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Suffering from Postpartum Stresses Symptoms, She’d Suffocated Her Own Infant Son from the Fatigues of Caretaking, the D.A. Asked for Seven and a Half Years

What drove this woman, to kill her own newborn son, it’s another, tragedy that could’ve been, avoided, but it still, wasn’t!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Wang felt enormous stress and pressures after she gave birth to her son, she’d suffocated her own two-months old young infant son to death with a blanket and plastic bags, she’d turned herself in and melted down, and, wrote a confession, telling what had happened, and gave it to the police; the district attorneys found that the means that Wang took to murdering her own young was extremely cruel, but considering she was mentally unstable, that she was in a state of declined capacity for thought when she’d committed the murder, and she’d fitted to the requirements of turning herself in, charged her on murder and other charges, asked the courts to give her a seven and a half year sentence.

The coroner’s offices found that the infant boy died of asphyxiation, the block in his airway, which corresponds to Wang’s confessions, and she would’ve originally been given a more severe sentence for breaking the welfare rights of children and adolescents, but, she received leniency because she turned herself in.

Based off of police investigations, on November 11th of last year, Wang saw her young son asleep in the crib, she’d picked up the blanket, then a plastic bag, covered up her own infant son’s mouth and nose, causing the infant to suffocate to death, after she’d committed murder, she was in a daze, stayed with her own young son’s body for over three hours, then she’d called her own husband, and the infant boy was rushed to the hospital, and couldn’t be saved.

Wang turned herself in, cried that she’d murdered her own young, that she would be willing to accept the punishments from the court systems, she’d written a confession, which detailed what she did to murder her own young, and told the police, that when she was murdering her own young, she was in a daze, thought she was dreaming about it, that she thought that she’d dreamed that her son had died.

The district attorney’s office checked the records of Wang’s mental wellbeing and found that after her son was born, she’d started experiencing the depressive moods, and the evaluations found she may have a case of postpartum depression.  Wang also stated, that she’d felt enormous pressures from having to handle the household chores during her pregnancy, that she had troubles, caring for her own newborn, that it was her fault that her son had died.

The district attorneys believed, that Wang was affected by a mental condition, and lacked the proper trainings of parenting, that’s why she’d lost control, and murdered her own newborn son, considering how she had, turned herself in, and shown remorse again and again, that this is a pain she is unlikely to ever recover from for her whole life, and asked the courts to give her a seven-year-six months sentence.

This still just showed, the pressures we women are under, with caring for a newborn infant child, and, there’s a high chance that we may experience the postpartum symptoms, and, without the proper needed, social support, the support from our husbands (one at a time!), our families, this is what happens, MURDER, and, this could’ve been avoided, had this woman had the senses, to seek out help sooner, and getting the proper social support she’d needed, as well as extra pairs of hands to care for her own newborn son.

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