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Buying Back His Childhood

He’d sold it, for what he could get, when he was younger, and didn’t realize how IMPORTANT his own childhood actually was, until that moment in time came…

He’d started, searching for the man, who’d BOUGHT his childhood, he’d gone to ALL the places he’d been from when he was younger, to find the traces, or even, the memories, of that man.

Buying back his childhood, he won’t BE able to, as childhood had flashed right by his side, and, childhood is still that river that runs ONE direction, and emptied itself OUT at the mouth of that river, and, emptied out, into the great oceans, where ALL the childhoods tossed away so carelessly go, to spend the rest of their dying “lives”.

Buying back his childhood, how can he?  He was the one, who didn’t think that his own childhood was IMPORTANT enough, plus, there were too many BAD and EVIL things in his childhood days, that he’d worked hard, to suppress, deep, into his UNCONSCIOUS, and now, he’s NEVER getting that back again…

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