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Hurting Memories

Stop hurting me!!!  And, I’m still NOT talkin’ ‘bout bumping into the wall in the darkness, oh no, this kind of hurt, hurts a HELL of a LOT more!!!

Why, do those memories hurt, had you ever wondered ’bout that, huh?  And, why, why is it, that after someone’s gone (dead or left???), you desperately grabbed a hold onto their memories, especially the good ones?  What’s your mind trying to make sense of?  Is it still, attempting, to LIE to the rest of you (body, soul AND heart too???), the truth of it all?

Hurting memories, I’d had T-O-N-S, but, lucky, I woke, OUT of that god DAMN nightmare that was my “former” life (and no, I still didn’t D-I-E, NOT physically here!!!), and now, I’d conquered ALL of my hurtful memories, they’d become NOTHING more than that distant night terror (had one when I was a child too!!!), from my childhood, long, long, long, long, long (five longs, that’s long enough!!!) ago.

Hurting memories, well, they hurt me from before, but now, I’d gained CONTROL (and yeah, still a GOD DAMN control freak here too!!!) over everything in MY freakin’ life, and those memories that hurt, well, they no longer have an effect on me again!

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