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Selling Fears, Murdering the Economy

Commentaries on the Front Page Sections, translated…

Selling fears is a cheap trick that the politicians use, to threaten the public.  Several of the legislators of the minority party used the claims of national safety, to question the motive behind letting more Chinese travelers to tour in Taiwan, and now opening up the islands off shore as exiting points for the tourists from China, is one example of this.

Selling fears, is called by the international economists and psychologists as a “derailing risk taking behavior.”  The Canadian columnist, Gardner pointed out, that fear is the dream tool of politicians, they’d enlarged the issues of carcinogens, bird flu, SARS, H1N1, mad cow disease, chemical pesticides, nuclear wastes, terrorist attacks, genetically altered foods, global warming, stalkers online, kidnappers, the longer the list of fear grows, the more they’re able to, benefit from it.

What we need to fear the most, is actually, fear itself.  The American National Security consultant said, human, culture, and countries would only pick out a couple of the risks in the societies, and ignored all the others.  The professor of the NTU hospital, Lee stated, that risk is the plans of winners, and excuse of losers.  These two lines, we should think deeply about.

And so, are you, smart enough, to NOT fall for these tricks of the press, of the government?  Can you really, be completely, unaffected by these bad things that are threatening your next-door neighborhoods?  I dunno!


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The Ferguson Effect

Call it a phase, or a trend, if you will…

The Ferguson Effect (and yes, I’d made THAT up!!!), is what’s happening in the major cities of the U.S., especially after the officer who shot Brown didn’t even get a SLAP on his wrists, the population everywhere, across the major cities in America is raging, because it IS, unjust!

And, just like that wildfire that started in the forests, somewhere in California awhile ago, this “fire” that started in Ferguson will spread to closely cities, as well as into faraway, distant regions of the U.S., because the citizens feel that justice was NOT served, because if it were a white kid would got shot by the cops, the officer would surely be found guilty, and besides, Michael Brown wasn’t even ARMED like that kid that was playing with a toy gun that much resembled real weapon, so, the crowd becomes a riot…and this riot will go through the towns, until the public forgets about the events, but it won’t be easy…

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The trains, too crowded

On earth

Every day IS the rush hours

The times of departure and the places of departure

Are all different

But they’d all end up in the same terminal stations

The shoulders of the passengers are close to each other’s

Pushing, shoving close

On the unsettled passage

There’s NOT even an inch of space

In the bag of the woman standing next to me

There was a metal ring that

Kept rubbing against my sweaty skin

As if the barrel of a gun, closing in on me

That, was the sharpened warnings, “Don’t Move!”

And this, is still mass hysteria working ITS magic, finding itself in the roots of people’s hearts, minds, and souls, and because of that last shooting on the MRT, nobody feels safe.

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Instilling a Sense of Panic

This, is SATAN speaking!!!

Instilling a sense of panic, well, that shouldn’t be that hard at all, look around you, don’t you see panic, rising UP from the ground already?  And, all I gotta do, is to add a little bit of this (magic powder), and, a little bit of that (an unidentified substance), shake them well inside of my F-L-A-S-K, and then, BOOM, HELL runs loose on earth!!!

Instilling a sense of panic, that, should be easy, as the recent events had already made the root of panic lower inside the human mind, and, all I gotta do, is to make sure that little sapling gets enough nutrients to grow up tall AND strong, and eventually, FEAR will be instilled, inside every single human’s mind.

Instilling a sense of panic, this, is very easy, compared to getting that sense of panic OUT of the systems, because once panic set up root, it won’t be uprooted, as the human hearts had already been shaken up, and now, they’re all way too fragile, way too easily shattered, and, all I gotta do, is, oopsy, be CARELESS, then, the world goes to H-E-L-L!!!

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The City on High Alert

Hi, this, is MASS HYSTERIA talkin’…

The city IS on high alert, and, we’re all fearful, as we boarded up the busses, along with other MAJOR forms of public transportation services now, because there was this solitary incident of a P-S-Y-C-H-O (or rather, a NUT is more like it) that’s CRACKED, and just started on a shooting rampage, leaving a LOT dead, and, a LOT more injured.

And so, the city is on high alert, as it should be, because, you KNOW how after that one “isolated incident”, there is BOUND to be more copycats, right?  The city, on high alert, and, the level of alert will NEVER go down again, NOT even AFTER the people had all forgotten about this tragic incident, because it’d gone down in history, as “the day we will ALL live in infamy”.

The city on high alert, how can we lower the alert level?   By reporting MORE of the positive news, the things that warms up people’s hearts that we encounter on a day-to-day basis, but, that would mean, that the newspapers wouldn’t sell as well, because that, is what the news media THRIVES on, bad news, bad news, and, more bad news…

The city will always AND forever BE on high alert now, after all, there are still a TON of P-S-Y-C-H-O-S out there, living in the darkness, and, NONE of us (regular folks) knows W-H-E-N those NUTS will C-R-A-C-K, so, it’s best that we ALL keep our own alerts up, isn’t it???  Sure is!!!

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When Fears & Hate Were Being Sold, How Can We Show Our Courage to Care

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The MRT recently started back up again, and the media made a big deal out of it, claimed that the passengers feel uneasy, riding on that “train of death”, and accused the MRT companies, “don’t you know that the Taiwanese feared this sort of things the most?”, at the same time, there was a story of how a friendly stranger started singing, to comfort the riders of the trains, and that they feel healed and warm.  The former was selling fears, the latter showed care and concerns, and this, became a strong contrast.

Because blood was spilled in the MRT cars, should it be tossed out, sold for scrap metals, or to get taken off the tracks?  The truth was, that the companies knew of the traditions and the superstitions, and so, after the evidences were collected, they’d sanitized the trains, and hired a Buddhist individual to recite the verses, to cleanse the trains; and, in the various cultures, this may seem as overly superstitious.  And, the government was already handling this matter like so, and it’d gotten misinterpreted as “causing people to panic even more”, “take after the current president, doing everything in secrecy”; DO ask yourselves this, who, is creating fears, who, is actually, selling the fears here?

After the random killing sprees on the MRT, it’d caused this huge SHOCK in the society of Taiwan, but, isn’t this like the killings of the recent University of California case, along with how the Japanese Singing Group of AKB48 under attack, they’re all unpreventable tragedies, and it’s something that we must face as a society too.  What’s important is that, if a society can face tragedies with a mature mindset, it could easily resolve the issues, calm the minds of the public, along with prevent future incidences.  But, unfortunately, here, the media seemed to NOT know its affect on the social responsibilities, instead, they are adding to the fears, and spreading the hate; in these couple of days, the police received multiple calls of copycats, claiming, “I’ll take OVER the MRT to Danshui”, or, “I’m going to do it on the high speed trains from north to south”, and, you couldn’t deny the effects of this sort of bad atmosphere.

And yet, there are just THOSE who couldn’t bear to see the society heal up, and, healing still takes a LONG time, and with those BAD people, it’d only makes healing that much harder, when we’re ALL desperately trying to put this behind us…

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