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There’s More to Life Than Making the Perfect Scores

More important than making the grades here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Every year after the college entrance exams, “making the perfect score” became the sorrows and beauties for every test taker and their parents.  There were last year high schoolers, who, other than sleeping, just hit the books nonstop, and they didn’t even have the time, for their favorite workouts.  And, there are doctors who’d hired private coaches at the price of $60,000~$70,000N.T., in hopes, that their child will make the perfect scores in every subject.

This tightening curse of making the perfect score had caused the parents to waste a ton of money, as well as the youthfulness of the children too.

After the grades were received, whether if the kids were sent off to school happily or unhappily, but, the truth before our eyes is this: the fact that we’re having less children had caused the operations of colleges and universities to suffer, and, there’s an imbalance of supply and demand for higher ed by the year.

The trend of having less children had hit Japan earlier than it’d hit Taiwan, and there’s the way of “If the students and the colleges agreed, then, admissions shall be given”, as the standard for entering into college.  In actually, in the future not too far off, as long as the students know how to fill out the application forms, then, they would be, admitted into public universities without troubles at all.

Then, let’s move a few year ahead from college, even if you were able to get into the schools of your choice and managed to graduate without delay, then what?  The workforce in Taiwan had been low wages and long hours for a very long time, and, the more you put into work, doesn’t give you the equal amounts of rewards; the college graduates, earning $22K by the month had become the norm.  Is this, the life of someone who’d made perfect testing scores?

More importantly, there’s a endless pursuit of the small things that made people happy in recent years, and, nobody dares venture outside of one’s comfort zones, comparing ourselves to the rest of Asia, even internationally, where, is the competitive edge?

And so, the pursuit of making perfect scores is still???  Diddily SQUAT, because you’re making these test takers who have ABSOLUTELY NO sense of what the reality of thing is today, and, that is just, not going to end well here at all.

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