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A Child Draws Out a Frog and Called it “Penies”, and Eight-Year-Old Girl Told of Her Father’s Misconducts Against Her

Translated, this, is REALLY B-A-D!!!

An eight-year-old mildly mentally retarded young girl was raped by her father, in her class, she drew the picture of a frog, and kept calling it “Penie”; the instructor suspected that she’d been raped, and called the cops.  The man admitted that when he saw his daughter in the shower, he wasn’t overwhelmed by sexual desires, and he admitted to raping her, and, admits to the D.A., that he’s really sorry for what he’d done.

The now second-grade young girl is without a mother, and the Social Services Department had already placed her with a foster family.

The D.A. pointed out, that based off of child and youth social laws, the social services department can ask the courts to change the parental rights, to terminate this father from his parenthood to this young girl.

The girl lives in Xinbei City, her father picked up recycling materials for a living, they were all each other had.  Last July, the father saw that the child hadn’t put on her pants after her bath, he’d taken her into the bedroom to rape her; few days ago, he’d rubbed his own penis against his daughter’s buttocks.

Afterwards, the girl went to school, and the female school counselor asked what animals she liked and disliked, she drew out a picture of a frog and called it “Penie”.  The school officials found that she was behaving weirdly, after inquiries, they’d realized she’d been raped, and called up the cops and the social services.

The little girl is quite young, and is developmentally delayed, couldn’t tell the adults exactly what had happened.  In order to make sure that they have ALL the facts, the D.A. used an anatomically-correct doll, and asked the girl to draw the picture of a father on it; after she’s done drawing, she kept using the marker and rubbing it against the genitals of the doll, and kept stating that “Daddy used his penie to touch my pee-pee.”

When the father was taken in for interrogating, he denied everything, until he didn’t pass a polygraph, then, he admitted to the D.A.  He claimed that his wife left him a very long time ago, and that day, he saw his child getting out of the shower, and became too horny, and, did something very bad.  And because the man is a hard felon and is high-risk at running, the D.A. asked for the courts to lock him up, and the courts agreed, and, yesterday, the man was prosecuted based off of force sexual behaviors and irreverence.

Wow, what kind of a MAN is this?  I mean, his child is mentally SLOW, and, he took advantage of his position of power, being her father and all, and he raped her, and, thankfully, the instructor from the schools noticed something, otherwise, god knows how L-O-N-G this child will be molested, and, she’s only in her pre-teen years, think of how BAD it will get, once she start to “develop”?

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