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Behind Her Happiness

That, is just how she’d always presented herself, but, is it, truly (I mean, for real now!!!) how she feels?  Not necessarily!

Behind her happiness, there’s a “hint” of barely visible sorrow, sadness, and something else, loss, perhaps, who knows, that’s hidden way beneath, in that place, where only she knew to exist, that she’d kept away, from the rest of the outside world, and that, was just how she’d learned, to survive!

Behind her happiness, how can she be so happy all the time, it’s like nothing could ever get her down, it seemed, she’s always very positive, encouraging to others, but, deep down, she’s NOT at all like that, and she herself knew this, because she’d buried that deepest, darkest secret she’d carried with her all her life inside.

Behind the happiness, that’s just it!  Nobody ELSE notices that there’s something beneath the surface, and, because she’d painted on her smiles, to perfection, nobody EVER detects that she’s in need of a shoulder to cry on.

Behind the happiness, there’s always MORE to be observed, but, do any of you see that?  Of course NOT!  Because all you will see, is how happy she APPEARED to be, and, nobody ever even bothered to ask how she feels inside……….

Behind her happiness, there’s a ton of sorrows, and undealt-with betrayals, that’s just way too difficult, for her, to groom through right now, and so yeah, she’ll, hide her true self away from the rest of the known world, until one day, she finally CRACKED, then, we’ll see WHAT happens then!


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The Lie, that Circled Around the Truth

The lie, that circled around the truth, wanting, to make itself, into the truth, but it can’t, it will, forever and for always, BE nothing MORE than a lie.

But that didn’t defer it at all, oh no!!! I’d first, put on a mask, to falsify itself, to hopefully, TRICK people into believing, that it is the truth, but, people are NOT at all as DUMB as the lie that circled around the truth imagined to be, they knew, right OFF the bat, that it’s a lie, FLAT out!!!

The lie that circled around the truth, because it’d circled around the truth like those vultures circled around that dying gazelle, and, we ALL KNOW what happened there, the animal eventually D-I-E-D, and, those vultures had their stomachs filled, and, just like that lie that circled around the truth, the lie ended up, devouring the truth, until, the truth can’t be found, as the truth had already been DIGESTED inside the stomach of the lie.

The lie that circled around the truth, it’s stalking it, taunting it, making the truth feel unsafe, so, the truth will have the motive to lie, and, if and when that happens, the truth will NO longer have ITS identity anymore!!!

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Child Porn Found in Missouri Killer’s Home…

Story by: D. Arkin, first published on Feb. 21, at 3:57p.m…

Authorities said they found child pornography at the Missouri home of a middle-school football coach accused of abducting and murdering a 10-year-old girl.

Police search warrants obtained by NBC News said authorities discovered a three-ring binder containing pornographic photos of young children at the southwest Missouri home of Craig Michael Wood, 45.

Officials also seized computers, cameras, 15 guns, and 30 video recordings from the home.

Fourth-grader Hailey Owens was found dead, with a gunshot wound to the head, stuffed in two trash bags inside plastic storage containers in the basement of Wood’s home, a probable cause statement said. She also had apparent ligature marks on her arms. An autopsy is pending.

Wood made his first court appearance early Friday, appearing via video from the Greene County Jail, where he is being held without bond. His public defender said Wood plans to plead not guilty.

Hailey was walking to a friend’s house in Springfield before 5 p.m. Tuesday — just two blocks from her own home. Witnesses told investigators that a man in a gold-colored Ford Ranger lunged at her, grabbed her, threw her in his truck and drove away.

Thousands are expected to gather for a candlelight vigil in the girl’s honor Saturday night in Springfield, about 160 miles southeast of Kansas City.

And that still shows, that there’s NO way, to tell, IF someone is a predator by looking at her/his record, I mean, this man IS a football coach, isn’t he?  And, that means, that he has his “picks” of children, after all, he works ALONGSIDE them every single day, and, that just shows you how F-L-A-W-E-D, the system of registered sex offender here.  Who would’ve suspected, that a football coach is a sex predator?  And, thankfully, this L-O-S-E-R got caught, otherwise, god KNOWS how many will fall victim!!!

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