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Checking into the “Institution” Called Marriage

This, once again, I gotta say, is still just ME, R-A-N-T-I-N-G here…

Checking into the “institution” called marriage, there IS a good reason, why they call it (marriage???) an institution you know?  It’s because how IF you ever get married, (like I say, it’s still just one MAN’s opinion!!!) you are basically, institutionalized, you WILL be serving that LIFE-LONG sentence, “‘til DEATH do us part”???  Hello, hello, hello???

Checking into the “institution” called marriage, but W-H-Y???  Because after being OUT into the big ol’ world for too long, you figured that hey, inside the walls of marriage doesn’t look too bad, after all, you’d be “safe” within these “walls”, compared to how many dangers you are faced with on the outside, right?  And, here is the problem: After you’d gotten inside those “four-walls” of marriage, you’d start to RECALL how free you were when you hadn’t signed UP to serve your “20 to life”, and then, second thoughts start to settle in on ya.

So, that, would be the problem with the INSTITUTION called marriage, after all, you still DO realize, that OVER F-I-F-T-Y percent (and that, is still a way too SAFE estimate here) percent of marriages go UP in smokes, right???






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For the Woman We Loved

On marriage, and how the two men compromised, translated…

While ago, I’d started a conversation with my mother, knowing that my cousin’s marriage is under fire, and I thought to myself, that it’s a wonder how my goody-two-shoe of a cousin knew how to raise his own roof too.

The reason that started it all was that he’d had a girlfriend with whom he’d gone steady with for years already, they’re satisfied with where they are right now, didn’t want to change a thing.  Toward how they were, my uncle had NO opinions, thinking that so long as the kids are happy, but, NOT so much so for the girl’s father, he knew that he couldn’t knock some sense into his own daughter, so, he’d gone to my cousin about it.  Maybe it’s how he felt the urgency of the matter, as he’d met up with my cousin, he’d wanted him to show him the deeds to the house he lives in, along with his bank books, and asked him about his household economics.  His straightforwardness was misinterpreted by my cousin as an insult, and my cousin replied to him in a way he wouldn’t normally, “What I needed the most right now is money, and my parents don’t have enough of it either!”, and ever since, the two of them didn’t get along.

As the words flowed toward the house, the relatives started gossiping, it made everybody ELSE unhappy too.  As my aunt left, my older cousin is still quite young, my uncle would set up his roadside stands, act as a mother, raising his son up on his own, and now, my cousin has a house, a car, along with a very good job.  My cousin is very compliant toward his father, he’d told his dad, multiple times, he wanted him to come up to live with him, but my uncle turned him down, because he knew well, that the couple needed space of their own, and that he couldn’t accommodate himself to live in the big cities.  The sufferings the two of them had been through, all of us are highly aware of, and we’d all felt the heartaches for them too.

Recently, my mother and my uncle had gone house hunting, and ready to buy a property, and I’d only learned, that my uncle had been stressed out about my cousin’s marriage.  What made me curious, was how the tension happened between the soon-to-be in-laws.

Turns out, that this started since how the soon-to-be in-laws would drop by at the couple’s place for unannounced visits at any time, and had even stayed for long term, it forced my cousin into the corners, and he couldn’t even dodge them anymore.  After living together awhile, all the misunderstandings were resolved.

The soon-to-be father-in-law promised my cousin, “No matter what sort of difficulties you may have, you just let me know.”  For the woman that they loved together, these two men NO longer fought hard.  It’s the minds of all fathers, not wanting their baby girls to have it hard, after all, who can have a heart of ease, when he is handing his daughter’s happiness, into the hands of another man?

So, the two men reached an agreement, for the sake of a woman, and that, is sometimes, ALL it takes, but, this, is one of the rarer cases, of how things worked out well.

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Giving Up on Your Marriages

This, would probably BE the hardest decision you will EVER have to make in your lives, or perhaps, it might also be the EASIEST, depending…

Giving up on your marriages, are you sure that that, is what you want to do?  Now, think things through, VERY (and I do mean!!!) carefully, because once the names had been signed, you’d crossed your “t’s” and dotted your “i’s”, there’s NO turning BACK from there, you DO realize what you’re giving up, right???

Giving up on your marriages, well, did you do EVERYTHING you can, to try to save that love that’s already dying since that very first day?  Or, did you just allow it to D-I-E on its own?

Giving up on your marriages, this decision should NOT be made with haste, instead, you should consider EVERYTHING, list out the pros and the cons of each side, then, you crumble that piece of paper up, and, you GO with your instinct, what’s it telling you?  To leave, or to stay?

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