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Riding on This Merry-Go-Round Called Life

Riding on this merry-go-round called life, you age little by little, with the moving of the carousel, and, you can’t get off on your own admissions, but, you will get THROWN off when it’s your time!

Riding on this merry-go-round called life, you will, encounter, a ton of weird, and whacked out things, like those beautiful horses on the carousel made of wood, or plastic, or those carriages, and, some of those carriages still turn back into pumpkins, you just don’t know which ones would, so, you MUST be careful, choosing the ones you ride in.

Riding on this merry-go-round called life, as the merry-go-round turned faster, faster, and faster still, everything you see becomes nothing BUT a huge blur, and, all of a sudden, you’re an elderly person, but, you recalled, that you’d gotten on this merry-go-round not too long ago, so, how come you’d grown old so quick?

Riding on this merry-go-round called life, you’d meet a TON of different things, some of which, you’d gotten along well with, while others, you’d worked hard, to avoid, and, in the end, we all still get hauled out, inside that pinebox, or end up, in an urn………

So, enjoy the ride while it lasts, ‘cuz it won’t go on forever, after all, we ALL have a SET “expiration date”, and, if we’re used or taken (like in the perishable items?) AFTER our expiration dates, then, having stomach trouble will NOT be our only problems!


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Sculpting Sand

You DO realize, this, is one of those, POINTLESS things that people who got too much time on their hands do, right???  Sculpting sand, why?  Do you NOT know, that no matter how many hours you’d spent, putting that amazing looking sand sculpture together, it’ll eventually get washed over by the tides?  And, ALL of your hard work would’ve become for naught!

And yet, there are still so many people who head out there to the beaches, and sculpted the sand, but why?  Perhaps, they realized, how short-lived those sculptures can be, which, is why they’re trying to make the best of the time given?  A whole lot like life, isn’t it???  sculpting sand, this, is a pastime, I suppose, for those of you who got too much time on your hands, who wouldn’t mind that wave (it still doesn’t have to be a HUGE tidal wave either), rushing in, and, destroying your endless hours of work, and people actually make a competition out of this pointless activity too (no offense!)

Through sculpting sand, maybe, you realized, how fragile everything is in life?  And that would make you take everything as precious, maybe???  Sculpting sand, it’s more than a hobby, it’s a way of life for some, because, one can gain a LOT of understandings about life that they don’t normally focus on, or pay attention to, in every day living, so yeah, go ahead, pick that hobby up too!


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Ramps to the Freeway

Driving On and Off the Sensitive Limbs

Going in and Out Those Complex Systems

And that, would be the PURPOSE of the R-A-M-P-S to the freeways, isn’t it?  It’s a link to someplace you want to be or need to be, and, it’s a passageway you MUST pass through, in order to get to where it is you’re meant to be.



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Life is Like Cooking


I’d been totally disinterested in cooking, until I’d recently become a full-time test-taking student.

At first, I’d eaten my lunches out, but, after a few weeks’ time, when I went for my lunches, I’d recalled when was the last time I’d had the noodles, to prevent myself from eating the same things over and over again; plus, during that time, there’s the issues of food safety, and, it’d gotten my interest to cook the meals myself.  But, for someone who’s never cooked, “beginning is the hardest part”, for this, I’d become a viewer of the cooking programs on television, watching how the experts did it, in the process, I was moved, and, I’d slowly understand, that cooking IS like experiencing life.

At first, the preparations of the items is like the discoveries of the self, this, is the most time-consuming step, getting to know the different purpose of the foods, then, matching them up with one another, this, was an eye-opening experience, there’s a saying, that “opportunities are for the prepared”, it’s most fitting in cooking.

Awhile ago, there were bags of tomatoes at my house, and, I’d started searching for recipes online, and, after I’d sorted through the recipes, I’d found what’s most fitting to myself, like fried eggs with tomatoes, tomato sauce with meat, Russian soup with tomatoes, tomato egg drop soup, etc., etc., etc., when all the plates started showing up at my lunch table, I’d boosted my self-confidence.

In cooking, seasoning is the most important action, also the one that needs the most attention, too bland or too salty, too much, or too little, is no good.  But, no two person has the same tastes, and, we’d all tasted the same plates differently, like how in life, we’d all worked real hard, to find our own balances, but, everybody has a different goal in life.  Actually, so long as you’re comfortable in your own life, that, would be the most ideal.

The last step, is the tasting, tasting each plate is like giving others around us the feelings, and how we influenced each other; in life, we wanted to be savory, to bring the best kind of taste for our families and close friends.

From how I didn’t know how to cook, to now, a cooking lover, I deeply understood, that there’s something to pay attention to, everywhere I am, that, is another gain I’d gotten, unexpectedly, as I’d started cooking!

And so, this woman saw cooking as a metaphor of life, and, she’s right too, because she had related what she was doing (cooking), to her own life, made it relevant to her, and that, is why it mattered to her so very much.


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