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A Man Who Just Couldn’t Let Go, He Killed His Ex-Wife, Forcibly Took His Young Daughter, and Went into Hiding

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A divorced man, Lee, two days ago, when his ex-wife Chen took their two young daughters to a kindergarten in Da-Liao of Kaohsiung City, in front of the kindergarten, he’d stabbed his ex to death, and abducted his seven-year-old eldest daughter, the police had managed to find Lee’s getaway car, but, the father-daughter pair had not been discovered yet.

Because two years ago, Lee had forcefully take the daughter, and left a note that he was taking her to die, and was discovered by the police, and he was sent into prison for it.  Yesterday, Lee went to Kaohsiung from Taoyuan, to forcibly take his own daughter, the police are on high alert for the child’s safety, and already sent out notices all over Taiwan, and called out to Lee, “Please consider the child’s welfare.”

This murder abduction case happened at around seven fifty in the morn; the surveillance caught the thirty-two year old Chen, taking the younger child to the kindergarten, along with the younger sister, letting the two girls out, and the four of them had gone into the kindergarten together.

As Chen turned around to get back into her car, a white sedan sped toward her, blocked Chen’s path, she realized that the one who was driving was her thirty-seven year-old ex, she’d ran toward the kindergarten to grab her child, and called out to him NOT to touch her.

Lee and Chen gotten into a huge spat, started pulling and tugging on the daughter, Chen’s younger sister saw that neither one of them was letting go, she’d ran to Lee’s car, took the keys out of the ignition, to prevent him from getting away, and Lee was angered, he’d gotten a Rambo knife out from his car, and stabbed Chen to death, as the younger sister caught up, the older sister was already dying, in a pool of blood, Lee used the knife, and forcibly took the eldest daughter, and drove off fast.

Chen was dead before arriving to the hospital.  The police, after two hours, found Lee’s getaway car, but, he had already taken his daughter and ran off.

Lee’s father told the police, that his son kept to himself, and rarely communicated with the family, that recently, he’d told him that he wanted to go to Kaohsiung to visit with his children, and he couldn’t imagine that he’d do something like this.  Lee’s cell phone was turned off yesterday, and the police couldn’t manage to track him down.

Chen, the wife was from a well-known family in Kaohsiung, many years ago, she’d worked as a kindergarten teacher where she’d met Lee, who’s a drink delivery person, a little over seven years ago, they were married, because she got pregnant, but they didn’t get along afterwards.

Chen’s maternal grandfather told, that a year after they’d wed, Lee was out of a job, the couple moved back to Kaohsiung, Chen started working as an accountant at the factor, Lee was a delivery person, but, Lee felt that the work was too gruesome and didn’t want to do it anymore.  Two years ago, Lee was displeased at how Chen wanted to divorce him, he’d beaten her up, and said that they’d die together, Chen had called up the courts for a restraining order, the courts mandated Lee NOT to harass her and her daughter again.

On the eve of Father’s Day that same year, Lee drove south to visit his child, the two got into a huge fight, Lee forcibly took the two daughters away, after the couple got into an argument, and Lee was sent to prison, last year on July third, he was released.

Chen’s maternal grandfather told, that two years ago after Lee was released, the two families lost contact, without realizing, that his own granddaughter would die under his ex’s knife.  He signed, as he looked at the family portrait hanging on his walls: “Many years ago, the neighbors had warned of how Lee was wandering about his house, that the family should pay more attention, and he’d also installed surveillance outside, but, the inevitable still had happened.

And so, we still have a man, who is unwilling to LET go, and, they just failed to recognized the warning signs, which, is still why this preventable murder happened.

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Cracking the Case of the Cult: The Spirituality Meetings Became a Group Torture? Chen Said it Wasn’t

Continued from yesterday, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An instructor who’d gotten OUT of the spiritual group yesterday disclosed to this newspaper, that as the “students” gathered to share their knowledge of what they’d gained from practicing the beliefs, if they’d made NO progress, then, the individuals would get slapped across the faces by the rest of the group, as “encouragements for improvement”, and, a LOT of the “students” couldn’t deal with this, so, a LOT of them dropped out from the group.

This instructor said, that he’d suspected, that that, was how Jeng, the high school student was killed in this group punishment, by accident.

The district attorney’s office and the police of Changhwa raided the headquarters of this cult, “Silent Gardens”, to get the evidence, to see if there are accomplices to the death of the high schooler, and the D.A. had arrested the man in charge, Chiao-Ming Chen, as the plaintiff for the abused to death case of the high school aged boy.  The father of the high schooler, Jeng, also pursued Chen, believed that she had everything to do with his death.  Chen texted her husband, stated that “I’m a loving mother to my child, I would never hurt him.”

The instructor who came forth and told of the activities of this cult, five years ago, heard his colleague talked about, and was introduced to the cult, and joined, and, would go to “class” one day a week on the nights; at first, the meetings were held, freely by the students, and the atmosphere was NOT high pressure, he was comfortable, and enjoyed going.

