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Her Husband had a Bastard with His Ex, and the Mother-in-Law Helped Take Care, Everybody ELSE Knows, Save for Her

And so, how can this WIFE be SO blind AND stupid, I wonder???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The married man, Lee had an affair four years ago with his ex-girlfriend, and Lee had adopted his own son, and asked his own mother to take care of him.  When Lee’s wife came home, the mother-in-law lied to her, said that she was helping to babysit for someone, until last year when the couple had a fight, did the husband let the truth slip out.  The wife immediately checked the household registry, and found that there was “an extra member” of the family, she’d gotten angry and SUED her husband and Hsieh for adultery.

Lee claimed, that “she’d already known about it, that the date to sue was way passed”, but the D.A.’s office based off of the LINE messages that Lee’s wife received which showed that she had no clue, and so, the D.A. prosecuted them both for adultery.

Lee (age 38) was married eleven years ago, and had a son and a daughter with his own wife; Hsieh (age 43) works in the beauty industry, was originally an ex of Lee’s, she’s still single.  The google+ friendship circle that they both had only had each other as contact, and Hsieh had even used their son’s picture as her display picture.

Last year in July, Lee asked her husband, “I’d heard rumors that you have another woman, and kid too?”, they’d started arguing, after Lee got mad, he’d claimed, “Had you known about it, we’d fight even harder”, “Of course I lied about it”, Lee was so furious that she’d flipped open the household registry, and found, that her husband had, indeed, adopted a child.

Lee accused, that her mother-in-law was enjoying playing with the grandchild, and that her husband’s side of the family all knew about this, and had allowed her own children to play with their “different mother” younger brother.  She’d said, that once she’d gone back to her mother-in-law’s and heard the child call her husband “dad”, that, was when she started getting suspicious, and the mother-in-law claimed, “This, is a child I am looking after for a friend, he’d called him wrong!”

Hsieh said, that she knew her boyfriend was already married, and that in 2008, they’d gone to a motel for the third time, and the next year, she’d given birth.  But Hsieh and Lee both claimed, that Lee’s wife had already “condoned” to their bastard child; and when Lee was brought into the police station, he’d told them, “She’d already forgiven me”, he couldn’t understand W-H-Y he was being sued.

The D.A. checked the LINE message provided by Lee’s wife, found that last year when they’d fought, Lee returned, “I’d worked up the courage to tell you the truth, I don’t want you to leave me”, along with other statements, and the judge ruled that the wife had NO idea of her husband’s infidelity, and the child that he’d had outside of their marriage.

And here, we still have a “good example” (yeah right) of a PERFECT L-O-S-E-R, who still tried (but unsuccessfully) to WEASEL his way out of trouble, well, he didn’t do it successfully that’s for sure, and, the mother-in-law should ALSO get charged for covering for the son too.


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