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A Twenty-One Year-Old Didn’t Heed the Advice of His Elders, Got Involved in Drugs, and Murdered His Own Grandparents, Then, Set Their Bodies on Fire

Another TRAGEDY, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Come quick, I’d murdered my grandma.” A man, Lee, in the city of Kaohsiung, early yesterday morn, reported it to the police, as the police came to the scene, they’d found an elderly woman, with multiple knife wounds, and another elderly man, in the bedroom, burnt to charcoal, and, they’d believed, that Lee, who’d reported had gotten high, and afterwards, murdered his own grandparents, then, set their bodies on fire.  The police booked Lee based off of murder charges, and, after the D.A. interrogated him, they’d asked the courts to keep him in custody.

As the paramedics and the police arrived on scene, Lee (age 21) who’d called, wept nonstop by the side, and, afterwards, as the fire department rushed his grandma to the hospitals, he drove with them, and, on the way to the hospital, he became dumbfounded, and, cried out from time to time, “Grandma, Grandma”, but the grandmother was already, covered with blood, with her eyes, wide open, with the look of shock on her face, not responding.

The assistant manager of the Chi-Shan Police subprecinct, Dai stated, that two nights ago, Lee called on his buddies, to gather at his grandparents’ place, and used drugs, at first, they’d started using the mixture of multiple illegal substances called “Coffee”, then, they’d gotten high on ketamine.  Lee claimed that after he’d gotten high, he’d wanted to go and hold a conversation with his grandma, and grandma told him, “Stop using whatever you’re using already”, he was in a daze already, as he’d gone to the kitchen, took a kitchen knife, and, started hacking up his grandmother, the grandfather tried to block him, he got madder, and, chased after his grandfather with the knife, then, he’d lit up half a bag of toilet paper, and, threw it toward his grandfather’s bed.

Lee had killed both his grandparents, his eldest uncle who lived in Tainan came home, and saw what he’d done, he’d blamed his nephew, “you ANIMAL”, “such a shame, that they loved him so very much”.  He said, when his nephew was just three, his parents divorced, that, after the divorce, his sister-in-law disappeared, leaving behind three young children, whom the grandparents managed to raise up, his younger brother died of illness three years ago, and gave him his youngest to look after, that the murdering of his parents by his nephew, was something he’d never thought could happen.

He said, that his nephew just won’t behave, didn’t graduate from middle school, later on, he’d become a car washer in Kaohsiung, and would lie often, recently, he’d gone back to his old home in Neimen, saw his nephew, getting high with his bad friends, and that, was when he’d learned, that his nephew has a drug habit.  And, he’d warned him too, that if he’d found him using again, he will call the police on him!

He’d stated, that his nephew was involved in a fraud case, and was sent to jail for three months, and, he felt that this, couldn’t continue anymore, before the Chinese New Year’s, he’d taken him to Tainan, and sent him to work, as a delivery man, wanted to stay close to him, so he could keep an eye on him, but, he’d only stayed with him for just one month, two nights ago, the nephew had, slipped away back home, and, “this awful thing happened”!

After Lee’s older sister learned about what he’d done, she’d left the statements of anger on Facebook, “Grandma and grandpa are so kind, and, how DARE you, kill them!  How am I supposed to look at you now, and how, do I face up to our dead grandparents?”

And, the culprit that caused this young man to murder his grandparents was still???  Oh yeah, ILLEGAL substances, and because this man was already, HIGH, and so, his judgments were impaired, and, when his grandparents told him to stop using drugs, he went psycho on them, and, this, is exactly what happens, when you get involved in drugs.

A Man Was Mocked “to Only Have the Abilities to Urinate Left”, He’d HACKED His Wife Up

This, I would imagine, would be, a build-up, to murder???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-three year-old man, Chang, early yesterday morning, used a kitchen knife, hacked his fifty-nine year-old wife to death, afterwards, he’d attempted suicide by crushing himself down with the steel gates, but because it was too painful, he couldn’t do it, he’d called the police; he’d falsely claimed to the police, that his wife would often come home in the middle of the nights, that early yesterday morns, she’d headed out again, he’d suspected she was having an affair, and she’d insulted him by saying, “you only have the ability to urinate left”, he couldn’t withhold his own anger, that, was why he’d gone to get the kitchen knife, and, hacked his own wife to death.

The coroners examined, that Chang’s wife had a total of twenty-eight knife wounds on her, and, the slash that killed her was the one on her neck; Chang was booked on murder charges, and the reason for Chang’s wife’s death, and the reason for the murder, is still under investigation.

The paramedics told, that early yesterday morn when they received the call, to Chang’s place, the steel gates were already rolled up, and as they were taking Chang to the hospitals, they’d found Chang’s wife, lying on the living room floor, with knife wounds on her face, her neck, and the left and right hands, as well as the legs, she was, already dead, and, there were blood, in the kitchen, the bedroom, as well as the living room too.

Chang said, that he’d gotten so furious after his wife made fun of him, he didn’t recall how many times he’d hacked up his own wife, that in order to get away from him, his wife had, run from the kitchen into their bedroom, then, to the living room, in the end, she just, fell.  After he’d learned what he’d done, he’d tried to commit suicide, crawled under the electric steel gates, and, attempted, to close the door on himself to try to suicide, but the steel gates crushed his back, and he couldn’t withstand the pains, that, was when he’d called the police.  He said, that his wife has a history of depression, is long-term medicated, and had, used a fruit knife, and threatened to kill him.

But, his second son stated, that his parents hadn’t been getting along for a very long time, that his father has records of domestic violence, denied that his mother was depressed, believed, that it was his father, trying to weasel out of getting charged with murder; the residents of the same building told, that the Changs weren’t getting along at all, the husband had often complained of how his wife doesn’t cook for him, and stated, that his wife tried to hack him up with a knife, two years ago, he’d filed for a restraining order against her.

And so, we still have, a NUT who cracked here, and, because his wife made fun of him for long term, and this time, he just, CRACKED, and, in the HEAT of the moment, he’d HACKED her up, and that just shows you, how you should NOT make fun of someone, because, the person is surely to take it to heart, and, who knows, WHEN it’ll BLOW UP in your face!

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