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Two Lost Souls, Joined by One Happily Ever After

Like that UGLY-AS-HELL toad and that DUMB-BLONDE princess???

Two lost souls, joined by one happily ever after, they were drawn, by the mirage that Crystal Ball they gazed into together, that promised them a bright and happy future together.  Two lost souls, joined by one happily ever after, you know, it’s kinda like how Cindy thought that she’s free of her working as a maid days, the moment she’d fitted her foot into that glass slipper, without realizing, that the weight GAINED from her unwanted pregnancies, by the spreading of Charming’s TADPOLES, will cause her, to CRACK the heels of those glass slippers.

Two lost souls, joined, by one happily ever after, and they still don’t live happily ever after until the very end, and that, would be how all those modern day, starry-eyed, dumb BLONDE princesses’ tales end.

Two lost souls, joined, by one happily ever after, they fell, to the false promises of a happily ever after, and that, was all that it took………



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Waiting on Their Happily Ever Afters

Well, ladies, seeing how those IDIOTS are still L-O-S-T in the forest, let’s just start with the “basics” here, first “up”, it’s that girl whose skin is WHITE as the snow???

Snow fell into a C-O-M-A, waiting on her happily ever after, for that Prince, who will break open her glass coffin (without cutting THROUGH her body, of course!!!), and bend own, and kiss her, oh, so gently, and, colors will return to her F-A-C-E, and, she’d start breathing again, well, that, is ALL, in HER own “pretty little head”, because in REALITY (hello, hello, hello???), that IDIOT is still L-O-S-T in the forest, because he forgot to set HIS GPS to the Seven Dwarfs’ cabin, and so, Snow still slept, but this time, NOT in that glass coffin, because the Seven Dwarfs believed, that after their lovely friend passed on, she shall NOT be disturbed, in HER final place of rest, and now, Snow sleeps, soundly too, in the Seven Dwarf’s family mausoleum.

Next up, it’s that SHELTERED girl, Princess Aurora, remember how she was PRICKED by that poisonous needle on the spinning jenny???  Well, it’s partially, HER parents’ fault, after that evil WITCH made HER curse, they’d started hovering over their little girl, and, it ended up, suffocating her to D-E-A-T-H, and, NO man had EVER passed through those brambles, set up by the good fairies that offered the kind blessings to her as a baby.

Ariel, the Little Mermaid, after that LAST time she’d snuck out after her curfew, and was caught by her father, well, he totally GROUNDED her, until she died, but, she’s an IMMORTAL, so, she’s still kept, safe, and sound, in her father’s castle under the sea.  No happily ever after for her either.

Rapunzel, being locked up in that high tower by that witch, became too timid, and no longer does she dream of the world outside, because her “keeper” had killed ALL her hopes, and, without hopes, she’d died.

And that, is the R-E-S-U-L-T, of waiting on ALL their happily ever afters, there’s still N-O-N-E to be had, for all those girls, in them classic fairytales, because they’d gotten STUCK, in the mindset that they need their Princes Charming, to come, and RESCUE them, are you FUCKING (oopsy!!!) kidding me?  Wake UP, ladies, stop waiting on them IDIOTS, after all, they’re still the ones that need us, MORE so than we would them!!!







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A World Without the Happily Ever After’s

And NO, this is still NOT H-E-L-L you’d just STUMBLED into here, it’s the REAL world that we live in.

In a world without the happily ever after’s, I’ll have you know, that the “good guys” don’t ALWAYS get the girls, nor do those princesses get kissed by their separate Princes Charming either.

This IS a world, without the happily ever after’s, so, DEAL with it, and, I’m still NOT saying this to be harsh, because instead of being placed in that GLASS coffin (signifying how death isn’t PERMANENT???), Snow White had been placed inside an IRONCLAD coffin by the Seven Dwarfs, because they REALIZED that by keeping her DEAD CORPSE around only reminded them of how she’s already DEAD.

This, is a world, without the happily ever after’s, you’d been residing here, LONGER than I have, because I’m still only JUST thirty, and, most of you, as I would imagine, are what???  Older, right?  But, I’m willing to STAKE MY life on the F-A-C-T that none of you had weathered through as many storms as I.  Did you have your child DIE inside of you?  Did you get ABUSED and NEGLECTED by your parents, and molested, and BURNED by your grandparents?  Exactly, so, don’t tell me that I don’t KNOW my “stuff” here, because I do.

And, there ARE NO happily ever afters, as all lives end in D-E-A-T-H, eventually, but, you get to decide H-O-W you will “go”, so, DECIDE, because everything you do today, will affect your tomorrows, and no, that was still NOT a threat, okay???

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Lost in the Wood

Lost in the woods, because we failed to pay attention to them, and now, when we “came back” to the things we’d overlooked, we can’t EVER get it all back again.

Lost in the woods, is NO longer Hansel & Gretel, for they’d already been COOKED and EATEN by the witch that “ran” the Candy House.  Lost in the woods, and I can’t find my way back home, and, there’s NOBODY I can ask for help, because mama told me NOT to talk to strangers…

Lost in the woods, and, the light is slowly fading away, soon, it’ll be nighttime, and, if I don’t get home quickly enough, then, I’m totally going to D-O-N-E.  Lost in the woods, and never found again, and, there’s NOTHING any of us can do about it, because the “child” had only been gone 24 hours, and, it’s NOT long enough for the police station to hand out an Amber Alert yet, but, these first few hours are extremely crucial, to finding the missing…






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