But later, as the “courses” got adjusted, the students were made to share their encounters of how practicing the teachings of the cult would help them in their separate lives, and if the students couldn’t tell the specifics, then, they would have to admit to the rest of the group, along with Chiao-Ming Chen, that they’d done wrong.

He said, that the “admittance” class would schedule those who hadn’t made improvements to get SLAPPED across their faces by the classes, he once bore witness to three people, slapping one person across the faces, until the one being slapped kept saying that s/he will improve, and kept admitting to not doing well enough.

Who had specified this sort of a physical discipline, the instructor wouldn’t say, just told, that the one who initiated this process is the one who is the most powerful in the group.

Yesterday, Chiao-Ming Chen used text messages to state that this, is a “lie”, stressed how she will wait for the justice department, to return her innocence.

 Now that a HIGH SCHOOL K-I-D had been BEATEN to death, the members of this CULT (b/c that, is what this is???) are still pointing fingers, because they don’t want to be held responsible, by the L-A-W, of admit to themselves, that ALL of them had a hand, in causing this teen to get BEATEN to D-E-A-T-H, and, if what the “student” claimed here is true,, then, why the HELL would anybody willingly “sign up” for this kind of PUBLIC humiliation?  Or, because the individuals are just simply, WAY too W-E-A-K, they don’t have a STRONG sense of the self, so they sought out wrong places to belong in???  I still wouldn’t know here!!!


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Motive for Murder: Getting Yelled at

The “buttons” just keep on “popping up”, and, it IS enough to make someone C-R-A-C-K too, translated…

A man who works at a bar because he was displeased at how his two-years-older than he was girlfriend had called him “without work, useless” several times, he took advantage of how his girlfriend got wasted after using drugs to choke her to death, then, he used a knife on himself, after accompanying her body for two days, he found himself alive, went to the cops to turn himself in.  The district court in Banciao found him guilty of murder, sentenced him to thirteen years’ prison.

Based off of understanding, after Kao used a knife on himself, he became dizzy, believed himself to have died already, he admitted to killing, but, claimed to be temporarily insane when he committed the murder.  The courts, after sending him to a psych evaluation, believed that while he was committing murder, he was quite sound, disregarded his claims; and because Kao had turned himself in, so, they gave him a lighter sentence, plus, he’d admitted to what he’d done in court.

The verdict stated that the deceased, Yang (31-years-old) was working as a bar girl at the Hotel Shangri-La in Taipei.  After started dating Kao (29-years-of-age), who worked as a service guy at the bar, she moved in to his place of residence at Yung-He.  And, because Kao didn’t have a steady source of income, they’d argued often because of the economics.

Last year on October 2, at around nine o’clock at night, Yang started nagging at Kao once more, told him to go out and earn some money, called him “useless, without a job”.  Kao lost control, pressed hard on Yang’s neck, and because Yang was using ketaminee, she couldn’t fight him off, she suffocated to death.

Kao saw he’d made a huge mistake, started swallowing sleeping pills, slashed his own wrists, and stabbed his own abdomen several times, then, fell unconscious.  Until the morning of the 4th, he woke to find himself still alive, then, he called to turn himself into the cops.

See, this IS how you CAN push a man’s buttons, call him INCAPABLE of providing, call him IMPOTENT, and that, should do the “trick”.  The man was pushed, no doubt, but, because he was having psychological issues with himself when the woman started yelling at him and called him those bad names, that, along with probably difficulties at work, along with a MULTITUDE of causes (which we don’t know what they are), all accumulated, and, that, was why he cracked, and, he still couldn’t prove that he was temporarily insane, that he had NO control over what he was doing, because he might not K-N-O-W what he was doing, but, he still did it, so, the “insanity plea” won’t work here.

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A Father Got Drunk, Was Nagged, He’d Stabbed His Son to Death, Then Attempted to Commit Suicide

Just like a previous case, and, you have to wonder: why the HELL is this SHIT still happening???  Uh, I dunno!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last night, there was a tragic story from Chang-Chih region of Pingdong.  The sixty-five year old man, Cheng, who’d often gotten drunk at home, yesterday, his son came home from work, saw that he was drinking again, the two of them gotten into an argument, Cheng got angry, and took up a knife, stabbed his son twice, one of the stabs landed on his son’s neck, it caused the son to bleed to death before they’d reached the hospitals; Cheng was remorseful and in regrets after he’d killed his own son, he’d taken agricultural poisons to kill himself, was rushed to the hospital, and is still in critical condition.

After the incidents, the police made house visits and learned that the father and son, because of the household economic difficulties, and would often argue on the subject of hiring a nurse’s aide, Cheng believed he was capable of taking care of his own wife, but the son believed that he drank too much, couldn’t take care of his mother, and so, they’d fought on this subject a lot.

