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The Matchmaking Dinner Date of a “Cougar”

On the matter called, “marriage”, translated…

In the past couple of years, being unwed, I’d chosen to head back home with my married older sisters to head back home to visit my mother’s family.  And because, last summer, my mother moved with my eldest brother and his family to Yilan, so, this year around New Year’s, was the very first time we’d gone to Yilan for the New Year, without realizing, that my mother set me up on a blind date too.

Mothers, worrying about the marriages of their unwed children, it’s only natural, but, I’m over fifty, and, I’d held a no-need attitude toward marriage now, but, my mother just won’t give it up.  This time the person she’d set me up with was a female neighbor’s younger brother in her new neighborhood, an engineer who’s two years junior to me.

And because I was pushed into it, I couldn’t get out of it, that very noon, after my sisters and I finished our meals, we’d gone to the nearby café to the blind date.  My older sisters sent my second eldest, who’s the most apt in socialization, to accompany me and my mother, to meet up with the person I was matchmaking with.  Originally, my other sisters, as well as brothers-in-law, and nieces all joked that they will be at a table nearby, it’s just, that there’s NOT enough room at the café, in the end, they’d gone strolling outside the café instead.

This time, my second sister worked, really, really hard, to find the topics, to resolve that uneasiness in the air, and I, downed cups of coffee, played on my cell phone, as for the person I’m matchmaking with, he didn’t have that much to say either.  During the entire thing, the only impression I got of him was, hair completely white, with the body and the style like an old man.  His family told me, that because he’d overworked his brains, that, was why his head was covered with white hairs, and that he was, introverted because of the lack of socializing with others.

We’d discussed on the way back to Taipei, my eldest sister made the conclusion, of how this “geek” wasn’t hard working enough.  What she meant was, before age twenty-five, we have our parents to blame for our looks, but after age twenty-five, we are to take the responsibilities of how we become, but the person I was match made with didn’t take good care of himself at all, so, even though he was not-yet fifty, he’d looked like he was already in his sixties.

There was once a female friend who’d told me, that everybody who came to this world, whether or not they’d end up getting married, s/he will always be alone in the very end, and because of this, we must make bodies and mind, in the most active states.   I can’t say, that I’d managed that completely, but, I’d found my bliss in my work, and living too, worked out regularly, hoped to live up to the statement of “a focused woman is a most beautiful one”.

And so, this, is the attitude one carries in life, and, the woman IS right, so, what IF we’re NOT married, that still doesn’t mean that our lives would SUCK, compared to those of you in the married population, does it?  So long as we’re able to live our lives in a fulfilling manner, make sure that we do everything we’re supposed to each and every day, being single, we can still shine, like stars!

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Traveling Together as Friends, They’d Become In-Laws

A story on marriage, translated…

My son told me, “I can’t believe it, I’d become the matchmaker”.  In the afternoon, there were two older women whom he somehow recalled having met who’d come to the travel agency he worked for,  handed him a box of wedding cakes, kept saying thanks, and said that they’d just wanted to show him their gratitude.

My son took a bite from that sweet cake, told me the story from the very beginning.  Mrs. Chang from Chonghe, and Mrs. Hsu who lives in Taoyuan, didn’t know one another originally, but, two years ago, they’d both signed up for the tour group led by my son to the Rockies for ten days, and that, was how they met.  Based off of what he’d told me, Mrs. Chang, whenever she’d spoken about her only son who’s had his sight set too high, she’d started sighing, and Mrs. Hsu told of how old her daughter was getting, and was totally against matchmaking, she also shook her head nonstop.  The two mothers who are having similar troubles with their kids shared that connection, after they’d finished the trip, they’d recalled NOT having one another’s contact information.  Later, Mrs. Chang had a photograph of her and Mrs. Hsu, she’d called up my son, and tried to get her phone number from him, and my son became the middleman, and the two ladies connected.

They’d both gotten addicted to traveling, and, meeting someone with whom they’d gotten along is even a rarity, the ladies became like children, and, they’d scheduled their next trips together too, a few months later, Mrs. Chang and Mrs. Hsu signed up for the trip to Angkor Wat together, it’s just that on that trip, they’d brought along the pictures of their children, with their clear motive, but, neither one of them spoke anything on it.

After the return from Angkor Wat, my son received yet, calls from those two old clients, this time, they’d picked the trip to Kunming and Lijiang, and, the number of the tour group became six, three men and three ladies.  Mrs. Chang who knew what the trip was all about told my son, that if he could, set their rooms next to each others, so they could have a way of keeping each other company; there was a night where they would be living in a mansion together, and that the six of them must BE sharing the same house.  After Mrs. Chang told my son, Mrs. Hsu called, to tell him the same things again, and begged him, to handle this matter delicately.

When my son took the families’ passports, he’d finally understood, that the two ladies had alternative motives.  Later, even though, they’d become silent for a long time, and my son wanted to know what happened next, but he didn’t feel comfortable, prodding, and so, the experience slowly, faded from his mind, and now, the older women came to him, arm in arms again, and the traveling buddies had become in-laws now.

“It’s such a blessing”, my son laughed.

Other than broadening the horizons, traveling can also help you find great in-laws.  He said, that from here on out, when he tried to sell the products, he will surely mention this extra “goodie”.

And so, the two mother met, and they got along together well, and, that is the basis of all relationships, friendships, and, because the ladies got along well, and so, after their kids married, they will be great in-laws, and, says W-H-O in-laws must hate each other?

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