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He Only Wanted a Bed Buddy

As do MOST L-O-S-E-R-S, a Q&A, translated…

The man Ms. EP is dating is really causing a lot of confusions for her…

This man is already married, and, at the start of their relationship, he’d told her that bluntly, that he has a wife and kids.  The man is fifty-three years old, his wife, fifty-two, didn’t like having sex, said it was uncomfortable.  At first, the man had set up a line of defense with EP, “the protectiveness boundary for his family”, stressed that he was in love with his wife, his family, that he is never going to consider divorcing, that he’d only wanted a girlfriend he can have sex with, so, the purpose of him being with EP is quite clear, a bed buddy.

At first, EP’s morality struggled a bit, but later on, she’d gotten so used to his body, and, she’d fallen.

The man matched well with EP in sex, at the start of their relationship, they’d gone out on weekday evenings, after she’d fought hard, then, she’d have him for a weekend, when they’re out, he’d carried her luggage, and would save her some leftovers from his dinners, and would give her allowances for spending each and every month; he’d LINED her a picture a day, and, would reply to her messages too.

When they first had sex, he’d told her, she is all he wanted, and swear that he is saved, for just her.  It’d moved her, she’d asked him, “Do you love me?”, the boyfriend answered honestly, “I might infect you with something!”, and EP mistook it for his kindness toward her, so that, is why she’s confused, and she wanted to know, “is my boyfriend really in love with me, or, am I just his fuck buddy?”

A My Opinion

Sometimes, when the sex is amazing, it’d mislead the woman into believing, that there’s something more.  I’m thinking, that EP is well-matched in sex with the guy, up to now, EP didn’t ask for an alternative role other than his bed buddy, and, this, is precisely why the man is still very enjoying their time together, why he is still so gentle and kind toward her.

But, EP is already letting her mind take over, and thought that she’s deserving of his love.  And, when she starts to ask more than she has right now, maybe, they will have a spat, and, if his wife learned about her, and decides to sue, what can she do? Saving her happiness on a man who only wanted her as a fuck buddy, is like building a castle in the sand, it will be destroyed, relatively quick, go find another man who’s suitable for marriage, who can treat you like his real lover!

And so, this woman is trapped, by the AMAZING sex, and, she still doesn’t see the man’s words as excuses, and that, is how B-L-I-N-D infatuated people can and WILL be, but, after that infatuation wears off, what are you left with?  A TON of regrets, a big and empty bed, without that man that you thought loved you…


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