The police found, that Cheng didn’t work, and would go out and get himself wasted regularly, and lived with his thirty-six year old son, Chiu (who took his mother’s last name), and his wife who’s had a stroke; the son had hired a foreign bedside assistant, to help look after the mother.

The police stated, that last night at around seven, Cheng got drunk at his house once more, the son was off from work, and saw it, they started arguing over this once more, and the father, Cheng, who’d had a TON of alcohol in his system by then got angered, took a fruits knife and attacked his own son.

The police said, because Cheng had used such brute force, the son’s left carotid was severed, the blood started spilling out, the son fell to the ground.  Seeing his son lying in his own blood, Cheng was all of a sudden, sobered up, he’d realized what he’d done, he’d taken a bottle of agricultural poison and took it, there were serious burns in his esophagus, it was too painful for him, he started wailing on the floors, the neighbors heard, and they called the police.

The police rushed in, took the two of them to the E.R., but because Chiu had lost too much blood, he had died, and Cheng was lifted to the hospital in Kaohsiung, and the police will wait until his condition became stabilized, and then, inquire.  The foreign nurse’s aide bore witness to the whole process, she’d told the police, that after the son returned home, the father had gotten drunk and, the fight broke out.

And, we still have here, the ADVERSE effects of A-L-C-O-H-O-L, so STAY away from that!!!  And, this must’ve been an accumulation, meaning that this was so totally NOT a first time thing, the son must’ve seen his father drunk at home, and, the anger, resentment over that built up, and, on the night he’d gotten home from work, it BLEW, and, we still have a case of murder by “accident”, as for whose fault it was???  Blame it on the A-L-C-O-H-O-L, oh, and the DRINKER too!!!






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A Father “Pushed” to Murdering His Own Child, then, Commits Suicide

Story in the FRONT PAGE section, translated…

The father owed some debts, couldn’t pay it, he strangled his daughter, then, dove off of a bridge, because the father, Chang didn’t have a steady source of income from driving his cab, he had a daughter who’s handicapped and mentally retarded, on the 19th, he was suspected of murdering his child, then, dove off of the bridge, the D.A. found, that the child was once a part of a documentary discussing her conditions, and now, her body had turned cold, into a corpse.

The D.A. found, that the father was a cab driver, married to his Chinese wife for more than 10 years, with a son and a daughter, the older girl is mildly retarded and has a genetic eating disorder where she just couldn’t control her own appetite, he also has a five-year-old son, who’s left in the care of his parents in Xindian.

Chang found that his wife had stolen all of his savings, claiming she has an investment in China, but instead, she’d given the money to her boyfriend in China, more than a year ago, they got divorced, he took sole custody of the children, and, he became depressed.

Later, he stopped driving his cab, his daughter had some adjustment difficulties in school, so he sold his cab, and bought a regular car, went to sell oil in Hualien with his daughter, the daughter was transferred to a special eds school locally, recently, because he couldn’t pay the rent; plus he had to take eight days off a month to care for his daughter, “what company would hire someone who has to take eight days off monthly?”, he wanted to start a business, he needed the funds, and in order NOT to get his families involved, he took his child.

The daughter was picked up from school on the 16th, because she was absent for three days, the school called Chang, he claimed that there was a road block on the freeways.  On the 19th, Chang was suspected of murdering his daughter first, then, at 4 o’clock the next morning, he dove off of the Bitan Bridge, and he wasn’t aiming for the water, but the concrete.

This family had refused the assistance of social workers…

The principal at the girl’s school said, “Chang would take his daughter home once every fifteen days, they were very close, I couldn’t believe that they’d died together.” the Xinbei City Social Services points out that if parents are having some difficulties, economically, emotional, they should seek help, instead of taking the children to die with them, sacrificing their offspring.

The Social Services pointed out, that Chang’s household hadn’t been “tagged” as a “high risk” family, on the 20th when he committed suicide, the social services sent social workers to his home, where the father didn’t want them to intervene; even when the social services department offered to give them funds, they’d said no, the social workers tried to communicate with the family, but, to no avail.

The principal at the special ed school stated that the girl was mildly retarded, and a live-in student, she’d transferred to their school last year, and she’s not even there for a year yet, and the school didn’t charge them for tuition.  Normally, the parents would pick their children up on weekends, then, send them back to school on Monday, but Chang said that he lived far away, so, he’d only picked her up once every two weeks.

The principal pointed out that the father and daughter was interacting “normally”, last week when he came to pick her up, the teachers didn’t detect anything; and when they heard about this incidence, they were all shocked.

The principal also said, that the father didn’t tell the school that he was having economic difficulties.

See, what parents ARE doing to their children?  I mean, even IF the child has some handicap, doesn’t s/he also have a right to life?  This is how selfish the father was, thinking that he’s sparing his child pain, and, he is probably right, but, there’s NO way to know that for sure, because the girl is dead.

Can this be prevented?  Sure, but, by the time people realized, it IS too late, because the child is D-E-A-D, and, the parent would probably BE charged with involuntary manslaughter or something else???  Who knows.

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