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The Child Who Was Body-Slammed by the Judo Coach Died

He’d, hung on, for long as he possibly could already, and now, at least, he’s, no longer, in pain!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seven-year-old young boy, Huang refused to do the move of dual sleeve hang in a judo class outside of school, the coach, He forced the child to complete the moves, the coach was suspected of slamming the child over his shoulders, throwing his body onto the mats, and told another boy, Liao, to body slam the child too, causing Huang to hit his head on the floors, and sustained traumatic head injuries; the Taichung D.A.’s Office prosecuted the coach, He on charges of severe injuries by physical assault, suggested to the courts to hand down a severe sentence.  After more than seventy days of emergency resuscitation, the child died last night, the parents agreed to get the child unplugged, they’d melted down beside his hospital bed.

The hospital stated, that in the last few days, there was, a clear drop in blood pressures, and pulse in the child, that it’d not looked, optimistic at all, they’d notified his parents to be there at around nine in the evening last night, which they’d agreed to terminate his life-support and stop resuscitation.  The boy went to the hospital more than seventy days ago, when they’d started working on him, and he’d still, died, the hospital staff were also, grief-struck.

On the sixth, Huang’s father only posted on FB, that he’d just had a birthday, and his only hope was that his son could wake up, safe and healthy again.

At the start of the month, the Fengyuan Hospital stated, that the child is in a level three comatose, with deteriorating functioning to his brain, digestive systems, and still needed to be on the respirators.

Huang’s mother stated then, “I believe, that justice will be served for my own young son, and I want the coach to take responsibility too.”  She’d felt unfair, of how the coach was out on bail, and her own son is in the ICU, battling life and death.

The father of the child wrote on FB on the sixth, that from April 21st to date, my Super Mario, Wei-Wei, you’d been brave and strong all the way, during this time, you’d gained a ton of emotional support online, for us.”

Huang stated then, that he was grateful for everybody’s support, that he believed, that his son will improve, that as he’d past his birthday on June 1st, he only has one wish: that his son will wake up healthy again, this would make him happiest, he believed, that his wish will come true, hoped that the online community can keep on sending the goodwill to his son.

And so, this, is how this young boy died, and, it’s still due to the coach’s lacking in emotional control, and, the boy fought hard, and, still died, and, this family suffered, a huge loss.  It’s, truly, tragic!

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Injury to a Child: a Father Burns His Child with a Blowdryer

This happened in Houston, TX!!!

A 20-year-old Webster man is accused of burning his 9-month-old daughter with a blow dryer after the baby was found with burns on her body, court records show.

Anthony Bastida is in custody, charged with injury to a child after the baby’s mother discovered circular burn marks on May 8 at the family’s home on 15900 Highway 3, according to court documents from the Harris County District Court.

Anthony Bastida is in custody, charged with injury to a child after the baby’s mother discovered circular burn marks on May 8 at the family’s home on 15900 Highway 3, according to court documents from the Harris County District Court.

On May 8, the child’s mother went to the store, leaving her husband Bastida alone with her daughter. About an hour later, she returned to their house, gathered their things and went on a trip to Louisiana. During the drive, she noticed the burn marks on her daughter’s face, the document states.

She told police that she later noticed that there were more burns on the child’s legs, nose, on the inside and outside of her legs and left side of her ear. She told police that she also noticed her daughter had a bruised eye, the document states.

The mother asked Bastida what happened and he said he left a blow dryer on next to the child while he was using the restroom. Bastida explained the bruised eye by saying the child had rubbed her face on a cell phone while she was sleeping, the document states.

Bastida later told investigators that he was careless when he left the blow dryer next to his daughter. He said when he came out of the rest room, the baby was on her back crying with the nozzle of the dryer pointing directly at her. He told police he did not notice the burn marks immediately.

After the child was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital, doctors discovered three burn marks each completely circular, on of her left cheek, one on her left inner thigh and one on her right upper thigh. A doctor with the hospital told investigators that the child’s injuries are consistent with child abuse and that the suspect’s explanation did not explain her injuries.

Negligence, anyone???  You should NEVER leave anything that might be dangerous in close reachable range of your young, after all, you KNOW how naughty those little hands can get, and, this time it might just be a hot tea pot, but who knows, the next time the kid might have HIMSELF or HERSELF inside the oven, and, you might be baking something and ASSumed that whatever I’m baking’s already inside, and, you’d turned the HEAT up, and, voila, your child comes out “well-done”, and you’d still be charged with WRONGFUL death, whether or NOT you meant it!!!

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