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All We See are the Grades, What About Moral Education?

This, is the PROBLEM of the education system here, but the rest of the world can ALSO relate, I’m sure, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There was the shocking news of how a school teacher gave an exam to her son to take first, reason being that the son wasn’t that good in school.  Other than feeling this wrenching in my heart, I can’t help but wonder: what’s WRONG with the instructors?

The examination papers should be “top secret”, and, before the examinations, the instructors must kept them covered up, to NOT make it available to the students or other instructors, otherwise, the test would have lost ITS fairness, and not to mention that this, would be illegal too.  I can’t understand how this instructor managed to get the test papers, it must be something with the security situation at the school then.

In this realm where grades are everything and moral education is unimportant, this sort of a bad behavior needed to be reprimanded, and the ones behaving not up to standards are the school instructors.  Reason being, there this atmosphere of comparing the scores flowing around in the schools, between the students themselves, and the classes too, and the instructors got caught up in the competitions too.  The ones whose classes performed well were dubbed “famous”, and everybody believed that those who were trained under the famous would perform well, and so, the instructors got put on that high pedestal; and, the unlucky classes, the instructors are already quite depressed, and they still had to get grilled by the school principals on their teaching methods, HOW would there be room for moral education?

And, the moral education is not done well enough at all, that, is what everybody’s saying here, and everybody ranted on how we need to rethink the methods of the teachers, or the systems, along with the parents and the students’ lack of hard work, etc., etc., etc.  And I believe, that what needed change, IS our attitudes, we must start losing the belief of “education is everything, and, everything ELSE is nothing”.

And so, the reforms in education IS needed, because you have teachers that STOLE from the lounge, so the son would do well in HIS class, and what’s that teaching the child?  That he can cheat and lie his way out of things, because HIS mama just did it for him, and this, is precisely W-H-Y the education realm is NO longer as well-rounded as it used to be.


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A Bankruptcy of Morality

There is, a bankruptcy of morality, happenin’ in this world here, and, there’s NO way, of changing it…

A bankruptcy of morality, and, there’s NO way of avoiding, going UNDER, and once you’d sunk, well, there ain’t NO way you’ll EVER get your credibility back again, as you’d become known, for being a total L-I-A-R.

A bankruptcy of morality, you can’t avoid it, and I’d already seen ENOUGH of it, from where I’m currently sitting (as to where that may be?  It’s still NONE of YO beeswax!!!).  A bankruptcy of morality, there’s NO way you’ll EVER get back up again, after all, the law of ONCE & ALWAYS still applies here, doesn’t it?  Sure does!!!

A bankruptcy of morality, how, you ask, CAN I avoid it?  Well, you’re just going to have to be REAL careful, as if you’re living ON eggshells, watch your steps, because one WRONG step in this HUGE landmine, well, you GET the picture, don’t you now???

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Maybe It’s Wrong But That’s the Way It Goes

Uh-oh, someone’s about to HIT that “fork” called MORALITY in the road…

Maybe it’s wrong, but that’s the way it goes, because I couldn’t manage to find my own man, I took someone else’s, well, had his wife NOT been sexy enough for her man, then, he wouldn’t have come looking for me, so, that, is still NOT entirely ALL my fault.

Maybe it’s wrong, but that’s the way it goes, a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do, and, I have needs, just like you, and, if you can’t manage to S-A-T-I-S-F-Y me, then, I simply look ELSEWHERE, just as you would.

Maybe it’s wrong, but that’s the way it goes, plus, we’re already in too deep into temptation lane, and, we can’t see where we had come because everything had turned dark, and, all we had is this Streetcar Named Desire, taking US down this path of least resistance.

Maybe it’s wrong, but that’s the way it goes, I didn’t mean to seduce a married man, I tried finding a well-to-do, already established single male, but, I couldn’t, because those single males are all way too stupid, unlike the mature ones of the male population, and, can you blame me if ALL of “those” are already M-A-R-R-I-E-D?

Maybe it’s wrong, but that’s the way it goes, and, there’s NO denying what we did was very wrong, but, we can’t help who we fall in love with, and, it just so happens that I’d fallen in love with my best friend’s husband, can you blame me for that?

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