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Kept Her Eyes on the Poolside

She had, kept her eyes on the poolside, ever since her own son died, of a drowning accident, at the pools, and, she wasn’t even there, to watch over him.

Kept her eyes on the poolside, because those children are going to horseplay and, when kids act up, bad things are bound to happen, and, she’s only letting her maternal instincts take over her.  Kept her eyes on the poolside, NOT just watching her own child, but, the children that aren’t being surveillanced closely by their own parents.

Kept her eyes on the poolside, as she’d had a close encounter with death by the poolside, it was when she was little, she’d walked too close, and, accidentally, fell in, and, she took a couple of gulps of water, and, went under, and, it wasn’t until a very long time later (it felt like it!!!), did she start to regain her consciousness, and by then, her parents are already pointing fingers at one another, for not watching her close………

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