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A Mother Nagged Her Son About Spending Too Much Money, He Murdered Her, Then, Leapt Off of a Building Himself

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-nine year old man, Lin, was suspected of feeling angered my his mother, the fifty-five year old Lin, was suspected of using a fruit knife, hacking his own mother to death, then, burning charcoal to commit suicide, the police got to his residence just in time, and, stopped him in his suicide attempt, but, he’d waited until the police was busying, calling up the ambulances, he’d climbed on to the tenth floor windows, and, took the leap, killed himself.

The investigators found, that the mother had been dead for over twenty-four hours, and had seventeen knife wounds on her face, thirteen on her left arm, and two wounds on both her hands, clearly showed that she fought, really hard, to stay alive; and the kill wound was on her throat.  Later, the investigators found the seemingly cleaned knife used for the stabbings in the kitchen, the knife was eighteen centimeters long, and, the man had jammed the entire knife into his own mother’s throat.

The police pointed out, that Lin’s older sister on the morning of the eighteenth had gotten a call of “My son came home”, then, for three days, the sister tried calling, and she couldn’t find her, and because she’d heard her sister complained of how her son would spend listlessly, she’d called up her own daughter, who works in the same office as Lin, to ask if something was off.

The daughter said, that her cousin didn’t show up for work on the eighteenth, and had LINE her, “My mom’s taking me to the train stations”, she thought that something was off, she’d called the police.

Lin’s cousin yesterday had gone to Lin’s place with the police and a locksmith, and, at first, they’d found a quilt inside the bedroom up front, with Lin’s mother, rolled inside, already dead, and the bed, the quilt, was covered with blood.

The polic went into another bedroom, Lin, was lying in bed, with burnt out coal nearby, Lin was seemingly in a coma, but still had a last breath left.

But because the reception wasn’t good in the bedrooms, the patrol officers went into the living room to call an ambulance, at which time, Lin’s bedroom doors slammed shut, the officers immediately rushed to open it, but Lin had already took the leap downward, landed on the second floor lanai and was already dead.

The police investigated and found, that Lin has two sons and a daughter, Yu-Kai is the second son, the eldest and his father lived away, the daughter works away from home, and Lin had been estranged from her family, and, nobody knows how the mother and son were getting along regularly.

And so, another TRAGEDY that could have been avoided, but it wasn’t, and, that still just shows, how you should NOT nag your kids, because, they’re already dealing with enough things, like not being able to find a job, still living at home, sucking you dry, and, could this have been prevented?  Maybe!!!  But, why was it not?








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