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The Shooting that Resulted in Seven Death in California, the Shooter is the Son of the Assistant Director of Hunger Games

Let’s see the EVOLUTION of THIS P-S-Y-C-H-O, shall we???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The police publicized the details of the shooting in University of California, Santa Barbara on the 24th, and pointed out, that the twenty-two year old killer, Elliot Roger first stabbed three people to death in his Vista Island Apartment Complex, then, went to the crowded streets and started shooting the passersby, causing another three deaths and three injuries, in the end, he committed suicide in his own car, and, the total casualty was seven deaths and thirteen injured, and, of the thirteen injured, there were those in life-threatening conditions too.

Rogers is the son of the assistant director of “The Hunger Games”.  The way he’d gone about killing was similar to his confessions of killing that he’d posted online.  In reality, he’d only acted according to plans, it’s just that something fell out of his plans and he ended up shooting and murdering innocent passersby.  This confession was posted online few hours prior to his shooting rampage, he claimed that the day he’d shot people was a “day of karma”.

The County Deputy of Santa Barbara, Brown said, that Roger first stabbed three men to death in his student apartment complex, then, he’d brought his legally bought three semi-automatic guns and over four hundred bullets, drove to the Alpha Phi sorority house nearby, knocked on the doors, and, had wanted to gone according to his plans, to kill all the girls there.  Someone heard Roger

knock, but didn’t answer it at all.

And, Rogers’s plans of killing the sorority sisters didn’t go well, but he was undeterred, he’d started shooting at random, killed three female students, causing two deaths and one seriously injured.  Then, Rogers drove to a fast-food shop, killed a man in his twenties, Christopher Martinez.  And, he’d shot at passersby while driving, and had had two confrontations with the police.  Rogers hit a bicycle and another car, after the car stopped, Rogers pointed the gun at his own head and pulled the trigger.  Brown said, that Rogers, in ten different places, had created twelve different crime scenes.

In the over one-hundred forty pages of his confessions online, he’d stated that he hated the girls who rejected him, and hated the guys who isolated him.  He was upset about his own virginity, hated how the girls only liked the guys who “others despised” or the men who looked down on him, and that intelligent guys like him, nobody loved, that this, was the “biggest flaw in human nature”, and said, that he was to “punish ALL females who wouldn’t allow him to have a sex life”.

And the title of his own confession was “My Twisted World”, the last chapter was, “The sixth part: Santa Barbara: the Last Stage/ages nineteen to twenty-two”.  He said that he had originally planned his killing spree for April 26, but he had the flu, and couldn’t go through with it.

The Parents Called the Cops, But the Cops Didn’t Incarcerate Him

Did the police miss the change to STOP Elliot Rogers from going on his killing rampage?  Roger’s parents, the film producer, Peter Rogers and his wife, a month ago called it in, that they were uneasy about their son’s confessions online, that the contents were all about murders and how he was to carry them out.  Last month, the police DID go to Rogers’s apartment, and, Rogers stated in his web confessions that “gladly, the police didn’t find out about the plans”>

The police admitted that Rogers’s families had once called them up before the shooting occurred.  The Santa Barbara County Sheriff Brown stated, that the police had three run-ins with Rogers, the most important time was on April 30, when his family clearly stated to them, to check into his actions.

Brown said, “the police believed him to be courteous and friendly”, Roger himself stressed to them over, and over again, that nothing is the matter, and the cops that visited him finally took off the alerts.  Brown said, “the police believed that he didn’t fit the criteria of in need of being taken into custody based off of his mental conditions.  That he was merely shy and timid.”  Rogers, in his confessions online, described how he felt relieved when the police didn’t see through his murderous plans.  He wrote, “In those few fearful seconds, I thought everything was over.”

So here, you see, ANOTHER nut, CRACKING, and it’s still a combination of his nature AND nurture, he is somewhat antisocial, an outcast, wanted to belong but couldn’t find a place, getting rejected by people a lot, and, his environment had exacerbated the bad parts of his nature, like how he felt rejected and depressed, and, all of that, because his motive to kill, and, this could’ve been prevented still, had someone only TAKEN the time to understand him, but, NOBODY did, and, he felt ALL alone…







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