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The Woman He Lived With Murdered Him, After He Was Comatose, and She’d Chopped Him Up Into Pieces Too

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

They’d cohabited for eight years together, she’d blamed him for NOT giving her share of the money, hated him for making her abort, she’d planned for two years, gotten familiarized with the human anatomy, chopped him up, and placed him in eleven separate bags, she’d cried and admitted, that the charcoaled tree was where she’d burned his body up.

The second generation owner of a small mill manufacturer factory, Lan went missing four days ago, the police found that he was drugged by his girlfriend from China, then murdered, then chopped, and burned.  Huang admitted it, that she’d thought up of this plan two years ago, to kill the man whom she’d been sleeping with.  After the D.A. interrogated her and asked the judge to allow for custody, which was granted.

The woman who was so fierce in murdering was a young grandmother, only forty-five years of age, had a previous marriage in China, had two children, the son is already married, with children of his own.  She’d claimed, that two years ago, Lan had forced her to have an abortion and had taken the money she’d invested in his ventures as his own, that, was why she’d started contemplating murder.

And, this just shows?  Oh yeah, we women WILL get you losers back for doing us wrong, and that no matter what, you still can’t dodge the consequences of your own misbehaviors, because this woman got caught, and there’s NO way you can dodge the consequences of your own guilt conscience either…

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