge ruled that because the father would rent these films, thus, shedding the light on this case.  The boy told the judge that while his father was viewing porn of film, he would stay “hidden” and watch from the side, imitating how the individuals in the films would use their pubic regions to bump against each other.

The judge called the male child’s father to the stand, he denied everything, the judge asked him, “while you were watching porn, did you not realize that your child is close by, watching it too”.  The judge said, “the child was still young, and can turn bad easily, if you don’t teach him now, must you wait until he became a rapist and gotten charged?”, the father then admitted to renting porn.

We’re merely imitating what we see is happening, because we’re children, and that, is how we L-E-A-R-N, by OBSERVATION, hello, hello, hello?  And, in the above “case”, the child’s father FAILED to keep those X-rated films out of the child’s reach (like he can???), and, what would you know?  The kid got his seven-year-old H-E-A-D STUCK in the “cookie jar” in the end, because he was merely “copying” what he had seen, with the little girl from the neighborhood, and that, would be how SEXUAL PREDATORS “get” made…

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