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Memories of Pain from the Childhood Years Carried Over

Because during those childhood years, your brains are still, under development?  Which makes you that much MORE susceptible…

Memories of pain from the childhood years carried over, and spilled into your adulthoods, and, it’s like that oil rig that leaked in the Gulf, that managed, to trap all those water fowls?  A HUGE mess!

Memories of pain from the childhood years carried over, and, there’s NO way you can, rid of them all, even IF you’d managed to, block them out of your minds when you’re awake, who’s to say that they won’t come back, in the midnight hours, and disturb you, in your sweet dreams?

Memories of pain from the childhood years carried over, because in childhood, your brains are still developing, which means, that things can easily get imprinted, and, you’ll carry those scars for the rest of your lives.

Memories of pains from the childhood years carried over, there’s NO doubt, and, because you got NO clue, ‘cuz you didn’t want to know, what exactly happened to you as a kid, that, is why you’re still currently, rolling, in that god DAMN, snowballing VICIOUS cycle, and, you will, keep on rolling, rolling, rolling…………

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Tuck Your Nightmares Back into the Unconscious

Tuck your nightmare BACK into the unconscious, they’d told her, at the insanitarium…

When she’d waken up, all scared, in the middle of the nights, wide eyed, the adults in the home would tell her, to GET back to sleep!  That nightmares are NOT scary.

Tuck your nightmares back into the unconscious, but, what if, they refused to go, back into my unconscious, and just, continually, plagued me, in my waking hours?  What then, can I do, to my nightmares?

Tuck your nightmares back into the unconscious, and there, they shall, set up roots, and, become this HUGE black hole, that end up, sucking the living daylight out of everything that comes in contact with them, and, you’d be left, with this, emptiness, this hollowness, inside of your minds and heart, and, you will, feel it ache, harder, harder, AND harder by the days.

Tuck your nightmares back into the unconscious, that, was what she’d been told, but, how can she?  She’s too young, to even know HOW the human mind works, plus, nobody was there, to take her hand, to soothe her, to comfort her, and yet, she still, grew up, just the same…

Tuck your nightmares, BACK, into the unconscious, and, make sure you’d padlocked that god DAMN Pandora’s Box this time, so, nothing will find its way outside again.

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Haunted, by These Dreams

There would be, dreams, that’d come to my pillows at night, and haunt me until the dawn breaks…

Don’t know when it got started, but, ever since I could recall, I’d been haunted, by these dreams, and they’re not even mine at all!  Haunted, by these dreams, and I can’t figure out why, it wasn’t as if I’d done something awful to someone, that I’m being punished.

Haunted, by these dreams, and they kept coming back, each and every night, and, I became withdrawn, because I was too scared, and couldn’t find my words, I was so young, and I’d carried these haunting nightmares on my shoulders since.

Haunted, by these dreams, I really want to get rid of them, but I can’t find a way, because no matter how I’d put those deadbolts on my doors before I head off to bed, they’d always find their ways, back to my pillows at night, and, they’d lain next to me, as I drifted, off to sleep, and, I still hadn’t gotten me a peaceful night of rest yet!

Haunted, by these dreams, I don’t know why, and, lately, these dreams are becoming more and more vivid, and I’d remembered more and more of the scary scenes in them, they felt so real………


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Children Under Age Twelve Who Had Nightmares are More Prone to Develop Psychological Illnesses Later on in Life

Call this a RESEARCH on CHILD PSYCH if you want to, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Children who’d have constant nightmares or would sit up abruptly in their sleep, start screaming, would often get taken to the temples, to have a ritual performed on them; but, the newest research shows, that children under the age of twelve who have nightmares or night terrors often would have a higher risk of developing mental disorders later on in life.

Nightmares are bad dreams that happened during the children’s REM sleep cycles, and, children who had these, would often clearly recall the scenes, and start to fear and worry; night terrors, however, would occur in the NON REM sleep cycles, and the children would scream, sit up, and, upon waking, they would have NO recollections of what happened in those dreams, and, night terrors happen mostly in children eight years and younger.

In the most recent issue to “Sleep” magazine, a British research, the observations of 6,796 children under age twelve, started at age two, the researchers tracked their sleeping patterns, including, whether or not they’d have nightmares, sleep walking, difficulties falling back to sleep, or night terrors, etc., etc., etc., and checked if the children, after age twelve, would develop symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and fragmented thought processes, along with other signs of early onset of mental illnesses.

The results showed, that children under twelve who were plagued by nightmares over a year and a half, has a 3.5 times more chance of having early signs of mental illness; and, if the frequencies of the nightmares increased, then, the test subjects would have a higher risk of symptoms of psychological disorders.

But, the study also showed, that seventy-five percent of children from two and a half to nine had had nightmares; thirty-six percent children aged twelve have sleep difficulties such as sleep walking, night terrors, but, of those, only four percent showed an early onset of psychosis; the study speculated that the stresses in their daily lives can also show up in the dreams.

And so, from this, we can conclude???  Oh yeah, it’s still INCONCLUSIVE, because your child’s had nightmares or night terrors since god knows when, that doesn’t mean that they are on their ways to develop a MENTAL disorder, that merely means, that they may have experienced, gone through, seen, perceived something horrible firsthand, like say???  SEXUAL MOLESTATIONS, SEXUAL assaults?  And that just tell you, the parents, to WATCH OVER your offspring as they sleep.

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